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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Cynoteck unlocks the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, empowering you to streamline your entire HR lifecycle. From sourcing the perfect candidates to onboarding exceptional employees, we ensure you attract and retain top talent, driving business success.

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Acquire top talent with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Smart and intelligent processes and a high-performance solution are needed to come out on top and attract the best-qualified individuals. We help you optimize your HR processes from beginning to end using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. This will not only bring you more qualified applicants, but it will also help you better integrate them into your company and increase their chances of staying with your firm for a long time. Moreover, automating routine tasks such as compensation allows your HR team to focus more on strategic objectives.

We start our process by doing a thorough examination of your business and its present operations. We assist you in locating the highest-skilled talent in the industry and attracting them to your business through a seamless hiring and onboarding process. MS D365 Human Resources revolutionizes your HR department by offering insights into productivity, retention, and performance. This helps managers in efficiently identifying and onboarding the best prospects by offering clear visibility into candidate profiles, interview scheduling, and mobile feedback.

Our extensive knowledge of the talent journey helps you in building motivated, agile, and effective teams that drive business growth. Our Dynamics 365 professionals listen to your problems and help you figure out what is causing them. We work with your team to develop a strategy and build the system you need to reach your goals. This empowers the HR team with the tools they need to streamline their organization's staffing process. The staffing process involves employee retention, performance appraisals, employee training, and change management.

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Cynoteck lets you stand out in a competitive market by taking charge of your recruiting and hiring processes. We help you to find, engage, shortlist, interview, and employ the best people for your business utilizing an effective onboarding process.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Vast experience in finding and hiring the best talent.

  • One of 20 Most Promising CRM Solutions Providers.

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Key Benefits of MS Dynamics 365 Human Resources

MS Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a leading HR solution that includes features to manage benefits, salary, training, and the overall management of your company's workforce. We make your new employees feel welcomed and connected, allowing them to quickly adapt to your company's core HR processes.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resource provides a transparent and appealing experience to keep candidates excited and engaged throughout the hiring process. This helps in attracting the right talent that fits your culture and goals. You can also find, engage, track, interview, and extend offers to your talents using LinkedIn Recruiter, which is fully integrated into this software.


By offering a centralized location for information about your company's vision, goal, and fundamental values, Dynamics 365 provides a modern onboarding experience that helps new hires feel welcomed, productive, and useful. It also increases employee engagement from the start and helps with the timely completion of numerous administrative responsibilities, making your first day memorable.

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Core HR

This software saves employees valuable time while streamlining your HR department. It provides fundamental HR capabilities to your managers and employees and keeps all your data in one place. This helps in the development of fundamental HR programs such as compensation management, organizational management, leave and absence management, reporting, etc.

Save Time By Interviewing Only Qualified Candidates

D365 HR is a comprehensive solution for attracting and retaining outstanding employees. We can help you with the entire process of creating precise candidate profiles, conducting fruitful interviews, and increasing the return on investment of your hiring process. Using the power of the LinkedIn Recruiter Systems, hiring managers and recruiters can now save their time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources also allows them to access real-time information about candidates.

Dynamics 365 human resource
Ensure Talent Success

Ensure Talent Success

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows you to deliver a customized onboarding experience for new workers, increasing engagement. With a personalized career path and continual learning and development guides, this software empowers employees and encourages growth. Automated HR processes, people analytics, and related strategic initiatives further help increase business performance and promote an agile, high-performance culture.

Streamline The Interview Process

D365 HR streamlines the interview process, ensuring that candidates apply for open positions and learn more about your company's culture. This helps you manage the performance of your team members and automate tasks so you can concentrate on strategic projects. We help you to bring the best people on board, empowering employees to give their best in their jobs and achieve all your business objectives.

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Insights And Analytics

Predictive Insights And Analytics

Move beyond the standard HR reports. You can now study and display your people's data with powerful dashboards on any device using people analytics. MS Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides insights and visibility by using performance journals, real-time feedback, and collaborative goal management. Clearly defined roles and competencies further promote professional advancement for each employee.

Capabilities Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

It helps organizations in acquiring, empowering, and optimizing talent to achieve high-impact, long-term business results. We help businesses redefine their operations with a cloud-based, people-centric approach that leverages business analytics to improve talent recruitment, employee success, and operational efficiency.

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Elevate Your HR: Choose Cynoteck, Your Trusted Dynamics 365 HR Partner

Elevate your HR department beyond routine tasks and unlock its strategic potential with Cynoteck. Our expert team, seasoned in D365 HR software and processes, tailors Dynamics 365 solutions to fit your unique needs. We don't just implement, we create: custom solutions that address specific user group demands, ensuring a seamless and impactful HR experience.

Join the thousands of businesses who rely on Cynoteck for:

  • Streamlined workflows: Automate tasks, centralize data, and boost efficiency across your HR processes.

  • Engaged employees: Empower employees with self-service tools and data-driven insights for better performance and retention.

  • Strategic decision-making: Gain actionable insights from HR data to optimize your workforce and achieve business goals.

  • Peace of mind: Experience seamless implementation, ongoing support, and expert guidance every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MS Dynamics 365 HR is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool that helps in the hiring, development, and retention of top talent. Hiring managers can use D365 Human Resources to "elevate" the onboarding process. They may use onboarding checklists, well-defined processes, and timelines on the app to help them get their duties done more efficiently.

D365 HR automates operations linked to staffing and streamlines numerous basic record-keeping chores. Employee loyalty, rewards, training, performance reviews, and management modification are all examples of these procedures. This software makes it simple to hire the appropriate people, engage employees, and improve your HR (Human Resource) initiatives.

For employees to access and update their personal information, It provides a single workspace. You may view your time off balance, registered course, credentials, upcoming performance evaluation, performance goals, skills, remuneration, and much more in this specialized workspace.

This software makes it simple to hire the appropriate people, engage employees, and improve your HR (Human Resource) initiatives. Talent works in tandem with LinkedIn to help you find more qualified candidates.