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Microsoft Partner: Gold Application Development

"Cynoteck has been an early adopter of Microsoft Technologies. We are delighted to share that we have attained the “Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency” in the Microsoft partner network. Jon Roskill, VP Worldwide partner group at Microsoft partners Said:” By achieving a gold application development competency, organizations have proven their expertise in specific technology areas, placing them among the top 1 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide”. Besides this accomplishment, we have also achieved a significant designation – Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications. The Microsoft Solutions Partner designation for Business Applications emphasizes Cynoteck's commitment to high-quality technology solutions. With this designation, Cynoteck has been able to access a wide range of tools and resources to offer comprehensive and effective solutions to its customers. When customers look for an IT partner to meet their business challenges, choosing a company that has attained Microsoft competencies is a smart move. These are highly qualified professionals with access to Microsoft technical support and product teams.”
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Power Platform Consulting Partner

Microsoft Power Platform Consulting Partner

Cynoteck is delighted to share the news of being a consulting partner for Microsoft Power Platform, one platform with unlimited opportunity.
Cynoteck has expertise to take your business to a new level with the power of Power Platform. Power Platform includes PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and PowerBI which together can create enriching solutions for your business needs.
Apps built using PowerApps provide enhanced business logic and workflow capabilities to transform your manual business process to digital and automated process.


 Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner

At Cynoteck Technology Solutions, we've taken a leap forward as a distinguished Salesforce RIDGE Consulting Partner. This isn't just a badge – it's a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in technology consulting. Our upgraded status to RIDGE Partner is a reflection of our mastery in deploying cutting-edge Salesforce solutions. These solutions don't just streamline operations; they ignite business growth and redefine customer experiences. Through exclusive resources and unwavering Salesforce support, we're primed to craft bespoke solutions that cater to unique business needs. With this milestone, we're scripting a new era of digital empowerment for businesses. Cynoteck: Your dedicated companion on the transformative journey of Salesforce excellence.




We are delighted to be a part of NASSCOM. Established in the year 1988, Nasscom i.e. National Association of Software and Service Companies expedites the growth and expansion of software industry in India.This is the premier global trade body association of The Information Technology organization in India that encourages business and trade in software and services, to facilitate research in software technology. Nasscom member’s associates are mainly in the business of IT services and software development with the membership that has grown over the years to 1400 members, constituting around 95 percent of the IT software export revenue in India.


Cynoteck, a leading technology solutions provider, has recently become a certified member of ESC SEAL, the registering authority for electronics and software exporters under the Foreign Trade Policy of India. This collaboration aims to offer streamlined services and support to exporters in the electronics and software industries, facilitating their growth and global expansion.
This partnership between Cynoteck and ESC SEAL comes at a crucial time when the electronics and software sectors are witnessing rapid growth and increasing demand globally. With their combined strengths, Cynoteck and ESC SEAL are poised to empower exporters, foster innovation, and contribute to the overall growth of the Indian economy.





Cynoteck and VEIBE have partnered together to work with the most cutting-edge and practical strategies and discrete methodologies to achieve sustainable and pertinent success. VEIBE is the German collective word for negotiation, purchasing, and consulting (Verhandlung, Purchase, and Consulting). VEIBE helps companies optimize their operating costs by negotiating the best deals, simplifying the sourcing of materials and services, and transforming procurement and supply chains.

Alto Palo

Cynoteck and Alto Palo have partnered together to work on different verticals. Alto Palo is a full service web and design agency specializing in fostering new ideas and revitalizing established brands with a fresh look and new code.

