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Struggling to turn leads into loyal customers? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, powered by Cynoteck's expert implementation, gives you a 360-degree view of your customers and equips you with data-driven insights to nurture every opportunity. Witness a 20% increase in your win rate and watch your sales skyrocket as your business development efforts bear fruit.

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Turn Leads into Loyal Customers: Supercharge Your Sales with Dynamics 365

Transform your sales game with Dynamics 365. Equip your team with actionable insights, intuitive tools, and seamless collaboration – all from one cloud-based platform. Ditch the spreadsheet sprawl and engage the right prospects from a single workspace, accessible anywhere via web or mobile.

Boost productivity and close deals faster:

  • AI-powered insights: Get real-time recommendations and accurate forecasts to guide every interaction.
  • 360° customer view: Understand needs and tailor your approach for lasting relationships.
  • Streamlined workflows: Automate tasks and stay focused on what matters – selling.
  • Built-in collaboration: Work seamlessly with other teams to maximize revenue opportunities.

Don't just manage tasks, manage growth. Dynamics 365 Sales is your gateway to exponential sales and empowered business development. Ready to unlock your team's full potential?

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

From casual connections to closed deals, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales empowers you to turn relationships into revenue. Forget clunky CRMs and outdated automation. Go beyond understanding customer needs - actively engage, nurture leads, and land more deals with powerful insights and intuitive tools.

Dynamics 365 Sales seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, accessible anywhere - web browser, Outlook, or mobile app. Maximize marketing and sales investments, optimize opportunities, and boost team collaboration effortlessly.

Our expert consultants navigate the realities of modern selling, overcoming hurdles and delivering tailor-made solutions. Unify your customer data, discover real-time trends, and focus on metrics that drive success. From startups to established enterprises, Dynamics 365 Sales scales with your business, maximizing conversions with the right tools and strategy.
Ready to customize your path to sales success? Let Cynoteck's Dynamics 365 Sales consultants take you there.

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Key Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

From lukewarm leads to loyal customers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales fuels your sales pipeline. It seamlessly guides leads through every stage, nurturing them from initial contact to closing deals. Track interactions, build strong relationships, and make data-driven decisions for faster wins. But the power goes beyond the platform itself. With Cynoteck's expert D365 Sales consultants, you unlock:


Accelerate Sales Team Performance

Unleash your sales team's hidden potential with MS D365 Sales. Ditch time-consuming admin tasks with automated workflows and custom-built processes, freeing your team to focus on what they do best: closing deals. Get real-time insights into performance with intuitive reports and analytics, pinpoint areas for improvement, and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Streamline Seller Productivity with Cohesive Tools

As sales teams always have that high accountability for fulfilling an organization’s extensive revenue goals, but usually, sales experts do not have that much time and lack the proper tools to create and foster a cohesive team. Not to worry, D365 Sales provides the best tools that improve productivity and help you stay focused on moving deals forward. It helps you sell smarter with its built-in intelligence abilities and tools that lead you through the sales cycle.


AI-Driven Insights

Now replace intuition with insights and act seamlessly using MS D365 Sales. It can turn your prior records and client data into more consistent data and actionable insights. These insights help you make smarter decisions with enhanced account relationships while getting you notified beforehand about any involved risks. Predictive matches and appropriate segmentation are some other advantages that you can get using Dynamics 365 Consultants.

Fosters Buyer-Seller Relationship

Customers always see you as an authorized advisor on whom they can depend on when they require any guidance. So, understanding the prevailing health of a customer's relationship with your company helps improve your volume and quantity of sales. MS Dynamics 365 Sales helps you foster relationships by leveraging tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Social Engagement to build engagement and trust.


Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Sales

Make true digital sales transformation and deeper relationships with customers by connecting individuals and processes through Dynamics 365 Sales. Get a perfect solution for your business with the interminable capabilities of Dynamics 365 Consultants. It helps you personalize your every interaction and makes sure that everyone is on the same page with its easy-to-use dashboard.

Choose Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Packages

Want to implement a CRM application that improves your business efficiency without resulting in higher upfront costs. We offer you the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation packages based on our experience working with different organizations of all sizes.



  • For the organizations that are either looking to move into MS Dynamics 365 Sales from other CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) or looking into implementing a CRM within their organization
  • Deliverable
    - Understanding of current sales process.
    - How can we optimize the current sales process with MS D365 Sales.
    - How can we map the current sales process to D365 Sales.
    - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation proposal.

40* /Hours


  • Deliverable
    - Business Unit Setup+
    - CRM Users Setup -Up to 5 users
    - Role and Permission Setup
    - Mailbox Configuration
    - Currency Setup
    - Admin Training
    - Up and running Dynamics 365 Sales app
  • +If client is not using any other module of Dynamics 365

100* /Hours


  • The premium package includes the benefits of the essential package.
  • Deliverable
    - Understanding of current sales process
    - Introduction to Knowledge-based article
    - Introduction to Entitlement
    - Introduction to Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    - Reports by Wizard
    - Dashboards and Views

160* /Hours


  • The Advance package includes the benefits of Essential and Premium packages.
  • Deliverable
    - Customer Service Portal Configuration
    - Reports – 5 reports
    - Forms – 5 Forms
    - Custom Entities – 5 Entities
    - Workflows – 5 workflows
    - Business Rules - 5 Business Rules
    - Development with simple and medium complexity

Why Choose Cynoteck

Choosing Cynoteck means working with an exceptional firm that has expertise in integration, procurement, deployment, adaptation, and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Cynoteck can be a perfect and trustworthy Microsoft partner that your business needs. We provide quality facilities at affordable rates with a promise of top-notch care and maintenance. Our CRM consultants help you determine strategies to mitigate risks and enhance adoption, to help you run your business smoothly with improved performance and results.

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Delivering top-notch expertise and customer service

  • Beneficial strategies specific to your requirements

  • A trusted name with a great support team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and sales automation platform designed to streamline your sales process, deepen customer relationships, and boost revenue. It helps you:
  • - Manage leads and opportunities, nurture relationships, and close deals faster.

  • - Gain a 360-degree view of your customers with real-time insights.

  • - Automate tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • - Collaborate seamlessly with your team and other departments.

D365 Sales works as an excellent application to assist you in making the right decisions regarding sales opportunities. It includes the functionalities like lead and opportunity management, marketing lists, sales campaigns, appointments, orders, invoices, exporting data to excel, and Power BI for predictive insights, prescriptive guidance, and actionable measures.

With D365 Sales, you can streamline your sales process right from lead, and quotation, up to the order. It has built-in AI (artificial intelligence) that helps you with customer management and lead management, this leads to building strong relationships with customers and sales optimization. You can also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Consultants to keep track of your contacts and accounts.

D365 Sales delivers complete CRM functionality, providing a sales and management system that offers insights into client relationships leading to more profitable conversions and customer relationships. The pricing of this software varies depending on which functions you need for your business.
  • Professional - $65 per user/month

  • Enterprise - $95 per user/month

  • Premium - $135 per user/month

D365 Sales is best suited for an organization that needs to manage its sales processes, along with lead management, opportunity management, and basic reporting. It can be purchased instantly via Microsoft, but you can also buy it through a qualified Microsoft partner like ours - Cynoteck.

Microsoft 365 Sales helps the sales team handle key problems they are facing in their routine work. It empowers them to understand customer requirements and close sales effectively. Some other benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Consultants include:   
  • Smart selling with contextual AI.

  • Empowering sellers to create better relationships.

  • Boosting sales productivity using its seamless tools.

  • Enhancing sales performance.

  • Boost sales profitability with innovative insights.

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