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Looking for a top-notch Salesforce Development Company? Our Salesforce experts are more than happy to provide you the best Salesforce consulting services. Cynoteck is your #1 partner for end-to-end Salesforce development services - from planning, consulting, and strategizing, up to the implementation.


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For the past decade, Cynoteck has been providing sophisticated and robust solutions through Salesforce, a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. With our Salesforce development Services, we help you integrate all your teams and technologies on a single platform making seamless employee interactions with the customers for better results.

At Cynoteck, we understand customer needs and implement Salesforce solutions tailored to their needs that yield optimum value by increasing productivity and revenue. We have a team of experts with years of experience in designing innovative solutions using Salesforce customization features such as Apex, Visualforce, Lightning components framework, and more to deliver a flawless user experience.

We as a leading Salesforce development company have successfully delivered end-to-end Salesforce development services to various organizations throughout the world with complete customer satisfaction. We cover the entire spectrum, right from the rollout of Salesforce to the customization of functionalities, enhancing the user experience through various applications.

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Best in Class Services

Cynoteck is proud to be recognized by top B2B reviews and rating platforms, such as and more, for its exceptional client satisfaction and delivery across various technologies.

Also, Cynoteck has recently announced its ISV partnership with Salesforce. This partnership helps us improve our customer interface from all perspectives – sales, marketing, customer services, and more.

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Salesforce Migration

We help organizations efficiently migrate traditional systems to Salesforce by adopting the best possible strategy. We are proficient in transferring data securely, efficiently, and effectively with minimal disruptions, enabling quicker and smoother user adoption. Our Salesforce development professionals are well-versed with the entire process and will go beyond to provide you with the best Salesforce migration and consulting services possible.

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Salesforce Products That We Specialize In

As a world-class Salesforce development company, we aim to provide these core product offerings and solutions that can be utilized independently or concurrently with the brand’s current sales stack integrations. We specialize in the Salesforce products listed below.


Some AppExchange Products We Worked On

Cynoteck has developed Salesforce apps for enhancing the Salesforce development services user experience - most of them are publicly available on AppExchange. Our primary focus is on business benefits and user experience, with the rest covered by the Salesforce environment i.e., security, scalability, reliability, etc.


Why Choose Cynoteck for Salesforce Development Services?

Cynoteck is a certified Salesforce Development company who are highly skilled at extending the capabilities of your existing system by developing and integrating Salesforce CRM. We are one of the most experienced Salesforce development company, capable of extending the abilities of your existing system, as well as all your business functions, to make Salesforce the primary and ultimate tool in your business process that works for you.

For over a decade, we have been one of the top providers of Salesforce development services. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose us for Salesforce development services:

  • Figure out your Salesforce options

  • Proper implementation steps

  • Practical, effective apps

  • Professional and fast support

  • 10+ Years

  • Customer Base

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Appreciation From Clients

Unlike competitors, Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can bridge the gap between business needs and coding functions.

Aria Ziatabari
COO, Cadence Electrical Supply

During my time with Cynoteck, I really feel like they are a partner and not just a vendor. They spend the time to understand our business and explain options and approaches. Like in all situations with customized software, not every option always works, there are always issues no matter who you work with. In my experience, it is best to have a partner that will be there when things go wrong. Cynoteck has always been there to assist and are always willing to go the extra mile, from working well past business hours to handling deployments on the weekends.

Crissy Koger
VP of Information Technology-Blood Hound, Inc

The app was launched on Appexchange and received widespread acclaim. The team at Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd excelled at project management, with them regularly complying with all deadlines and communicating all issues in advance.

Peter Connel
CEO, CallPro CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

Before creating CRM workflows and solutions to meet specific demands of businesses, Salesforce developers examine corporate processes. Together with other members of the team, Salesforce developers create scalable, unique procedures for the company. With a comprehensive suite of Salesforce development services, they help you transform your business beyond the standard functionalities.

Salesforce Professional Services helps customers accelerate their path to value with Salesforce by ensuring that you are set up for long-term success and can efficiently utilize the platform's full potential. We can assist you in planning your strategic roadmap with our Salesforce services:

  • Salesforce Development Services

  • Salesforce Consulting Services

  • Salesforce Implementation Services.

  • Salesforce Mobile App Development.

  • Salesforce Migration Services.

  • AppExchange App Development services.

  • Salesforce Lightning Migration.

  • Salesforce Integration with Third-party Apps.


Salesforce is the best customer relationship management software available. Furthermore, Salesforce is utilized to track customers by over 100,000 of the world's most successful organizations. Choosing a top Salesforce development company helps you by enhancing your present Salesforce app architecture. This ultimately helps you increase productivity and ROI.

Improve Customer Service

The best Salesforce development services and companies help businesses transform their whole customer experience by providing crucial automation tools that ensure that client complaints are resolved quickly. When firms hire Salesforce experts, it becomes simpler to provide personalized services to clients.

