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At Cynoteck, our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled customer services and creating an exceptional customer experience across diverse channels. We empower your service team by providing them with timely information and essential resources, enabling agility, efficiency, and accuracy in your field service management.

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) Implementation Services

Many businesses seek to be customer-centric but lack the digital capabilities to effectively unite and scale their sales, marketing, and customer support teams. To specifically address this challenge, Salesforce Field Service Lightning App and the platform come in. FSL can help you transform your field operations and business processes, delivering a comprehensive solution to manage both on-site and off-site support.

Our Salesforce FSL services provide your teams with a set of tools to help them deal with field service issues. FSL services offered by us allow you to coordinate with various field agents and track their operations on a single unified platform, enabling you to generate records for your Field Service Technicians/Mobile Workers, Dispatchers, Administrators, and Agents. These records even have information about their qualifications, availability, and location.

Our team's technical skills and experience with successful deployments enable us to deliver value to your business with innovative solutions to help field service managers stay ahead of the competition. We evaluate the appropriate level of customization required by gaining a detailed understanding of your business processes.

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Cynoteck creates custom Salesforce Field Service Lightning solutions that deliver a superior, end-to-end customer experience while overcoming work order management challenges. We offer customized Salesforce Field Service solutions that provide scheduling, flexible shifts, inventory tracking, asset management, and visibility across the organization.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Field Service Operations

Salesforce FSL is packed with functions to assist you in boosting the customer experience and bringing in the desired results. We, at Cynoteck, provide your business with multiple features and advantages for effectively handling field service operations.  


Time Recommendations

It becomes time-consuming and tiresome to handle a company’s field operations, tracking and locating workers manually when any customer is not served as per schedule, or an employee who was sent to the wrong place. With the help of the Salesforce FS Mobile App, we help make the most of your agent’s time in the field with planned optimization. We use this system to link work orders with contacts, accounts, cases, assets, and other components you entered as data in Salesforce. This helps you create accurate timing for clients based on the existing calendar and travel time, ensuring task completion on schedule, and further improving customer satisfaction.

Work Rules

We use work rules to filter candidates for service appointments by denying any service resource that violates the rules. We help you add work rules to any scheduling policy to run schedule optimization. Consider the example of the "Take the Match Fields work rule". It matches a field on service appointments with a field on service resources. This works as an excellent method to implement requirements based on custom fields.


Gantt Chart & Map Views

Gantt chart and map view allow supervisors to view and manage work. Using the dispatcher console, we help you change the period and contents of the Gantt and appointment list with easy drag-drop UI (User Interface), build custom activities for dispatchers, customize each section’s layout, and construct custom appointment list filters. Dispatchers can then utilize the dispatcher console map to obtain a dynamic all-around view of their mobile workforce.

Electronic Signatures

With the help of electronic signatures, employees can capture signatures for service reports and work orders from clients and partners. We can help you specify the number and type of signatures allowed on the service report template. We can furthermore help you securely share contracts and documents with people for signing and keep signed and sealed documents in Salesforce automatically. These digital signatures are charged per document that is signed. This helps automate manual tasks that waste your time like following up for signatures. 


Field Service Mobile App

Salesforce Field Service Lightning has a mobile feature that supports the team to stay in constant contact and provides real-time access to all data while in the field. With a reliable mobile application that has FSL features, we help technicians conveniently view service appointments, and work orders, and verify customer information while utilizing Chatter to communicate with other team associates. This mobile app helps manage jobs from any mobile device, you just need to download this app and log into the system.

Tools Tracking

Our team, with the help of Salesforce FSL, provides a set of features like tracking of techs to ensure that the correct resources and tools are available for the task. Using the Salesforce FS mobile app, we bring together the whole field service ecosystem by providing agents, managers, and dispatchers with powerful insights and optimization tools for faster and more accurate customer service. This helps dispatchers to prioritize work orders and manage the workforce effectively from any location.   


