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Our Community Cloud implementation services help you develop engaging and mobile-ready community portals to facilitate engagements with your workforce, customers, and partners. At Cynoteck, we set new standards in creating communities by re-evaluating all your business touchpoints.   

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Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation Services

Do you want to increase employee engagement? Or improve channel communications to ensure the success of your partners? Cynoteck's Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation Services can help by providing improved sales recruiting and channel structure. Our salesforce certified community cloud consultant is always ready to help you create immersive and influential community portals. We offer a variety of community cloud-based solutions to assist you in providing integrated and branded services to your clientele.

Cynoteck has been creating award-winning portals and crucial digital communities for an extensive list of well-known clients. No matter what size of business you have, our Salesforce community cloud implementation services allow you to communicate effortlessly with your customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders through a comprehensive portal, regardless of location, device, or time. Our Salesforce Community Cloud services help you accomplish your intended business objectives like strategy, development, implementation, user-centric design, personalization, integration, support & maintenance, and more.

Our primary purpose is to assist you in connecting with the people you need to grow and empower, right from consumers and sellers to stakeholders. As a top-notch Salesforce Community Cloud service provider, we help your business with the required roadmap to manage connections efficiently.  

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Cynoteck with its community implementation service helps you build a branded digital experience to engage customers and empower partners. As a result of our consistently excellent client satisfaction and remarkable technological delivery, we have been honored by the top B2B review and rating platforms.

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Boost Collaboration with Our Salesforce Communities Development and Implementation

Cynoteck, with its community cloud implementation services helps you create a branded digital experience to engage customers and empower partners. Our certified Salesforce professionals provide ideal solutions for connecting multiple users with Salesforce products.


Salesforce Communities Strategy Consulting

Our organized working format helps in the excellent coordination of teams and the accomplishment of tasks. We can help you develop a strategy for getting the most out of Salesforce Cloud. Helping you accomplish community goals, finalizing the features, sketching out future community plans, and more.  

Integration of Third-Party Software

We, at Cynoteck, integrate the Community Cloud with third-party services and data sources, ensuring optimal compatibility between Salesforce services and the Community Cloud, which helps you get the expected results.   


Salesforce Communities Implementation

We provide tailor-made Salesforce Community Cloud services and create custom features, business workflows, and apps. Our team performs Salesforce Community Cloud implementation perfectly into your custom solution while ensuring that everything is Lightning-ready and mobile-ready.       

Knowledge Base And User Base Management

Our Salesforce community cloud consultant integrate with external databases or migrate knowledge base to SFDC. They manage database access based on roles while implementing appropriate login protocols.  


Salesforce Community Cloud - Solutions We Offer

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of Salesforce Community Cloud enables us to help you create branded portals with customized content that helps your business achieve its objectives while offering proactive customer care and excellent experience.


Why Choose Cynoteck

Cynoteck has an expert team of certified Salesforce consultants offering a full array of salesforce services. Our expert Salesforce Community Cloud consultants and implementation providers offer affordable services while sticking to strict quality standards. We work with companies to boost product and solution exposure, contextualize collaboration, and provide real-time access to business data by by salesforce community cloud implementation. We help you connect channel partners and capture new market share by transforming your Salesforce Community experiences with strong personalization.

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  • Managed Services with continuous support and maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Community Cloud is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to connect and facilitate communication among consumers, employees, and partners through a branded digital experience. In addition, Community Cloudlets you shareany amount of data, a small big or small,with external or internal users per requirement, with a combination of sharing sets and sharing rules to extend internal Salesforce capabilities to external users.

Salesforce Community Cloud consultant assists in bringing employees, partners, and customers together. It serves as a public forum where people can seek guidance and assist one another with common problems.
Customers can use the Community Cloud as a trustable resource, with access to articles and FAQs, to find solutions on their own. Hence, letting the agents tend to more complex customer queries. Furthermore, this platform's distinctive design enables users to share screens, communicate, and talk with other consumers.

Salesforce Community Cloud services is a boon for employee teams who can collaborate seamlessly among themselves and access relevant information in a structured way. The platform helps teams carry out troubleshooting, Human Resource Management (HRM), help desk communication, and cooperation in various locations coherently. The Community Cloud also ensures effective communication with channel partners and other external parties by streamlining record and leads sharing, eliminating channel conflict. We have salesforce community cloud consultant to resolve your queries.

The salesforce ecosystem is enriched by three types of salesforce community cloud implementation - Customer, Partner, and Internal (Employee). From patient portals to higher-end student portals to government services portals, the options to create communities are unlimited. It does not matter what kind of community you create; it can surely add immense value to your business.

Partner Community

B2B communication is aided by the presence of a partner community. It provides access to sales data such as partner relationship management, but it is not suitable for personal accounts.

Customer Community

It is useful for B2C operations that involve many external users who want access to case objects or information. Personal accounts can also access the customer community.

Employee Community

It might serve as a central location for your personnel. Employees may use Salesforce Community Cloud to ask questions, check their calendars, log cases, log IT problems, access instruction manuals, search knowledge databases, and communicate with coworkers all in one place.

The Community Cloud gives benefits to organizations, both individually and collectively. Because of the exclusive user group, organizations do not have to be concerned about the security problems associated with Public Cloud. Our Salesforce Community Cloud consultant will assist you throughout the whole process of implementing Community Cloud as well as the practice guidelines to follow. Salesforce Community Cloud includes the following features:

  •   Business Integration

  • The platform improves business integration through online communities, providing a deeper personal understanding of the need to innovate for the benefit of individuals and not just for the sake of technology.

