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Cynoteck is a trusted Salesforce AppExchange Development Company that helps you establish, market, and grow your business by reshaping your go-to-market strategies in today's fast-growing cloud economy. We develop compelling business-focused AppExchange Apps that provide the best solutions to your business problems.

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We Build Business-Centric Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Have an amazing idea in mind and want to transform it into a Salesforce Application? Not to worry, we can help; our team of certified Salesforce professionals can summarize and transform your concept into reality with the best possible tools and in the best way feasible. Our experienced developers plan technical, functional, and conceptual strategies for your project, ensuring that you get the best value out of the App Development Platform.

Widen the reach of your Salesforce platform with the leading business cloud marketplace - AppExchange. Cynoteck, as a reliable Salesforce service provider, provides customized solutions that extend beyond the basic Salesforce functionalities and are tailored to the specific requirements of your industry. In addition, our Salesforce app development solutions further allow you to browse for partners, components, consultants, and other software developers you need.

Our understanding of the significance of developing the Salesforce application that matches your business requirements and improves business efficiency is unparalleled. Our skilled team takes up an architectural rebuild to adjust current Salesforce applications and creates new ones to ensure that your process runs smoothly. This helps you expand your market reach while utilizing the professional Salesforce expertise you need.

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Best in Class Services

Cynoteck is proud to be recognized by the top B2B service listing sites for its exceptional client satisfaction and remarkable results. Our Salesforce consultants provide you with Salesforce professional services. They comprehensively understand the significance of developing the Salesforce application as per your business requirements and help you with the best AppExchange app development and Salesforce Lightning services. With our AppExchange development services, we have developed an excellent customer base using our unique and cost-effective development strategies. From implementation to customization, we are experts in Salesforce AppExchange App development. We also have fair experience in making apps pass security review.

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AppExchange Advantage: Boost Your Salesforce Power

We leverage advanced APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), lightning components, and mobile-ready technology to design best-in-class apps that suit your business goals. Following are some of the benefits of working with a reputed AppExchange partner like us: Easy integration, professionally tested and maintenance-free apps, and access to the AppExchange partner community.


AppExchange Marketplace

AppExchange is a massive online marketplace where virtually 90% of Salesforce clients go to search for a prebuilt solution that they can easily install and use. Our Salesforce professionals will assist you in submitting the app to the AppExchange platform, managing it, and adding advanced functionality to it.

Easy Integration

We provide you with a simple and seamless Salesforce integration using low-code integration platforms that allow your business to successfully manage client data while connecting them on social media, nurturing leads, and providing excellent customer support. It enables you to extend the capabilities of your Salesforce platform to meet the demands of modern customers.


Highly Tested

We thoroughly test our Salesforce AppExchange apps before releasing, so you do not have to waste valuable time and money on app testing. These apps have been rigorously tested for usability, practicality, and functionality. So, you can anticipate how the app will behave and function and make any prior adjustments before using it.

Maintenance Free

Our commitment at Cynoteck extends beyond development to thorough maintenance and persistent support. Our experienced team specializes in identifying and resolving bugs, providing technical support to users, and consistently delivering updates and enhancements as per the ever-evolving Salesforce guidelines and environment. This ensures optimal performance of the apps.  



Before releasing apps on AppExchange, our app development process follows a strict methodology. Any app listed on the AppExchange marketplace must undergo a thorough security review before releasing, setting a level of integrity and dependability essential for any customer looking for a solution.

Partner Community Access

The Salesforce AppExchange is an excellent platform to keep up with the latest tools and features. We assist you in discovering the full potential of this platform by offering the technology and tools that your business needs to succeed. You will also be offered a free Partner Business Org that organizes all your app licenses in AppExchange.


Crafting Custom Salesforce Solutions from Ground Up

At Cynoteck, our Salesforce professionals are always available to provide you with insights and suggestions on optimizing your deployments by employing the appropriate applications and components. We begin by collaborating with our clients, evaluating their current business operations, and prioritizing their requirements. We then produce an app development plan based on our analysis.


Some AppExchange Products We Worked On

Cynoteck covers a wide range of personalized solutions, from Salesforce AppExchange app development to Salesforce customization. We have developed Salesforce apps for improving the Salesforce services user experience - most of them are publicly available on AppExchange. We design and develop Salesforce products that are ready for App Exchange, including creativity, planning, implementation, and delivery of the product. Our focus is on business benefits and user experience, with the rest covered by the Salesforce environment i.e., security, scalability, reliability, etc.  



Cynoteck is a well-experienced Salesforce AppExchange app development company and a certified Salesforce partner that has helped different businesses accomplish their business objectives and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Our solutions enable businesses to work efficiently and accomplish their desired results. 
We have an expert team of certified Salesforce consultants who provide solutions that empower our clients to connect with their customers, employees, and partners in an innovative and meaningful way. Whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise, we can create custom AppExchange apps for you.  

  • Quick delivery 

  • Experienced and Skilled developers

  • Efficiency and Automation

  • Scalable Business Solutions

  • Scalable Business Solutions

  • Use of Agile Methodologies

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction 

  • Competitive pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes focused answers to some of the frequently asked questions about AppExchange APP, its cost, and more.

