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Looking for a customized Salesforce solution for your unique business needs? As a leading Salesforce service provider with 15+ years of CRM experience, we have helped businesses configure and customize Salesforce to provide them with the most effective solution that improves their revenue, and sales & marketing productivity.

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Unlike competitors, Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can bridge the gap between business needs and coding functions - Aria Ziatabari

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Business-focused Salesforce Configuration & Customization Services 

Every business has its requirements, they want something that fits their unique business processes, and that too customized in a way that is effective and intuitive at the same time. Our Salesforce team, at Cynoteck, is aware of the role that SF customization plays, and how it can add up to improve productivity and operational efficiency. Our services cover the entire Salesforce platform, providing fully customized Salesforce interfaces and architectures with all the possible optimization methods, helping you maintain excellent customer relationships and efficient business management.  

Before we begin the customization process, our SF consultants examine your business objectives and familiarize themselves with your organization and its business procedures. They then develop an implementation roadmap using their years of knowledge and extensive experience in this domain. This helps us identify the gaps, devise a clear strategy for the necessary customization of your Salesforce platform and address your organization's unique requirements. 

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Salesforce Customization
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Best in Class Services

Cynoteck delivers top-quality Salesforce services to help you solve business problems and empower your business with highly customized solutions. We are one of the best SF partners that you can engage with, with years of experience and expertise in Salesforce customizations. 

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Delivering Next-Level Salesforce

Configuration and Customization

Salesforce Configuration

  • Modifying your Salesforce solution’s UI, business logic, and data model to set up business-specific values
  • Installing an AppExchange app with Salesforce's primary features boosts sales and marketing results
  • You can add custom fields, objects, and records to your Salesforce using the default Salesforce tools
  • Salesforce configurations include report creation, workflow validation, and apps built on the lighting platform
  • Persona-based tools and modules are available

Salesforce Customization

  • Customizing your Salesforce solution based on your business model using default Salesforce features
  • We will assist you in scaling your Salesforce solution by integrating external platforms
  • Creating workflows and processes to maximize resource efficiency
  • Improved customer responsiveness by customizing dashboards and email layouts
  • We use Salesforce customizations for automated bulk activities to reuce time-to-value

Benefits Of Salesforce Customization

We understand what impact SF customization can bring to your business. Some of the benefits that you get with our customization services include: 


Quick And Easy Adoption

CRM adoption becomes quick and easy when your business managers, executives, and end-users are motivated to use a customized system. Change management costs are also reduced by customization while also lowering resistance to change. Our expert team helps you in your Salesforce adoption process by customizing reports and dashboards in Salesforce and ensures that you get the most out of it.

Improved Analytics and Reporting

We help you customize your Salesforce solution to identify trends, spot opportunities, and get better data insights. Our team helps in creating custom components or charts to display data, building custom fields to capture additional data, use of filters to manipulate data, etc. Also, using customized reports you can explore in-depth the sales pipeline and the performance of specific sales territories and customer segments.


Informed Decision-Making

Access to the right data is very important to make crucial decisions. By customizing your Salesforce solution, we ensure that you have access to third-party tools for better analysing your data. You can create your dashboards, add more fields or extra columns, to get in-depth data insights and make informed decisions.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Cynoteck offers Salesforce customization services that can help your business develop and improve. We deliver relevant solutions that precisely match your business requirements to achieve your goals and boost end-user productivity.


Our SalesforceConfigurations and Customization Services 

Our extensive experience in delivering cost-effective customized SF solutions will help you get the maximum value from your Salesforce CRM while maximizing your ROI. We help you optimize your business operations by bringing business and customers together with our best-in-class Salesforce services, depending on your business requirements and the complexity of your internal operations. 

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Adding and Managing Custom Objects to Salesforce 

    We help you add custom objects and custom fields to save information that is unique and important to your business for improved functionality and ROI of your business. SF provides standard fields and objects by fault, but these custom objects are customized as per your specific business requirements and can be added, edited, or removed as and when required. 

