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Transforming the Real Estate Industry with integrated technology solutions. The real estate industry has seen major disruption thanks to technologies like Virtual Reality tours, digital twins, IoT, and Digital marketing. Cynoteck has working experience in the real estate industry and we know what solutions best fit your requirements. Our industry experts can help you with your digital journey with awesome customer experience. 

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Digital Experts in Real Estate

Real estate is real property that consists of land and improvements, which involves buildings, accessories, structures, roads, and utility systems. The real estate industry incorporates many aspects of the property, like development, marketing, appraisal, leasing, selling, and management of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential properties.    

The real estate sector is from one of the largest globally recognized sectors and includes four sub-sectors - hospitality, housing, retail, and commercial. This sector has shown a growth rate of about 30% each year and is well complemented by the growth in the corporate environment. 

This industry can sometimes vary depending on the local and national economies, though it remains consistent as the people are always in need of homes and businesses also need office space. 

real estate industry services

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Our Real Estate Tech Services

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    Custom Real Estate Portals

    Custom real estate portals today are pulling several venture capitalists and equity investors. These portals give information like floor plans for all flats, directions, nearby features, and other details, etc. This gives users the feeling as if they have visited the sites. Users can easily choose the exact apartment and get a glance at it virtually. Around 51% of buyers found their homes on the internet with the help of Custom Real Estate Portals.

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    E-Commerce Solutions

    Cynoteck provides you with online eCommerce solutions to rapidly innovate and grow your business. We have the expertise to promote your business to sustain its marketing efforts, which include e-commerce solutions that enable you to market your products and services online. Cynoteck makes it safe and easy for your customers to make purchases from your website. You’ll be able to drive your sales better than before with assured results.

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    Booking Engines

    Our online booking system provides customers with booking and paying options instantly through the system. Everything here is preceded online, starting from the time when a potential customer makes a choice to book a workspace, the user can choose a workspace, view it, order furniture, and finally pays for the booking. This results in reduced staff workload with minimized human errors, and increased business efficiency. Such a system allows customers to book through a variety of options online. 

  • Customer Relationship Management System

    We have a Customer Relationship Management System that helps automate various daily activities to improve sales team productivity and engage the team in selling more properties. This system ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers with automated communications. It is the right solution for your business as it manages various tasks like follow-ups, project plans, site visits, and marketing campaigns, etc.  

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    Inventory Management System

    The inventory management system at Cynoteck allows you to manage inventory flow across various branches, warehouses, and locations. From local real estate marketing to global online sales automation, our inventory management system provides sales with the capability to track properties with a database of essential information, including inquiries, website visits, views, and more. This complete solution enables your real estate business to manage multiple projects, floors, buildings, and units from anywhere in the world 

  • Property Management Solutions

    At Cynoteck, we provide property management solutions that will allow you to manage your real estate operations more efficiently. We aim to simplify your day-to-day operations so you can spend more time focusing on your customers. With the help of our property management solutions, you can automate manual processes, save time, and increase productivity for your organization. We produce best in class solutions for property management needs. 

  • Project Management Solutions

    Project management in the real estate industry includes planning, resource management, collaboration, and stakeholder relations management. Projects in the real estate industry range from renovation projects that need detailed planning to a complex deal that involves skilled negotiation. Our Project Management Solutions help project managers to grow real estate projects, group teams using external or internal experts, and manage projects on time and at budget. 

Our Industry Advisor

david werth

David Werth

David Werth is the CEO of MindSpark Design and Studio and he has been working with Cynoteck for over 5 years.

David has helped about a dozen of our clients achieve exponential growth.

Whether it's just website development or custom enterprise solution architecture and support, David is applying his deep knowledge of the real estate market to increase efficiency.

From business strategy to UX and design tips, David Werth is one of the top real estate minds on the planet to work with.

If you are operating on a real estate market and you need digital solutions, advisory, or development - Cynoteck is your gateway to the most practical and profitable solutions.

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Cynoteck Technology Solutions understand the needs of your business and delivers world-class services at a very economic price.
We understand the industry, communities, current market conditions, and provide the most efficient way to fulfill your real estate requirements. We ensure our clients that we will find them the best real estate opportunity available. Client service and satisfaction are our top priorities. 
We are in regular touch with our clients to let them know the status of their home purchasing or selling experience and ensure them of our consistent work and efforts.

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