Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation Services

Cynoteck helps you get valuable insights turn data to competitive advantage and deliver data-driven personalization at scale with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. By combining data from multiple sources and converting them into real-time, actionable insights, we help businesses make smarter and insightful decisions with desired outcomes.

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Work Smarter and Connect Intelligently with Salesforce Einstein

Cynoteck, a Salesforce Ridge Partner, helps your business to integrate the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Salesforce Einstein to provide you with insightful data and build a competitive advantage. We help you find practical insights where business and customer data contribute to accelerating the overall growth of your organization. As a result, you can predict results, drive efficiency, and adapt to market changes quickly.

We help you transform high volumes of unprocessed data into useful information while creating offers, products, services, and unparalleled customer experiences. Our expert team can help with the smooth integration of Salesforce Einstein to any Salesforce platform, including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, etc.

We have successfully deployed this solution after working on multiple projects for our clients all over the world. As an experienced Salesforce service provider, we help you improve your customer engagement by leveraging our 12+ years of experience. We can help you implement this solution across a wide variety of business verticals, including sales, marketing, HR, retail, etc.

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Salesforce Einstein implementation services
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Our Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation Services

Cynoteck helps businesses maximize their potential with their expertise in Salesforce Einstein Analytics. You can take your business to new heights faster, more efficiently and effectively.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation Services

Einstein Predictive Builder

Using AI and client data, Einstein Predictive Builder offers more individualized product results. This provides you with the key features and quantifies their influence on purchases. Whether your need is for price forecasting or estimating customer discontent rate, our Salesforce consultants can help you to integrate and support you throughout the entire process. This provides you with the information to make an informed decision about how to engage with your customers.

Einstein Chatbots

Salesforce Einstein Chatbot frees your service agents by employing NLP to handle routine inquiries and comprehend customer input. By successfully using its ability to adapt to the company's personality, the Einstein bot significantly improves the consumers' conversation. Additionally, this chatbot can compile pre-chat information to save your agents' time. At Cynoteck, we make sure to accurately capture your customer's conversation by capturing the nature of your business through calculated and planned execution.

Einstein Chatbots
Einstein Account Insights

Einstein Account Insights

With the introduction of Einstein Account Insights, we help you recognize several new articles every day, gather the significant changes and events occurring, and utilize them in your company's growth process. You can review all the significant business events influencing your accounts in one location with the help of this. These account insights furthermore help you and your team to stay informed and updated on all news that affects your business.

Einstein Activity Capture

You can now identify your stronghold with your clients, be it through activities, opportunities, leads, or accounts, with the help of our Einstein Activity Capture system. By integrating your email and calendar with Salesforce, this tool provides your sales reps with more possibilities to close sales. It works by logging in all historical data for up to six months using Office 365 or Gmail accounts. It concentrates on three categories of data, namely contacts, events, and emails.

Einstein Activity Capture
Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Lead Scoring

At Cynoteck, our expert team ensures that Einstein Lead Scoring is customized to your business's requirements. Based on prior results, it prioritizes leads that are most likely to convert and close to creating more pipelines more quickly. It is designed to support Sales Cloud Einstein and uses machine learning to generate excellent leads as well as convert them with an intelligent lead score. We simply make sure that once you have caught up, you will not need a stats expert.

Einstein Opportunity Insights

We help you maintain customer relationships by gathering information about the customers and using Einstein Insights to send tailored communications about opportunities and experiences on your behalf. With these opportunity insights, you can quickly learn about customer behavior, competitor engagement, and net target engagement. To support the selling process of the team, our team provides managers and sales representatives with insightful follow-ups and important predictions.

Einstein Opportunity Insights
Einstein Custom Analytics

Einstein Custom Analytics

Our team of qualified Salesforce professionals uses Sales Cloud Einstein to explore our clients' data and help them manage their advanced analytics. Making quicker and more informed decisions using Einstein Custom Analytics will help you achieve your goals. Additionally, a roadmap produced by AI might enable SF Einstein to deliver contextual insights and realize its full potential.

