CRM Consulting Services

At Cynoteck, we help you build efficient, laser-focused, and profitable business with our best-in-class CRM consulting services.

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CRM Consulting Services

Our CRM consulting services will help you improve lead conversions, unify customer data, and boost sales rates.

Cynoteck works with both B2B and B2C companies for over 10 years. Our sales intelligence pros help improve conversion and retention rate, which leads to substantial revenue increase.

Our CRM consultants help businesses select and implement a CRM (customer relationship management) solution for their particular industry. A properly set up CRM helps transform the way their business works and how they interact with clients.

We also develop custom CRM apps and systems for the optimization of your existing CRM solutions which in turn improves your team productivity.

We offer CRM consulting whether you need a new CRM or want to improve your existing one.

We'll help with CRM platform selection, the pros and cons of available CRM systems versus custom CRM development.

Ultimately, we can set up and optimize the CRM for you, migrate your data, and provide training for your team.

Our CRM consultants are always up to date with the latest technologies and can help you deal with any complex tasks like CRM audit and optimization, CRM upgrade, configuration, and integration.

Cynoteck, as a CRM Consultancy, also focus on your business needs first and foremost, and only suggest solutions that work in practice!

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Best in Class Services

Cynoteck has been recognized as the top 20 most promising CRM Consulting Company by ERP Insights and Top Salesforce Consultant by

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What is a CRM?

A CRM manages company's interaction with current and potential customers. CRM drives sales growth uses Data Analysis from different сommunication channels, - websites, phone calls, email, live chat, marketing materials, social media etc.

  • Sales and Marketing Process Automation
  • Integration with Sales and Marketing Systems
  • Cloud Based System with Higher Security

Why do you need one?

Research shows that using a properly set up CRM system can increase revenue by 41% per sale rep and improve customer retention by 27%. Customers need to be approached properly - and companies that realize this get CRM consulting services for maximum efficiency.

  • Secure future growth
  • Integrate web and mobile solution for maximum sales
  • Improve customer Engagement and Service

Areas where our CRM consultants engage

CRM consulting success stories

Know Your CRM

Do you want your CRM system to actually grow your revenue? Connect with our CRM Experts today!

  • Find the actual problems

  • Proper steps for solutions

  • Beneficial strategies

  • Great support team

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