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Salesforce Customization Services

For over a decade, Cynoteck has been providing Salesforce customization services to the companies to improve sales, boost growth and meet business needs. We offer Salesforce customization through Apex, Lightning, Visualforce and other tools developing custom modules, workflows, add-ons and applications. We can tailor and extend your system’s functionalities with Salesforce customization and configuration to meet your business requirements and provide improved performance. We are expert in providing customization services to various sectors including healthcare, large or small-scale businesses, manufacturing, education, media, telecommunications, retail, financial and banking sector.

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Salesforce Customization
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Cynoteck is proud to be recognized by top B2B service listing sites for its exceptional client satisfaction and delivery across various technologies.

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Real Estate industry has seen major disruption thanks to technologies like Virtual Reality tours , digital twins, iOT and Digital marketing .Cynoteck has experience working in real estate industry across various geography and we know what solutions best fit your requirements.Real Estate industry has seen major disruption thanks to technologies like Virtual Reality tours , digital twins, iOT and Digital marketing .Cynoteck has experience working in real estate industry across various geography and we know what solutions best fit your requirements.

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Salesforce Customization Services Offered by us

  • Salesforce Consulting
    Add custom objects, records in your salesforce

    By default, Salesforce have standard field and standard object, but we can help you add custom object and custom field to store information that is unique and important to your business for added functionality and improve sales.

  • Salesforce Consulting
    Automate daily and reoccurring tasks with workflows and apex triggers

    we can help you speed the manual, resource intensive and monotonous processes like creating a task, sending an email, updating or deleting records to save your time using workflow rule, process builder, and apex. These automation tools can enhance your employee’s productivity by focusing on other aspects critical for your business growth.

  • Salesforce Consulting
    Enable bulk processing of data

    When your company is working with tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even billion of records, we can help provide Salesforce solution for operation like collective updating or deleting records when dealing with bulk data thus optimizing the performance using bulk API.

  • Salesforce Consulting
    Create custom reports and dashboards

    We can help you create customized reports to get the most out of your customer and sales data that enables you to dive deep to get insights into things like the best/worst performing sales territories, the most profitable customer segments and the actual value of your sales pipeline.

  • Salesforce Consulting
    Create custom email templates

    We create custom email template to increase productivity and ensure consistent messaging. Salesforce email template is very useful for automation of the business process, which can save your huge amount of time.

  • Salesforce Consulting
    Salesforce CRM integration with third party systems

    We provide salesforce integration with third party systems such as ERP, accounting and CRM packages, custom applications, and databases. Our expert team of members use SOAP/REST API and default or custom tools for effective integration and seamless flow of data

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    Increase revenue

    We can help you improve business performance through Salesforce customization. An effective CRM system can improve your sales efficiency, increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increase employee productivity, offer better customer service and improve customer retention thereby increasing your revenue. We make sure that we provide you with the best of services in salesforce from the process of customization to integration and deployment, and thus help you achieve better results.

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    High ROI

    A lot of investment is done to turn a company into profit making structure with high returns. However, with existing technology it is possible for companies to produce a favorable turnover with limited manual effort in less span of time using automated sales and marketing solutions provided by Salesforce. We help you and ensure that all your business needs are met with Salesforce services.

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    Productivity increase

    We provide you with Salesforce customizations that helps in reducing the workload on your team members through Salesforce Automation tools, so that they can effectively work on areas critical to company’s growth. Keeping your business in consideration, Cynoteck provides you with Salesforce customization that can help your company’s ability to grow and improve.

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