Einstein Email Insights

Our team helps your sales representatives push the deals in the right direction with the help of recommended connections and Einstein email insights. The context of crucial sales together with relevant emails are provided by Einstein email insights, making it simpler for you to always provide a customized response. Making every customer feel important would be possible, which would increase your business's revenue as well.

Einstein Email Insights
Einstein Automated Contacts

Einstein Automated Contacts

You can look for and bring up advanced opportunistic jobs using our analytics services, then attach them to your contact. By observing your event actions and making the new data accessible to your sales team, Einstein Automated Contacts generates proposals for fresh data. It automatically suggests fresh data by crawling through every aspect of your event activity, and it makes it simple for your sales team to access.

What Can You Get with Our Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation?

We provide your business with the ability to better optimize every part of it. Our experienced Salesforce consultant provides countless opportunities to provide the greatest customer experience and help improve every aspect of your organization.


Why Choose Cynoteck?

Cynoteck has proven Salesforce expertise in a variety of clouds, including the Sales Cloud, the Service Cloud, the Community Cloud, and the Marketing Cloud, etc. At every stage of the Salesforce adoption process, we continually strive for the growth and support of your business. We know how to unlock the full power of AI and support you in achieving exponential growth with our extensive experience working with different clients in a range of industries, including healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, etc. Using client data and AI-driven insights, our Salesforce professionals help you in identifying the best solution for your customers.

01Experienced Salesforce Professionals

Our Salesforce professionals can help you establish a shared vision, push the limits of your business operations throughout implementation, and maximize the potential of Salesforce.

02Timely Project delivery

We consistently prioritize meeting deadlines in our projects and providing solutions on time. This defines our present activities, our level of achievement, and the opinions of our clients regarding our solutions.

03 Industry-Specific Solutions

At Cynoteck, we have expertise working with several industry sectors to address the most challenging issues faced by our clients while streamlining their business operations.

04 Value-Driven Partner

We provide businesses with quick, efficient, and accurate business and technological solutions. Our solutions provide you with the flexibility to scale resources up or down depending on your business requirements.

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FAQs - Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation

This is a cloud-based analytics platform for analyzing and visualizing data from different sources. It is made to help organizations make data-driven decisions and understand their clients and operations. Many features and technologies are included in this tool, including dashboards, data visualization, predictive analytics, and natural language processing (NLP). Additionally, it integrates with additional Salesforce products like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and it can be customized using Lightning and Apex components.

You can use Einstein to transform your business into an AI-first organization and understand your consumers' requirements. Sales can anticipate prospects and exceed client expectations. Marketing can now tailor experiences and create predictive journeys like never, which can implant intelligence everywhere and develop better employee and customer apps. By fixing difficulties before they arise, your business operations and services can become proactive.

Several factors could influence a business's decision to use this powerful solution:
i) Customization
Utilizing Apex and Lightning components, Einstein Analytics can be customized by enterprises to meet their unique demands and specifications.

ii) Data integration
Multiple data sources, including Salesforce CRM systems, and external data sources, including databases and spreadsheets, can be integrated with this tool. As a result, it becomes simple to analyze data from numerous sources and get a complete picture of the business.

iii) Predictive analytics
Businesses can use a variety of predictive analytics tools using this solution to find trends and patterns in their data and forecast future results. Businesses can use this information to make better decisions and respond proactively.

iv) User-friendly Interface
Users of this tool can create custom dashboards and reports without code because of its user-friendly interface. As a result, a variety of people, such as business analysts, data scientists, and IT specialists, can easily use it.

v) Integration with other Salesforce Products

Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, which integrate with SF Einstein, can provide businesses with a more complete understanding of their business operations and clientele. This is a powerful analytics platform that can help businesses make data-driven decisions and understand their customers and operations.

The cost of implementation will vary depending on the features and functionalities you require and how many users will utilize the platform. Salesforce offers a variety of price plans, including a free trial that enables you to test this solution and determine whether it suits your needs. Three different prices are available. The monthly cost for Einstein Predictions is $75 per user, while the monthly cost for Einstein Analytics Growth is $125 per user, and the monthly cost for Einstein Analytics Plus is $150 per user. For 30 days, the trial edition is cost-free.