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Salesforce Health Cloud Services

We help healthcare organizations find their best growth and improvement opportunities with Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation and Customization Services. Using our services, we help them gain profound insights into their patients' requirements, enabling the delivery of personalized customized care and engagement at every interaction point.

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Create Personalized Patient Experiences with Salesforce Health Cloud

Cynoteck helps you leverage Salesforce Health Cloud implementation to enhance patient relationships. This cloud-based system helps us interact with patients across services and focuses on building patient bonds. We understand that your relationship with your patients is as important and sensitive as their medical conditions. That is why, we help healthcare organizations to be the best they can be, for the benefit of their patients, communities, teams, and medical professionals. So, you can improve your patients' health while also developing a closer relationship with them with our accurate health cloud solutions.

Intuitive and trustworthy solutions are created for you by our team of qualified Salesforce consultants. Our expert team provides the best-in-class custom Salesforce health cloud implementation and integration services that help you build personalized, patient-centric experiences that grow revenue and improve health outcomes. These solutions will help you in developing strong, one-on-one relationships with your patients, members, and partners.

As a leading Salesforce health cloud consultant, we furthermore provide exceptional health cloud integration with third-party platforms. To create comprehensive and contextual patient profiles, our professionals furthermore integrate this solution with third-party platforms like marketing cloud, community cloud, EHR, etc. 

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Our Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation Services

We are a reliable Salesforce Health Cloud implementation and consulting partner. Our team includes certified Salesforce developers who will help your business reach new heights in an accelerated, optimized, and effective way.



Cynoteck offers the best-in-class consulting services to help healthcare organizations utilize this platform to its full potential. We help businesses streamline operations, improve patient care, and enhance communication and collaboration within their teams. To provide clinical teams with speed and volume, our Salesforce experts help enterprises monitor and optimize the Health Cloud as per their needs. 


We work with you to set up a custom Health Cloud platform that enables healthcare teams to interact with all patient data from a specific location. Our Salesforce professionals create a safe, unified platform that helps in providing a 360-degree perspective of your healthcare institution. This helps in sharing crucial information with patients, healthcare providers, R&D teams, partners, field researchers, and more. 



Our Salesforce Health Cloud customization involves adapting the platform to fit your business-specific needs and requirements. We have a team of Salesforce developers who have Apex and Visualforce expertise to build SaaS apps, tailor Salesforce logic, and customize dashboards. We, at Cynoteck, configure features and functionality and build custom solutions to support specific business requirements.


We at Cynoteck help you integrate Health Cloud with pre-existing software and hardware systems, to deliver a personalized and engaging experience at every touchpoint while maintaining all healthcare standards. Our team integrates enterprise EHR and Health Cloud using REST APIs to produce aggregated patient, payer, and provider data, providing a single view of a patient's health information.



Our team of Salesforce consultants creates comprehensive migration strategies to quickly transition old health systems to Salesforce Health Cloud. Your business will not be affected at any point during the migration process. We ensure that the data is protected and preserved throughout the data migration. By doing this, you improve customer service while boosting productivity and growing your business.

Support & Maintenance

Take advantage of our proactive and preventative support and maintenance services, which will provide long-term support for all your challenges with a comprehensive skill set. Our Salesforce consultants support Health Cloud so that healthcare organizations can concentrate on providing treatment rather than on complying with regulations. This helps you lower the cost of your IT environment while improving scalability and agility.


What Can You Get with Our Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation Services?

Using our Health Cloud services, we design a custom patient management system for enterprises in the healthcare industry. Our team combines innovative technologies with platform services to help businesses succeed and achieve greater heights of productivity.


Why Choose Us As Your Salesforce Health Cloud Consultant?

Our SF Health Cloud implementation and consultation services provide you with a uniform view of your patients. We make it simple for you to collaborate with networks of healthcare professionals and connect with patients across various devices. Our Salesforce consultants enable a seamless omnichannel experience catered to each member's health needs and communication choices by helping you establish a single source of information for everyone on the member journey. Our expert team exceeds patients' expectations by providing personalized care and experience.