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Automating Recurring Tasks with Workflow Automation 

    We help you customize your existing SF instance using process builder, workflow rule, and apex code to simplify and speed up your manual and repetitive tasks like sending an email, updating, or deleting records to save time, or any follow-ups. This helps improve productivity and allows you to focus on core business growth aspects. 

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Efficient Data Processing with Bulk API 

    Now huge amounts of data are no longer a problem; we provide you with a custom SF solution utilizing the Bulk API to improve performance and streamline your business operations like collective updating or deleting records, weekly lead evaluation, and more. This helps you to efficiently read the data from Salesforce sources and write data to SF targets. 

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Creating Customized Reports and Dashboards 

    We help you create customized reports and dashboards for your business so that the service professionals can have better visibility into specific figures and can easily identify best/poor-performing sales territories, profitable customer segments, and the true value of your Salesforce pipeline. 

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Creating Customized Email Templates 

    We help you build/modify email templates, customize style sheets, and manage email attachments at your convenience, adding a unique touch with personalized emails and uniform messaging. This helps you improve business productivity, and you can make your emails look like you want. 

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Integration Of Salesforce CRM With Third-Party Systems

    Our team of certified and experienced Salesforce consultants has experience in integrating your Salesforce system with different third-party platforms including ERP, accounting, e-commerce systems, and other custom apps and databases. Our SF experts use REST/SOAP API web services for optimum integration and data flow.

Salesforce Products We Can Help You Customize

Over the years, we have assisted several clients in customizing Salesforce products to meet their unique requirements and bring effective transformation to their businesses. Our Salesforce professionals can provide you with customized Salesforce products to enhance your Salesforce platform and help you overcome complicated business challenges.

Why Choose Cynoteck?

As a leading certified Salesforce partner, we offer the best SF customizations with a focus on streamlining your business operations, revenue increases, and getting the most out of this powerful platform. Our SF experts are well-versed in the Salesforce system, its capabilities, and the numerous ways in which it may be optimized.  

01Certified Salesforce Partner 

We are a certified Salesforce Ridge partner with core competencies, offering SF customization services to help businesses make the most of their Salesforce investment. 

02Industry Expertise

Our experienced and professional team of Salesforce consultants has worked with a wide range of industries, including healthcare, real estate, legal, etc. 

03 Transparency and Reporting 

We provide you with regular reporting and transparent work records to get a clear picture of the progress and engagement.

04 Timely Delivery

Our Salesforce experts, with combined experience of 1 Lakh work hours, provide timely delivery with 100% quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SF customization is defined as the process where with the help of custom coding and configuration new features and functions are added to Salesforce. This extends the capabilities of this powerful platform beyond what is offered by default when you implement it. We, at Cynoteck, have years of experience in this domain and can provide your business with the best customized Salesforce solutions that fit your business requirements and deliver improved performance. 

Yes, customization is required if you wish to revise your existing Salesforce application or need help implementing new features. It helps resolve bugs and opens new opportunities for your business. There are numerous advantages to customization that firms will only realize when it has been properly implemented like added new capabilities and functionalities for better managing your sales, marketing, and customer service operations, and much more.

The customization cost depends upon your different business requirements like features, modules, and objects you would like to add to your current application. Or whether you want an out-of-the-box solution or a fully customized solution. However, we assure you about our affordable price, you can contact our Salesforce consultants for a precise idea of the cost. 

We follow quite a straightforward process for customizing your Salesforce solution. Our expert SF consultants start with your business requirement analysis, what customization you need as per your business goals and objectives. We then create a tailored plan to implement your desired customization considering all your essential business aspects. Next, we make sure to test and fine-tune the solution to ensure it is perfectly aligned with your existing business operations. We conclude by providing you with continuous support and maintenance services, ensuring that our provided SF solution works without any issues and provides your business with the expected results. 

We have a team of certified 40+ Salesforce experts with combined experience of 1 Lakh work hours.  Our SF team develops a strategic plan, implementing or customizing Salesforce solutions while maintaining data security and compliance. Partnered with top global businesses, our SF team has delivered more than 300 successful Custom Salesforce development projects with 15+ active clients around the world.