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Utilities (gas, water, and electricity) are essential services that play an important role in social and economic development. The utility industries are companies that develop and support the infrastructure required to provide gas, electricity, and water or to manage wastewater and sewage; they additionally provide other associated services that utilize that infrastructure. Utility services play a crucial role in modern society.

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All over the globe, energy is produced every minute of the day, and it is the responsibility of energy utility companies to divide it in the form of electricity to businesses and homes. Many companies generate power, as well as distribute it. Some utility companies also provide either natural gas or electric power for cooking and heating or in some cases both. 

We provide innovative solutions for operational excellence. Cynoteck has experience working in the utility industry with clients of all sizes we have worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our primary goal is to meet the power and energy demands of clients, anticipate the highs and lows of demand, and to provide energy as efficiently and affordably as possible. 

We provide service in gas, water, and electric connections and metering solutions. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our team of specialists has matchless knowledge to deliver project management for all your utility infrastructure and connections, on time and within budget. 
We take care of all your utility requirements to save your time and money. Anything and everything is achievable with our team of experts.

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Our Utility Sector Services

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    Transmission and Distribution Service

    We deliver innovative digital business solutions that support the modernization and enhancement of electricity, gas, and water infrastructures. We create value from the developing technologies and meet the growing need for reliable, affordable energy. We support public-sector institutions and their partners with our policy design.

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    Renewable Strategy

    We develop the latest strategies in fields such as energy flexibility, supply chain, operating model transformation, PPAs, and renewable gas. We work on developing and achieving important strategic decisions, immediately from prioritizing asset-management investments to the implementation of the latest digital and advanced-analytics thinking.

  • Consulting Services

    Our administration consulting services focus on our clients' most important issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, technology, operations, and sustainability. We merge our extensive utility industry expertise with digital innovation along with the leading technology to deliver unique end-to-end services to our clients. Our utility consulting association helps our clients to reinvent their businesses thereby accelerating performance and future value and growth.

  • Operations and Maintenance Service

    Cynoteck helps you accomplish and manage your utility and energy cost-reduction goals. We provide our best utility practices that help maximize performance and efficiency. We offer several utility management options according to your specific priorities and needs. Our experts work directly with your management team to handle all responsibilities efficiently.

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Our Industry Advisor

Nitin Dangwal

Nitin Dangwal

Nitin Dangwal, Senior Team Lead at Cynoteck is our utility industry consultant with vast experience.

Nitin is a Salesforce pro with dozens of innovative enterprise-level CRM projects under his belt.

He has helped several nationwide and global clients grow their utility networks with effective CRM set up help.

Nitin's priority is to make sure that the businesses he consults leave no money on the table. To do that, Nitin evaluates the business model and all the major customer data streams. Effective integrations matter, and Mr. Dangwal knows exactly what third-party services to suggest for maximum scalability.

Data integrity, security, complete customer profiling, advanced marketing techniques - you get all that when Nitin Dangwal consults your utility business.

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Why Choose Cynoteck

With our niche in the utility industries, we have a unique combination of expertise in both service and maintenance – this gives us the capability to deliver best practice with an unmatched depth of understanding about our sector.
We have developed a unique training program written by our industry experts and also speak to people about the current and future challenges facing the utility industry.
Our goal is to obtain a vital partnership with our customers to place them as employers of choice, selling the benefits of working for their organizations. We become a trusted advisor for your business to whom you come for direction, market intelligence, and support.

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