01Dedicated Team

Cynoteck has highly experienced experts with quick response capabilities. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions that are powered by integration, teamwork, deployment, etc.

02Best in Market

Cynoteck is an outstanding Salesforce partner, providing unique solutions customized to each client's needs. The best value for money and guaranteed customer success reflects our own best practices.

03 Agile Methodologies

Our Health Cloud implementation service provides a seamless experience. With our insightful solutions and services, you can optimize patient relationships and increase productivity.

04 Unique and Thoughtful process

Cynoteck has helped top sales and marketing teams implement Health Cloud within their enterprises. Our process is unique and unmatched, which makes us a suitable choice for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

A customer relationship management (CRM) system created specifically for healthcare enterprises is SF Health Cloud. Offering a unified platform for maintaining patient information, scheduling appointments, and performing virtual visits, helps healthcare workers better manage and coordinate patient care, streamlining communication, and improving patient involvement.

Setting up and customizing SF Health Cloud for a business is called SF Health Cloud Implementation Services. This could include adapting the platform to the organization's requirements, integrating it with other tools and systems, and teaching workers how to use it efficiently. SF Health Cloud Implementation Services' goal is to help healthcare organizations in making the most of the platform's advantages while improving patient care.

Salesforce Health Cloud can help organizations in the healthcare sector in several ways: i) Streamlined Communication
Health Cloud includes tools for managing communication between healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders. This helps in lowering the possibility of misunderstandings and improves the effectiveness of the care delivery process.

ii) Improved Patient Care
SF Health Cloud can help healthcare providers in better patient care coordination by providing a consolidated platform for managing patient information, making appointments, and performing virtual visits.

iii) Enhanced Patient Engagement
Patient portals and mobile apps, two components of this healthcare solution, can help patients stay engaged in and informed about their care. This increases patient happiness and loyalty.

iv) Improved Data Management
SF Health Cloud consultant offers a centralized platform for managing patient data, which can help healthcare businesses in increasing the precision and thoroughness of their records while simplifying data access and analysis.

v) Increased Efficiency
This platform can help healthcare organizations in reducing the amount of time spent on non-patient-facing operations, freeing up more time for patient care. This is done by automating multiple administrative tasks associated with patient care.
Overall, implementing SF Health Cloud can help healthcare organizations boost productivity, improve patient care, and streamline communications, all of which can result in better patient outcomes and a stronger bottom line.

Customers or patients can use a data model created exclusively for SF Health Cloud, which makes the process seamless and efficient overall. This lessens the need for customization while also promoting constant innovation through yearly updates.

The following is a list of the amazing features of our Health Cloud solution:
● Complete Patient View
● Patient Profile
● Health Timeline
● Intelligent Task Management
● Care Team Network
● Assessments
● Individual Patient Model
● Clinical Data Model
● EHR (Electronic Health Record) integration

The size of your organization, the features, and capabilities you need, and any changes or integrations you need will all have an impact on the cost of SF Health Cloud. You can choose the Salesforce pricing plan that best suits your demands and budget from a variety of options that are designed to satisfy the needs of different types and sizes of enterprises. You have access to the following two platform editions:

● Enterprise edition ($300 per user per month)
● Unlimited Edition ($450 per user per month)

Yes, Health Cloud uses a multi-layered strategy and ongoing system monitoring to ensure the highest level of security for the data kept on the platform. It is a safe platform that is intended to safeguard patient data's confidentiality and privacy. To help ensure the security of their data, healthcare organizations should always employ their security procedures and best practices.

The implementation of Health Cloud provides the highest level of security, compliance, and governance for your important data, ensuring that it is shielded from hacking attempts and other data breaches. However, if you need more security for the platform, you can choose Salesforce Shield, a premium Salesforce product with integrated services to safeguard the security of your data.