Manage Your Mobile Workforce With Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Cynoteck's team of expert business consultants can assist you in getting the most out of Salesforce platform through our in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform.Years of experience coupled with our best practices for integrating FSL to other platforms help in the growth and evolution of your business.

Our Salesforce Field Service Lightning Services

Optimize and organize your workforce seamlessly with our proficient and result-oriented Salesforce FSL development services. Our expertise lies in implementing FSL features and tools designed to empower your team, providing them with a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer journey. 

  • Consulting

    In this phase, we collaborate closely with the organization to identify their business requirements and pain points. Our process includes evaluating their current service processes and technological landscape. Pulling insights from this review, we deliver strategic recommendations on configuring FSL to precisely align with the organization's requirements. 

  • Implementation

    We have expert Salesforce professionals who provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing implementation service. Our process includes the requirements analysis, process definition, system configuration, training, attentive monitoring, and ongoing optimization, ensuring proper consideration at every stage for a successful FSL implementation.

  • Integration

    Choose service lightning integration as the ideal solution, whether your objective is to improve efficiency or streamline documentation processes. This seamless integration effectively manages your organization's operations and documents, adding a personalized touch to customer experiences. The ultimate objective is to deliver prompt, intelligent, tailored, and enhanced customer interactions.

  • Support Services

    Concluding the process, the implementation partners at Cynoteck are committed to delivering sustained support to your organization, ensuring the seamless functionality of FSL. Beyond the development of your Field Service Lightning solution, we extend our expertise to real-time non-technical field services lightning, including maintenance and consultancy. Our comprehensive approach involves continuous system monitoring, proactive issue identification, and timely support as required.

  • Customer & Partner Mobile App

    Do you manage a substantial customer base? Consider acquiring a dedicated FSL agent or a customer mobile app. The mobile application offers real-time insights into traffic and weather conditions, assisting technicians in optimizing their routes and schedules efficiently. Specifically designed for technicians, this app facilitates access to job information, work order updates, and inventory tracking directly from the field. 



We are one of the leading Salesforce FSL implementation and customization providers, delivering Salesforce solutions that increase operational efficiency, improve reporting, and enhance customer satisfaction. We help you work smarter with a complete suite of SF Field Service Mobile App implementation services, providing better on-site service to your customers. Contact us today to develop and deploy innovative and unrivalled solutions that transform your business needs into a strategic plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Field Service in Salesforce mobile app solution is an onsite job management software with real-time collaboration features. Many firms dispatch agents into the field for everything from installations and repairs to professional services and routine maintenance. Salesforce's Field Service involves offering services outside your site or office, that is why it is known as "field". It is a Service Cloud add-on that gives you a complete picture of your workforce management.

This is a brilliant tool capable of managing work orders, scheduling, and the mobile workforce. It allows you to create records that represent your Field Service Mobile Workers/Technicians, Dispatchers, Administrators, and Agents. Records also include details of their skills, location, and availability.

FSL works with the service cloud, and adds functionality monitoring, dispatching, and reporting the activity of the field service representative. The primary reason FSL is gaining popularity day by day is because of the advantages that it offers when it comes to simplifying and facilitating business processes. The highly customized features of FSL help you organize everything accurately.

A key objective of this product is to dispatch a suitably qualified employee to the right place, on time, so that they may meet the customer's expectations. Salesforce field service mobile app for iOS and Android is an all-in-one solution for mobile workers. Powered by Salesforce, this enterprise-class mobile app features a lightweight design that is ideal for today's mobile workforce. It has offline capabilities which means that users can continue working without internet connectivity and all their work changes would be saved. Furthermore, the app is extremely customizable, it permits you to adjust or modify it as per your field service requirements.

With a powerful tool like FSL, users across multiple teams can deliver outstanding customer experiences from beginning to end. Service Lightning is made up of three primary components that work together to provide a comprehensive field service management solution.

