In today’s age, businesses can no longer avoid technology. Technical innovations are being released and adopted with ever increasing rates. Every now and then, a new innovative model is being conceptualised and released which has potential to disrupt traditional businesses. With this ever increasing pace, it is understandably complex for businesses to keep a tab on these advancements. We at Cynoteck understand the challenge and help businesses make the best out of these technological innovations and empower themselves. We maintain an environment of continuous learning, wherein our team keeps themselves up to date about technology innovations. If we do miss on something, we are always ready to learn it at faster pace (sometimes even weekends).


Gap Analysis

Analyze gaps between current and future state of a system. We help businesses quantify and prioritize these gaps. We collaborate with business teams to understand their business goals, existing processes, applications and provide them a summarized analysis report. This report can then be used for subsequent application development, marketplace application installation or even process improvements.

Fitment Analysis

Puzzled between choosing multiple apps/ solutions? Cynoteck team can help you analyze fitment of given application/ solution to your organization and help in decision making process. We understand there are various applications in similar problem space, complicating the whole process of identifying right solution for your business. We help organizations by following a clearly objective analysis mechanism. This not only helps save time and money, but also ensures appropriate due diligence.

Solution Design

Have a business problem and probably some ideas but don’t seem to be able to find complete solution? We at Cynoteck look forward to challenges, as they help us stretch our knowledge boundaries as well. We work with your team to understand the challenge and execute various research activities to provide appropriate solution design. We believe in a collaborate solution design approach, wherein we always start with multiple options and help you choose the most optimum solution by understanding all facets.

Business Process Transformation

Transform old and legacy business processes with renewed perspective to improve productivity and processing time. We help businesses in identifying improvement areas and help implement changes to drive better processes.

App Modernization

Why drag legacy app in today's age? We help organizations transform their old legacy applications/ tools to more modern capabilities and user experience, driving better productivity and also reduced cost of ownership.

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