Increased revenue for the company

A sales team is part of the firm's CRM which is critical for automating and smoothing out the critical stages of the selling process. When companies rely on Salesforce development services, managing the whole sales pipeline — from generating new leads to completing deals becomes a breeze. A powerful CRM system, such as Salesforce, gathers all sales-related information in one place, making it easier for businesses to manage the whole sales lifecycle.

Obtain Beneficial Customer Insights

You get 360-degree data on your consumers with a full Salesforce platform, including their preferred services or products, product search queries, and more. Through the aggregated data existing on the 360-degree panel of your Salesforce, a great Salesforce consultant can help you in analysing consumer behaviour across multiple touch points and platforms. Using the services of a Salesforce Consultant, businesses can easily deliver a superior cross-channel consumer experience across advertising, sales, commerce, and other platforms.

Leveraging the power of this incredibly strong platform – Salesforce, is not always easy. Many businesses face major challenges that prevent them from fully utilizing Salesforce's capabilities. Some of the most usual challenges faced by small companies while taking Salesforce consulting services are:

  • Data Accuracy

  • Less Coding

  • Salesforce Adoption

  • Salesforce Adoption

  • Standard Feature Implementation

With Salesforce development services, you can create bespoke software solutions and get the most out of your Salesforce CRM data. Salesforce app development expands your CRM's reach and capabilities. Salesforce apps serve as logical containers for a group of tabs, processes, objects, and services related to a specific business function.

Our salesforce development company follow the process of designing and implementing specific Salesforce features, services, and applications. It entails the usage of a wide range of programming languages, the most notable of which are Apex and Visualforce in Salesforce.

Salesforce can be used to construct a variety of applications and services thanks to its multitenant design and improved integration capabilities. Salesforce developers with experience and intuition may construct amazing corporate development aspects. Salesforce development is the popular preference for companies all around the globe because to its beneficial attributes.

Salesforce consulting services assist in the identification of corporate objectives such as shortening sales cycles, improving marketing campaign efficiency, and increasing sales operations productivity. We offer Salesforce consulting services to help you improve your sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Regardless of your sector, you can rely on our qualified expertise and extensive knowledge to lead you in the right direction.

Salesforce is the world's largest and most well-known cloud platform providers. Their automation, customer relations (CRM), and other tools provide several competitive benefits that clientele appreciate. Our salesforce development company focuses on important points.

Customer Information

Most significant benefits in Salesforce are the information it gains, in terms of quality and quantity. You can check at every individual account, contact, task, activity, and chance that is linked to a lead in Salesforce, giving your firm a plethora of info before contacting potential clients.

For starters, it makes it simple to keep records of all the data you need to keep your client accounts structured. You can search up any lead or customer you want, even if they are allocated to other agents, because you have the data you need in one place.

Time Management

You can make benefit from excellent time management when you have detailed client information and a variety of planned sources at your fingertips. You have everything you need to prioritise work for your customers, which means you can manage jobs for multiple accounts using the same parameters.

Account Planning

You and all your company's members can start making plans for customers independently as you have all the customer data you need. This gives you the fingertip approach you need to truly engage with customers, as well as allowing your representatives to tweak their strategies for greater outcomes. Salesforce even allows you to create to-do items so you and your salespeople can keep focused by using lists.

Team Collaboration

Salesforce also makes it simple to connect with the rest of the team. The "Chatter" tool allows you to communicate with people or organizations about work-related topics such as clients, region, and other important issues. Chatter also allows you to assign various members of your team to distinct accounts or prospects that require extra attention. As a result, your staff will be able to prioritise and organise their responsibilities more easily, allowing you to interact with more leads and close more sales.

Salesforce development services entails creating a platform that allows diverse corporate groups to communicate with one another. Salesforce users can stay in touch with one another and efficiently control corporate operations thanks to the cloud-based technology. There are many CRM software choices available today for businesses, but Salesforce CRM is by far the most prominent and well-known.

Tracking the Performance of Competitors

As a Salesforce development company can successfully and quickly follow opportunities with the assistance of Salesforce, so businesses do not have to waste time chasing leads. It can assist you in learning about any new or recently introduced offers or services that your clients like. Salesforce can assist businesses in tracking the performance of their competitors by offering actionable insights. You can receive a better reaction to inquiries submitted by your corporate clients by using Salesforce development services.

Service to Customers

Salesforce app development company can highlight the customer's needs and maintain your viewpoint and existing customer interactions, as well as take their input on your service or product. Salesforce can assist you in sustaining your interaction with customers by providing feedback, which allows you to improve your skills and provide a good product and service to your clients.

Order Management Made Simple

Salesforce CRM makes it simple to manage end-to-end relationships with customers. With the help of CRM, you can track customer behaviours such as order placement and product inquiries. Customers' inquiries from their area can be received and managed by sales managers based on geographical regions.

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