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The IT sector is a field that is experiencing accelerated evolution and is transforming the shape of Indian business standards. Companies in this business provide services such as computer systems design, software support, and data management, etc

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Information Technology (IT) industry in India is one of the fastest-growing industries. The IT industry has created valuable brand ownership for itself in the global markets. IT industry in India comprises the information technology-enabled services (ITES) and software industry which further includes the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.  

India's IT industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12 to 14%. This certainly shows that information technology is a sector that will be one of the emerging markets in the days to come, as India's economy needs more hardware, software, and other IT services.

IT has now become a part of every industry whether it is education, medical, food, and hospitality, all of them are gradually getting actively involved with IT products and tools and services. From management, billing to medicinal records, Uber cabs, and even train tickets, hotel booking, etc are all now internet and software. In short, all industries are now on IT products and services. Anything with computing systems for any business or work or service or management is now IT.

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Our Software Development Services

Cynoteck has experience working in the IT industry across various countries and our services include:/p>

  • Business Services

    Cynoteck is your technology partner for all your business needs. Be it getting your business online, digital marketing for your business, or having a solid customer relationship process. Our development services, maintenance, and support services, and offshore development center offerings overcome the technology challenges from your team helping you focus on your core competency.

  • Technology Services

    Our technology services provide specific technology-oriented solutions by merging the processes and functions of the hardware, software, networks, and telecommunications. Our professional team is passionate about solving real-life scenarios with code. With primary expertise in CRM Consultation, implementation, and support. We provide all the necessary services for you.

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    Software Engineering and Programming Services

    With the focus on providing seamless user experience and to help you automate your business processes while examining exactly the specific needs of your company, we provide a range of custom software engineering services. Our team of professionals utilizes professional knowledge in software engineering to turn specific solutions into full-fledged applications that serve your project’s requirements.

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    Web Development Services

    Cynoteck handles every phase of web development right from the concept to the final publishing of your web page. We offer exact solutions for your every website related requirement such as layout, development, hosting, and offering keywords to search engines. Our main purpose is to provide a website with the least coding without altering the functionality of the back-end. Our web development services offer the most promising result for our end-user.

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Our Industry Advisor

andrea venezia

Andrea Venezia

Andrea has an impeccable record in scaling web apps for sudden & extreme growth.

With his background in web development and proficiency in Angular, RoR, & React Native frameworks, Andea has worked with hundreds of web projects.

Andrea's specialty is eliminating bottlenecks and scaling high-load web apps and services.

Andrea's track record is extremely diverse - he

All Mr. Venezia's project have one thing in common: they are focused on high performance, facilitate business growth, and cut unnecessary costs.

Why Choose Cynoteck

Cynoteck is a dynamic and professional IT services provider that serves enterprises and individuals, helping them meet the challenges of the global economy. We offer services in the area of CRM Consultation and implementation, Application development, Mobile application development, Web development & Offshore Development.
Our experienced Project Managers apply a mature development methodology, continuously exceeding our client’s business expectations, and ensuring the success of off-shoring projects. We have expertise ranging from consulting on business and technology to creating innovative technology solutions. Our vision shapes the culture at Cynoteck, which lays a strong emphasis on innovation and thought process.
We become a trusted advisor for your business.

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