Salesforce AppExchange is a top online marketplace for apps, components, and consulting services. is used for AppExchange development. Lightning & Apex and Lightning & Visualforce are used to create apps. AppExchange contains all cloud application solutions that can be used to solve problems or expand the functional scope.

AppExchange is the Salesforce marketplace, where you can find applications, Lightning component, Flow applications, and more. It is like a utilities market where you can use the utility depending upon the business requirements customer demands. It is the Salesforce authorized store. Many developers build products and services on top of Salesforce, and others, such as administrators, programmers, and others, use AppExchange to improve process efficiency and team productivity.

Salesforce connects the whole customer journey, including sales, services, commerce, advertising, and all other connections. This implies that it has considered every strategy that could bring a company closer to customers. It is simpler to get closer to clients when you utilize an application that is simple to use and proven to be beneficial for them. The role of a AppExchange app development team helps to connect all of them.

Salesforce AppExchange is one of the most popular Enterprise App Stores. It allows you to build unique apps tailored to your business requirements in record time, thanks to an ecosystem of free and managed apps. The main technique of advertising Lightning apps or components is to register them on the AppExchange market. A summary of your product, its price, and service information should all be included in the listing. Customers will be able to locate all reviews in one spot rather than being confused by several similar listings, if you only make one listing for each application or component.

So, let us see the steps of how to build a Salesforce AppExchange application:

  • Step 1) Become a Salesforce Partner Community member. 

  • Step 2) Start building the AppExchange Application community.  

  • Step 3) Develop, package, and test AppExchange Application.

  • Step 4) Prepare App for AppExchange Security.

  • Step 5) Manage Salesforce AppExchange Listings.

Salesforce assigns the AppExchange Partner Program status to all the companies it conducts business with, like Cynoteck. These are independent software vendors, also known as ISVs, who are experienced enough to develop and market applications (paid and free) on the AppExchange. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who can develop and distribute free and premium apps on the AppExchange are called AppExchange partners.

It implies businesses will be able to develop innovative business apps on one of the world's most popular CRM platforms. They have exposure to the most cutting-edge resources and technology available, enabling them to provide outstanding customer service. The AppExchange partner program provides everything that a partnership needs to bring their final goods to market. You may place yourself ahead of the competitors by collaborating with an AppExchange partner and developing on the Salesforce platform.

People who are interested in participating in the AppExchange partner program can do so. It has multiple categories stated in program policies that support various marketing techniques, the most popular is ISVforce. You must follow a multiple step process to join the AppExchange partner program:

  • When filling out the registration form, choose the type of AppExchange relationship you want

  • Observe all legal regulations.

  • Register for one of the AppExchange partner program's sections.

  • Obtain approval via Salesforce's Security Review and Evaluation process.

There are customer centric reasons to choose Salesforce AppExchange App Development for your businesses:

Over 160,000 Salesforce Customers are Available to Sell.

Salesforce claims that 87 percent of its clients and 95 percent of Fortune 100 companies utilize minimum one AppExchange application. Having an application on AppExchange might become a long-term revenue stream for your main business. Combine this with Salesforce team's unwavering support, which will go above and beyond to ensure your success.

Obtain a Competitive Edge

By integrating your product with Salesforce, you can influence potential customers' purchasing decisions. Salesforce consumers worldwide want your application to work with their CRM solution. Allow them to choose your competition because they have an AppExchange application or Salesforce connector built in.

Improve the Efficiency of Event Execution

Event planning may necessitate a substantial amount of coordination and resources. There are numerous problems when it comes to arranging an event using multiple software products, spreadsheets, and other tools. Fonteva Events, Salesforce AppExchange applications can assist you with all aspects of planning process while also leveraging Salesforce data.

Secured System Integrations

Salesforce integration with native-cloud, low-code integration platforms can help organisations that manage customer information, connect with them on social networks effortlessly, nurture prospects, and provide more efficient customer care. Salesforce AppExchange applications provides a highly scalable integration platform for integrating Salesforce with a variety of other systems.

When a company employs a Salesforce AppExchange development team, they have high expectations. There are various tasks that the developer must perform to provide the business with an app that meets their expectations. The following are roles and responsibilities:

  • To create, setup, and deploy a software product on the Salesforce platform while assuring that the application's security standards are up to the mark.

  • To properly test and implement the program while adhering to strict deadlines for all operations such as developing, configuration, installation, maintenance, and debugging.

  • Develop unique workflows and CRM solutions in collaboration with the sales team.

With over 5500 apps offered, Salesforce AppExchange is the world's largest B2B app market. It's a functioning network of authorized apps, with millions of people using it and embracing the benefits it provides. App exchange is a marketplace where you can find top components, partners, consultants, and other software vendors who can help you maximize the product's potential while also ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

Cost Effective

When we outsource our AppExchange product that can help you save a lot of money. It will lower your overheads while also allowing you to save money on resources.

Consistent assistance and support

Creating an application is merely the beginning. As a result, even after the application development job is over, the outsourced business will continue to provide you with support and maintenance.

Team Coordination

Outsourcing firms have cutting-edge technology. Workflow management systems, like timely and efficient delivery of work while keeping timelines. As a result, this assists them in effortlessly managing their workforce and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of business automation.