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How AI can make your Sales team more productive

Once upon a time, companies depend solely on the skills of its sales team and outbound marketing and advertisement to bang the sales they seek. Today, that trend has changed, more than ever, the sales team now depends on Artificial Intelligence (AI) get the results they desire.

The McKinsey research discovered that organizations that make use of AI as part of their strategy in the coming years have the tendency to boost their cash flow by over 120% in 2030. However, those who don’t make use of AI will experience a drop in cash flow by 23% within the same time frame.

Now, if AI is so vital in improving cash flow and ROI, here comes the big question,” how can AI improve the productivity of your sales team? After in-depth research, the following tips will help your sales force become more efficient using AI.

Lead Generation

Today, lead generation is essential for the growth of businesses. If generated properly, they can turn into clients and improve sales and cash flow. However, leads are more likely to become loyal to your competitors if your sales team doesn’t get to them.

With AI, your sales team gets the historical data they need to understand the behavioral patterns of leads and how they influence sales. It can also help your sales force to acquire consumer data which makes it easy for the team to make use of only the most converting leads. As a result, with AI, you get more conversions and sales in less time.

Email segmentation

Email segmentation is an essential part of your inbound strategy; however, it can be very stressful.  With AI, your team can locate and prioritize the most converting leads; saving time and improve your sales force responsiveness to clients. AI allows the sales rep to improve communication and build stronger relationships with their leads.

Makes forecasting easier

Calling for the forecast can be a very challenging task for every sales leader. They have to battle with questions like, “is my team over-committing? Are they sandbagging? AI makes it easy to decode the possibilities in your sales cycle, right to the last salesman.

It also predicts the results of the forecast, the factors they are involved in the prediction as well as the personal forecasting tendencies of every sales rep. Forecasting accuracy has become easier with AI.

Improve Sales and Productivity

One for the most vital benefits a sales team can derive from AI is its ability to provide powerful predictions, insights, focus, and recommendations. In the long run, these advantages would help the team to improve its sales productivity in all ramifications. Besides, more productivity is equivalent to more revenue growth.

Identify vital and risky opportunities

Aside from leads prioritization, AI can also be used to prioritize opportunities. Most sales rep are known to manage opportunities concurrently. Hence, it’s always difficult to give each one the attention it requires or spot the hidden signals when an opportunity begins to move off track. For example, AI can determine the features that are most common to an opportunity that failed and one that worked.

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