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Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital experience platform created by Salesforce to facilitate flawless communication and engagement between an organization and its customers, employees, and partners.

It is a social CRM platform that allows chatting and screen sharing. Salesforce Experience Cloud enables its users to exchange data and images in real-time. The platform is designed to make CRM more comfortable for users and allows customers to quickly access information and chat with other customers.

Experience cloud in salesforce allows employees to carry out different workplace interactions like troubleshooting, human resource management (HRM), help desk communication, and cooperation between teams in a different location. Also, the management can use to ensure effective communication with its channel partners and other external parties.

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Community Experience 

Experience cloud in salesforce can be used to create automatic recommendations regarding the behavior and needs of individuals and to create deeper community participation. Likewise, you can connect with your community and deliver branded, device-responsive collaboration on salesforce mobile browsers or apps.


Better Sales Channels for Partners 

Since the experience cloud connects partners, distributors, and resellers, sales will automatically increase. This experience cloud implementation avoids channel conflicts, streamlines leads and contacts, shares records, and integrate with third-party systems. 


Promote Employee Engagement and Productivity

For improved effectiveness and structure in your workplace, it's wise to divide your teams according to events, campaigns, projects, or access to information. Afterward, syncing the files into a central location ensures employees would gain access to the right information on time.


Salesforce experience cloud features are as per the following:

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