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The legal profession is a huge and profitable industry that is an essential part of our daily lives. Lawyers give legal advice and representation to those who have been harmed by faulty products, fraud, or illegal employment practices.

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Legal Industry IT Experts

The legal industry came a long way since ancient times, communities have established rules of law to govern people. Throughout history, communities have built orders of law to govern people. Without laws, there would be huge chaos in life, and the legal rights of people would not be protected

The legal industry is a domain that several people find appealing. Law is an area that affects many people’s lives in an extremely direct way. All people need lawyers in various stages of life whether marriage or profession and more. Those who understand the industry closely see how new technology and global development has continued to play an important role in the lives of lawyers and their multiple clients. These trends are expected to leave an impact on many areas of the law and how it is practiced. 

Now, lawyers require extensive knowledge and proper training of legal matters to practice law.

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Our Legaltech Services

Cynoteck has experience working in the Legal industry across various countries and our services include.

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    Commercial and Corporate

    We provide our corporate and commercial services in drafting of the legal documents like articles and memorandums of a company, plans of corporate restructuring and amalgamations, and other contracts and agreements. Our experts also provide legal advice on joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and other restructuring methods. We also offer support on the establishment of a Company, winding up, liquidation and other agreements, CDRs, corporate taxation as well.

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    Intellectual Property

    We offer our customers services from the expert and proficient persons in this field of law. Our services in this field extend to the renewal or registration of trademarks, designs, and drafting of license contracts, assignment contracts, non-compete agreements, and others. We also guide and assist you in the protection and prosecution of IP violations and domain name dispute in agreement.

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    We offer litigation services with the help of our tie-ups with dedicated and skilled lawyers from different countries. These Lawyers help and serve clients involved in the following cases ranging from, commercial, corporate, banking and finance dispute, and mismanagement or any other matter in a court of law. etc 

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    Document Review Services

    We help you ease your burden of heavy document review tasks. Our team of experts will help to carry out your projects on-time and will go through a strict quality control process. We also help you keep your documents folders according to subject and issues.

Legal Tech Trends we Work With

Our Industry Advisor

Joseph Adams


Joseph M Adams is a legal professional who has been working with cutting-edge technology for years. Combining both legal and technical backgrounds into a stunning career, Mr. Adams has advised multiple legal tech startups.

Mr. Adams has worked with "lawyer-as-a-service", legal help QA, contract collaboration, voice search, and background check startups. Apart from that, Joseph M. Adams has consulted established legal tech companies.

With both startups and established legal tech companies, the consultations of Joseph M. Adams helped boost revenue and attract investment. Mr. Adams is focused on growth each time he starts advising a new company, and the results speak for themselves (contact us for confidential cases).

Joseph M. Adams also has an extensive traditional legal background, representing individuals, businesses, and public entities in civil litigation.

Cynoteck team

Why Choose Cynoteck

Allow Cynoteck to take a remarkably time-consuming effort and make it as simple and easy as possible for you. Let us serve you, the legal profession, to continue money-making tasks while we create a professional web presence with a custom legal website and internet marketing plan.
Our team of professionals understands the current and future challenges faced by the Legal industry. We address each client with equal care and attention with which we handle our own business needs. We approach every case beginning with analyzing the cost and benefits to the client as it links to every action we take. We don’t ever want our client to get a bill for legal services in excess of the cost of the result.
We become a trusted advisor for your business.

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