  • Customization

  • Being highly customizable, you can use the Community Cloud for any number of use cases that may require collaboration or take advantage of the benefits of a community. To develop experience, whether it's for a customer service or a partner portal, choose a suitable template in Salesforce's Experience Builder that strives to work straight out of the box. You can also try personalizing this experience with no coding and only a few clicks, based on your own original designs and implementation. It would be feasible with Experience Builder because it would allow for the inclusion of several pages.

  • Personalization 

  • The Community Cloud is equipped with personalization tools aimed at improving customer experience. In addition, it includes a new user interface and design tools to create a business-specific online community faster. The audience refers to a collection of characteristics that are used to divide consumers into different groups. You can quickly build audiences and have complete control over the information that consumer will see after visiting the site.

    Experience Builder allows you to create many experiences for a single site and then further configure pages, navigation menus, components, and other criteria based on what you want your users to view. Our Salesforce consultant will guarantee that you get more out of your Community Cloud investment by guiding everyone engaged in Salesforce standard practices.

  • Case Escalation

  • It allows customers to design cases directly in the community. Agents can provide answers privately or as a public thread.

  • Branded Community

  • The Community Cloud helps you create a space entirely yours with your brand colors, logo, etc., extending the brand experience to the community members.

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Mobile optimization creates an app launcher that allows members to access your online community through their mobile phones. Another great aspect of Salesforce Community Cloud is that it's already mobile-friendly. This eliminates the need to develop a separate mobile component, which would significantly increase the cost.

    Keep in mind that there may be a need to simplify for mobility with responsive design while taking into account specialized branding, user experience, and process particular to the needs. It is simple to obtain knowledge in mobile and community cloud deployment with the help of a Salesforce community cloud Consultant, which is considered crucial for the profitability of an application.

  • B2B commerce

  • The Business - to - business Commerce Solution adds account-specific pricing and product information with customized eCommerce experience. B2B Commerce harnesses the power of the self-service community to meet the case deflection objective while simultaneously accommodating the buyer's need whenever they want. Increased income and brand satisfaction are both delivered by B2B Commerce.

    The bootstrap framework allows B2B Commerce to have pixel-perfect control over the user experience. B2B Commerce will be driven by Lightning in the future; now, it is mostly offered by Visual Force, however customers can use the APIs to create their own Lightning B2B Commerce experiences.

• This salesforce community cloud implementation aims to allow customers to collaborate on community-owned projects and apps when a centralized cloud infrastructure is required. Community Cloud is a distributed infrastructure that integrates the services given by several types of cloud technologies to tackle the specific concerns of business sectors. It further enables users to connect to the same environment while having their sessions logically segmented.

• Community cloud implementation helps to build strong and enduring customer relationships. The Salesforce Community Cloud can assist Salesforce users in bettering their relationships with their customers by allowing them to participate in online social networks. These communities are perfect for collaboration and effective communication by using digital interactions with customers since they offer a variety of features.

• It empowers employees and boost company performance with the Community Cloud, organization can create a custom and personalized interface for customers and employees to track the data and information they need to complete their tasks.

• Communities are simple to create using Community Cloud, and it helps businesses save money by automating business processes to meet their specific needs. As a result, by making real-time communications easier, it helps to increase client loyalty.

• It offers improve customer service. Users enjoy the self-service element of an online community since it allows them to access information with their own. You can improve the customer experience and support by allowing them to locate the information they need on branded online forums and by allowing them to help one another.


Salesforce is more cost-effective than on-premises CRMs since it requires minimal IT resources to get started. There is no need to invest in physical infrastructure or employ a development staff.

Salesforce's pricing model is highly flexible. The number of Salesforce users in your business determines your subscription prices, and you can easily purchase extra user licences or upgrade your Salesforce edition as the number of users grows.

Salesforce's Trailblazer Community offers complete self-service capabilities. Customers can discuss their Salesforce experiences there, as well as get answers to their technical problems and offer suggestions for Salesforce enhancements.

Salesforce's new Lightning Experience UI is simple and straightforward. Sales reps and support agents can get clear advice throughout their relevant working processes by recording their activities. Thanks to user-friendly page layouts and features like Sales Path, Activity Timeline, SLA's Milestones, and Einstein AI for sales and customer service.


Adding more things to your solution means more money out of your pocket. If you plan to meet all of your sales, customer support, and marketing objectives with Salesforce products, the message is clear: be prepared to spend.

When it comes to particular integration demands, default tools aren't always enough. Consider Salesforce Connect, which is frequently used to connect Salesforce to ERP or DMS systems. There are certain technical limitations to the application, such as the lack of support for SharePoint document libraries.

The important point to keep in mind is the JavaScript code, which may lead to the customised UI to slow down mainly the loading time of pages. Additional JavaScript optimization is required to speed up the loading of CRM pages. Our community cloud consulting will help you to overcome this cons while doing Salesforce cloud implementation.

The Community Cloud platform is based on the well-known Salesforce1 platform. Companies all across the world rely on the platform's robust and adaptable security architecture, including those in the most strictly regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare, and government.

From the user and customer authentication to administrative permissions, to the data access and sharing paradigm, it delivers the highest level of security and control.

Transparency is the foundation of trust. Salesforce provides real-time information on system security and reliability, as well as recommendations for your company's security protocols. Our community cloud consultant will help you to guide regarding security and control of your industries.