Alto Palo



Cynoteck Partnered with NopCommerce

Cynoteck has recently announced a strategic partnership with nopCommerce, the leading open-source eCommerce platform. This collaboration brings together Cynoteck's expertise in delivering innovative software solutions and nopCommerce's robust and flexible eCommerce platform. With this partnership, businesses can now leverage the powerful combination of Cynoteck's custom development services and nopCommerce's feature-rich platform to create exceptional online shopping experiences. The integration of Cynoteck's technology capabilities and nopCommerce's scalable framework empowers businesses to optimize their eCommerce operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth. Together, Cynoteck and nopCommerce aim to revolutionize the eCommerce landscape, offering businesses unparalleled opportunities for success in the digital realm

Insight Works Partner

We are happy to announce our partnership with Insight Works as an active reseller partner, a leading global bridge between customer and services experts for better operational productivity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central and Dynamics 365 expertise to reduce cost, improve performance and productivity. Insight Works specialized in Inventory management solutions, Mobile warehouse data collection, Shop floor data collection, Integrated shipping solutions, Point of sale solutions, Barcode integration, Planning, scheduling, Configure Price, and Quote.

Insight Works

iSolutions Payments Partner

Cynoteck's proud partnership with iSolutions enables us to offer advanced and premium services and solutions to our existing and new customers. iSolutions specializes in Microsoft Dynamics GP Software. It customizes your Dynamics GP Software installation to optimize your business processes, making you more effective and powerful. With the help of iSolutions payments, you will be able to receive card payments right inside of Microsoft Dynamics without the requirement for any additional software or gateway accounts.

eBridge Connections Partner

Cynoteck Technology Solutions is delighted to share the news of being a consulting partner with eBridge connections. eBridge Connections is a trusted partner of dozens of ERP, eCommerce, & CRM solution providers, helping to deliver streamlined technology solutions to their clients. When partnered with eBridge Connections, Cynoteck as a solution provider can extend its capabilities to help them in Business Central ERP customers to shorten their sales/delivery cycles and generate additional revenue. With the help of an ERP integration solution with eBridge Connections, sales orders, inventory levels, product data, shipping updates, and customer information can move seamlessly between systems, resulting in satisfied customers and efficient operations.

 eBridge Connections Partner

Partner with LeafLink

Cynoteck recently did partnership with LeafLink, the cannabis industry’s wholesale marketplace. It is defining the way thousands of cannabis brands and retailers manage and track their orders and relationships so they can focus on growing their businesses. Retailers who previously called, emailed, or texted 50+ sales reps to place an order, now save a day per week ordering all their cannabis brands in one cart on LeafLink. The e-commerce marketplace empowers brands, distributors, and retailers who want to streamline the ordering process, simplify communication, and spend less time on administrative work.

Partner with Jitterbit

We are thrilled to collaborate with Jitterbit, a prominent provider of technology solutions focused on enabling business transformation through workflow automation. By teaming up with Jitterbit, we bring our clients a smarter and more strategic approach to achieving enterprise-wide automation. Leveraging Jitterbit's powerful Harmony workflow automation platform, we can swiftly establish connections and automate a wide range of applications. With a wealth of pre-built connectors, templates, and workflows at our disposal, we streamline operations, eradicate the need for manual data entry, and ensure that you have the accurate information necessary to excel in your role.

 Partner with Jitterbit
Partner with Versapay

Cynoteck Partnered with Versapay

Cynoteck has announced its strategic partnership with VersaPay, the leading Canadian financial technology company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry, bringing together Cynoteck's expertise in delivering cutting-edge software solutions and VersaPay's innovative financial technology offerings. By joining, Cynoteck and VersaPay aim to revolutionize the way businesses manage their financial processes. With Cynoteck's technical prowess and VersaPay's advanced payment and accounts receivable automation solutions, businesses can streamline their financial operations, enhance cash flow management, and improve overall efficiency. This partnership promises to empower organizations with seamless, secure, and efficient financial technology solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Chargelogic Payment Partner

Cynoteck is delighted to share the news of becoming an implementation partner with ChargeLogic. ChargeLogic is our partner for payment service provider in Business central. With Chargelogic we help our Business Central customers to securely accept credit card and other payment types, enjoy a better logistics experience, and deliver instant communications to their customers. ‘ChargeLogic also enables your customers to reduce their credit card processing fees, enjoy automated workflows, and provide high quality service with omni-channel payments. Click here for more Info


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