In the last ten years, Cynoteck has been providing sophisticated and robust solution through a cloud-based customer relation management (CRM) platform to the companies. With Salesforce we help you integrate all your teams and technologies around one platform making every employee interaction with your customer like a single company for better results.
At Cynoteck, we understand the customer needs and implement the Salesforce solutions tailored to their needs that yield best optimum value by increasing sales force productivity and revenue. We have team of experts with years of experience in designing innovative solutions using Salesforce customization features such as Apex, Visualforce, Lightning components framework and others, to deliver seamless user experience.
We have successfully delivered end-to-end Salesforce professional services to various organizations throughout the world with complete customer satisfaction. Our services cover the entire spectrum, right from the rollout of Salesforce to customization of functionalities to enhance user experience through various applications.


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Cynoteck provides a complete range of Salesforce Professional services to support your CRM strategy customized as per your requirement and need.

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting

Our consultants help organizations overcome specific CRM challenges such as low sales productivity, deficient alignment between departments or CRM performance issues. We have a team of experts that train employees to extract maximum out of the Salesforce services.

Salesforce implementation

Irrespective of the size of your company, or the salesforce CRM project, our team members ensure successful implementation of the Salesforce services. Implementation is not a one-step method and therefore our team members plan and prepare to provide you pain-free and successful implementation of the salesforce service from the time you get associated with us to even after-launch support.

Salesforce Consulting
Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce customization

Cynoteck believes that every business is unique and has particular requirement to boost growth of the company, so our expert team members at Cynoteck, analyze and understand your need to provide you with the best effective solution customized to meet the requirement of your organization. For years, we have been delivering tailor-made modules for sales and marketing automation, lead and opportunity management, performance management, reporting etc. that have helped unravel the true potential of this platform.


We help organization in efficiently migrating traditional systems to salesforce by applying the best possible strategy. We assist organizations to securely transfer data, efficiently and effectively, causing minimal disruptions and boosting user adoption.

Salesforce Consulting
Salesforce Consulting


We ensure seamless integration of salesforce with other software that are functional and already in use. We undertake complex projects regarding Salesforce integration with ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing automation, and other systems to build a unified view and smooth flow of information throughout the organization.

Support and Maintenance

Addressing operational issues is as important as the initial implementation of Salesforce services. We offer various maintenance packages for our clients to choose from. Our aim is to provide long-term support by promptly resolving any operational issues and minimizing the downtime.

Salesforce Consulting


Marketing Cloud

It is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services. It enables to create a world-class digital marketing suite for next-generation marketing capabilities.

Sales Cloud

Stay ahead with improved sales forecasting and optimized sales processes providing an enriching customer experience. This CRM software feature can help you grow sales faster by managing contacts, accounts and opportunities from anywhere, on any device

Service Cloud

Improve service experience and productivity by providing customer service support through multiple channels. It helps you get faster and reliable case resolution.

Salesforce Communities

Foster engagement across various groups (customer, partners, vendors, employees) to nurture collaboration, gain insights and improve experience

Salesforce Platform (App Cloud)

Customized Salesforce for your business needs to ensure value for money. Build and deploy applications without worrying about the factors like hardware maintainence, security and scalability.

Field Service

Improve work assignment, execution and tracking to ensure your field service functions as second to none.

AppExchange Application Development

We have created few app exchange applications that are now widely in use. We are experienced in developing applications as per salesforce requirements and help clients in publishing the application in AppExchange by making the application pass the security review required by Salesforce.


Connect Salesforce with various back-end systems to let information flow automatically creating an intelligent and integrated system. Our team is experienced in both SOAP and REST based integrations, we have also integrated with other systems using cloud based point-and-click tools such as Dell Boomi

Data Migration

Migrate Data from external system to your Salesforce platform or vice-versa without losing any of it. We help in extraction, transformation and loading of data and make sure your data is clean and without redundancy.


Cynoteck has developed two Apps, which are listed on Salesforce AppExchange for enhancing the Salesforce services user-experience.


Cynoteck has a team of dynamic IT professionals with the full array of Salesforce professional services under one roof. We have helped organizations evolve over time and take pride in being one of the leaders in Salesforce services for more than a decade. We have successfully delivered more than 80 Salesforce service projects and most of our clients have trusted us time and again, which reflects our dedication and professionalism.

Help your Salesforce instance to match your business processes.

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