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With the world rapidly digitalizing, the innovative minds of our Cynoteck team are constantly aiming to develop useful software products. Here are some of the products developed by our experts.

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CTK Email Parser

CTK Email Parser is a secure and adaptable solution, streamlining email processing for increased efficiency and faster responses. With this native Salesforce app, you can control all aspects of email automation, parsing and executing actions quickly. Its intuitive interface makes the setting up of rules quite easy. Furthermore, with Salesforce’s seamless integration, CTK Email Parser works as a valuable asset for optimizing business operations.


Hassle-free solutions for all your pet needs. Petofy offers easy access to all the necessary pet services in one place. We aim to provide a pet ecosystem for all pet related services. Keep tabs of your pet’s medical records, treatments and well-being with our OPHR service.

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PowerApps - Internal Training Management System

Internal Training Management App is Standalone Corporate Learning Management System to create, assign, track, and manage employee initial and ongoing training courses. This Training Management System is typically managed by the HR department. Trainers can record attendance, and upload study material on SharePoint.

Salesforce Implementation Services

CTK Dynamics Related Lists

The CTK Dynamic Related List component provides administrators with a sophisticated tool to generate a dynamic list of data, reducing the need for custom development. Users can see filtered data lists without any requirement for code implementation.

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Reimbursement Expense Management

PowerApps – Expense Management App is a complete spend management platform designed to control spend, automate busywork, and save time. Employees, managers, and accountants can produce, submit, and approve expense reports as well as track their progress and access them whenever they need to.

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Work from Home - PowerApps

To become a successful remote team, you need a project management solution that makes it easy to track progress, keep team members updated, and focus only on the highest priority work. This Work from Home App from Cynoteck makes handling work efficiently and creating a smooth workflow remotely a breeze.

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