  • Core field service features

  • Scheduling and optimization from a managed package

  • Mobile app for the mobile workforce

This software, beyond these main components, further provides multiple other supporting features to bring everything together.

Salesforce Field Service mobile app for Android and iOS offers a one-stop shop for mobile workers. This enterprise-class mobile experience is built on Salesforce and features a lightweight design that is ideal for today's mobile workforce. With the offline functionality users can continue working without access to the internet and be confident that their modifications will be stored. Furthermore, the app is very adaptable, and it can be customized as per your specific field service requirements.

Salesforce's FSL is a cloud-based field service management tool that helps companies manage their mobile workforce. Using this unified platform, users may automate appointment scheduling, manage work orders, and receive real-time visibility into all field service activities. With this versatile solution, you can now deliver trustworthy and fast field service from anywhere and boost both online and offline productivity.

FSL is a field service management software that improves the user experience. The 360-degree data analysis of clients is one of the primary advantages of Salesforce CRM. Now, the data is tracked regularly, and schemes are created based on the information gathered. The bits of information can be immediately transported to the maintenance crew working on-field with Service Lightning.

FSL is an onsite project management application that allows for real-time communication. You can provide great customer service and simplify the entire team by leveraging cloud data services to aid dispatchers, mobile staff, and administrators. This software comes with a superabundance of capabilities and advantages. Look at the top field service lightning features:

Administration of Work Orders

It may help you simplify your field service activities by allowing you to create and manage service requests. This tool will make it simple to view accounts and confirm job requirements. Once you have completed the work order, you can connect it to invoicing for a more efficient payment procedure.

Appointment Scheduling Made It Simple

With a few clicks, an FSL dispatch console will let you see your workforce. This tool helps you to optimize scheduling based on the expertise and availability of the experts. You can tailor each search to include factors that are most relevant to the job requirements. You'll never lose time on the job figuring out the project timetable.

Field Service Analytics

With a FSL, you can keep track of your inventory and your entire staff up to date on what is in stock. Even the equipment in individual job trucks is included. Within the Salesforce platform, product management lets you and your staff to keep track of what tools, equipment, and products are available for each project or field service request. Inventory control is a useful function for analyzing revenue and expenses, as well as assisting in sales.

The Salesforce FSL package aids field personnel in managing job tasks on the go. When it comes to creating cost - effective solutions for use in the workplace, the mobile app package aids in the effective management of job duties using a cell phone. Because every field employee now has a smartphone, the Salesforce Field Service Lightning phone version aids in ground-level coordination and control.

The capabilities of this tool make it easier to schedule appointments. This automates many of the industry's decision-making procedures. The service enhances the process of planning and implementation. This enables clients to receive better and faster service. The technology also streamlines the process of getting onsite assistance for a client by automating the appointment procedure.

This technology also has a centralized interface for service administration and encourages remote work. The service platform is appropriate for both small and large businesses. This platform can help on several levels, improving the operational framework in a variety of ways.

Several financial institutions continue to use field service solutions. These FS systems are useful, but they lack the accessibility of a field service lighting panel. Without insight across client touchpoints, traditional field team management systems fail to collect and analyze customer information. A traditional field staff management site cannot allow smart customer support to new processes based on relevant information and analytics.

Work Orders Creation

On the digital front, this Lightning interface assists you in creating precise work orders for field service staff operations. The team can also browse educational articles relevant to the demand they are working on. Service executives can use the package to quickly answer client complaints and requests. Furthermore, work orders are linked to accounts, connections, assets, and cases, allowing users to access data from any database point.

Work Order Conversion

The service lightning suite not only generates work orders and responds quickly to client requests, but it also transforms the work order into a bill at the end of the service operation. The invoice demonstrates that the request was resolved and serviced by the field team. Furthermore, the invoice serves as a document that a client can refer to once the problem has been resolved. The invoice serves as proof that the problem was fixed and that it was documented in the client database.