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The electronics industry includes the organizations that are involved in the production, design, and development, and servicing of electronic equipment and components. These organizations offer a wide variety of products and services.

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Electronics is one of the fastest developing and most innovative industries, and also is one of the most competitive. The research and development of new and better products is an important aspect of electronics. There are thousands of electronic products with many applications. These products consist of parts, components, subassemblies, etc that use the principles of electronics.

The principal goal of this industry is to meet the needs of electronics producers by providing electronic products. The government expects electronics manufacturing in the country to record an annual growth rate of 30 percent over the next five years. This electronics manufacturing industry is accountable for the creation of new technology that all customers use or will be using in the future. 

This industry is an independent branch that has manufacturing abilities, obtains raw materials, and draws together different resources so that it can face the challenges of each product. It consists of sales of products that produce, distribute, and use electrical power and computers, communications equipment, computer peripherals, and similar electronic products. The company that produces the electronic product is more than just a manufacturing center, it is a resource that involves experts in the industry that can provide direction to create the best product possible.

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Our Manufacturing Services

We specialize in the following areas

  • Contract design

    Contracting out design allows you to get the benefit of industries expert engineers and production teams. They will help you in generating software and firmware, validation tests, and environmental tests for compliance. Our electronics manufacturing services include engineers, material, and managers and enable companies to work without the requirement for internal manufacturing capabilities.

  • client


    Electronic prototype development has a key role in developing and manufacturing several products and devices that make up the large consumer electronics market. This prototype is used in reverse engineering where the client provides the prototype, and we optimize the design and produce design documentation for production on its basis.

  • Testing

    Creating a manufacturing test for the system ensures the quality and performance of the system, it is a very critical and important task. Before delivering our products to our clients, we want to be sure that you are getting what you paid for, anything less can compromise our supply chain. Practical testing usually confirms what the systems are intended to do.

  • Aftermarket services

    To be a loyal end-to-end solution provider, the commitment to the customer should go well beyond manufacturing and include aftermarket improvement services. Our expert team of developers is aware of the risks before they send any product to the market. Our additional aftermarket services include inspections, troubleshooting, etc.

Manufacturing Technology we Work With

Our Industry Advisor

Manjul Chauhan

Manjul Chauhan

Manjul Chauhan has over 14 years of experience in the manufacturing sector and knows what successful factory management looks like.

Manjul is the Senior Software Consultant at Cynoteck, and he helps our manufacturing sector clients overcome obstacles of scaling, minimize costs, and integrate cutting-edge technology into production.

Manjul is proficient with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central and knows exactly what feature to implement to help your factory operate better.

Manjul helps consumer brands scale globally and find the most profitable way to do it. He has managed several projects for clients starting from the concept to market launch or right from the idea to the full-scale manufacturing.

Windlas is one of Manjul's success stories - the company grew into a pharmaceutical industry leader with impeccable process architecture. Manjul helped scale the business processes and take the company to Enterprise revenue level.

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Why Choose Cynoteck

We have a unique combination of expertise in both service and maintenance – this gives us the capability to deliver best practice with an unmatched depth of understanding.
Our production facilities use the most advanced resources and technologies. We have been constantly adapting trends and evolving technologies, with one constant thing and that being the quality of our people. We've retained and continue to attract some of the brightest and accomplished professionals for every department.
We have a staff of dedicated individuals who will provide not only for your requirements but also provide a unique training program written by our experts about the current and future challenges faced by the electronics manufacturing industry.

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