Healthcare IT Services

We, at Cynoteck, develop world-class healthcare software and solutions to enable the best healthcare care while meeting industry-specific data and security standards. Our healthcare experts help improve patient outcomes and enable remote treatment while automating medical workflows and processes.

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Digital Experts in Healthcare

For the past 10 years, Cynoteck has been a top provider of healthcare IT services, offering solutions and unique full-stack apps while continuously evolving technology. The dedicated team of healthcare IT professionals at Cynoteck has made all of this possible by providing the best healthcare services and solutions. Our expert team of healthcare IT professionals and industry specialists constantly research and implement new health and wellness trends and innovations. They are always looking for ways to simplify and make things manageable.

We provide specialized healthcare software solutions, whether web or mobile applications for the healthcare industry, to address specific challenges. Our healthcare software experts apply their expertise in healthcare IT development to improve the lives of patients and caretakers.

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Our Healthcare Development Services

The delivery of health care services is the most evident part of a health care system. There are several ways of providing health care in the modern world

  •  R&D and Engineering Services

    We are one of the leading and fastest-growing global service providers. From concept to design, development, and post product launch, from software/hardware to mechanical, we work with a focus on innovation and regulatory alignment.

  • Digital and Analytics

    Our Digital & Analytics services help to design and create key platform components for our customers to seamlessly integrate data with workflows. We provide better outcomes using our healthcare predictive analytics solutions.

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    Application Services

    We create the best healthcare mobile app development, with an experienced medical app developer team. We use a combined approach to develop the right solutions for our customers’ business needs and allow excellent results. Our proficient team provides healthcare industry solutions to meet its requirements easily.

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    IoT Healthcare Service

    Our IoT healthcare solutions help healthcare providers considerably improve the excellence and effectiveness of their services. These solutions have an influential role in shaping differentiated capabilities and allowing firms to appear as next-generation enterprises.

Our Healthcare Development Services

From patient portals to big data processing platforms to electronic health record systems, etc., our multi-functional team at Cynoteck provides end-to-end healthcare services in this sector. We also support third-party integrations while ensuring complete adherence to different industry standards. Here are the services we offer:

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    Application Services

    We, at Cynoteck, design unique and future-proof mobile applications that have powerful features and are easy to use. This includes telemedicine platforms, remote patient monitoring systems, or health tracking apps. Our experienced healthcare software developers can furthermore update your current healthcare software solutions to meet your requirements.

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    Patient Engagement Solutions

    We develop customized patient engagement solutions that help you engage with your patients, anytime, anywhere with personalized communication. Our best-in-class healthcare IT solutions allow doctors to monitor patients’ health remotely either via virtual care or vitals captured from wearable devices, IoT sensors, and devices.

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    AR Healthcare App Development

    Cynoteck offers augmented reality apps that help medical professionals in carrying out a variety of treatments, from quick testing to complicated surgery. Our knowledgeable team helps medical professionals take advantage of new opportunities that expedite patient care and expand their knowledge of medical science.

  • mHealth Software Solutions

    Our team will work with you to build mobile-enabled applications, or mHealth apps, that provide value to your business, right from remote patient diagnosis to care management. Our software solutions furthermore offer a ton of advantages, including improved patient involvement, technical innovation, smarter care coordination, and improved decision-making for patients.

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    We provide better patient care through improved engagement and streamlined communication. Our knowledgeable team builds end-to-end telemedicine software that enables contactless treatment. Using these apps patients can communicate with doctors using instant messaging or video calling. This includes follow-up appointments, primary care consultations, mental health services, chronic illness management, etc.

  • IoT Healthcare Software

    Cynoteck offers healthcare IoT solutions that make it possible to track medical personnel and assets while monitoring patient health status. Our team creates IoT-based healthcare software that uses smart sensors to collect patient data and then analyses it to produce insightful findings for doctors and medical teams. This helps organizations in improving patient outcomes and healthcare system effectiveness.

  • Healthcare Business Intelligence

    We help you accurately achieve healthier outcomes across your healthcare business's financial, clinical, and operational spheres. Our business intelligence software and tools improve the patient experience, impact clinical decision-making, and save operational expenses. This enables you to deliver personalized care with the most effective treatment plans.

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    Digital Analytics

    Get better outcomes with our healthcare predictive analytics solutions. We develop tools that use data mining algorithms and artificial intelligence to filter through enormous amounts of medical data, predict individual patient outcomes, and help clinicians in making better decisions. Our analytical solutions allow healthcare organizations to leverage this data to their and patients' advantage.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    We create comprehensive remote patient monitoring software that enables doctors to keep an eye on their patient's health virtually or by using vitals obtained via wearables, IoT sensors, and devices. Wherever patients are, our healthcare experts can provide care using the best healthcare IT solutions that do not interrupt your workflow.

Health-tech we work with

Our Industry Advisor

Rajneesh Negi

Rajneesh Negi is a seasoned Sales, Marketing & Digital Marketing professional with over 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He began his career as a Medical Representative advanced to become Marketing Head 

Throughout his years of experience, Rajneesh has played a key role in launching multiple organizations, divisions, and brands, and has successfully executed patient awareness campaigns, digital campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, and community development. He has also been responsible for managing large teams. As a freelancer and marketing consultant, Rajneesh has shared his expertise with various organizations in India and international markets, focusing on brand management, patient education programmes, social media brand management, digital marketing, and growth marketing. He also serves as a faculty member for digital marketing and management with leading Ed-Tech organizations.

Carl Murray

Carl Murray is a Co-founder in Cornea Care and is an incredible professional with insights into healthcare marketing and product development. Carl's company uses corneal topography - an advanced diagnostic technology to detect corneal disease. Using cutting edge health tech, Cornea Care is able to detect the signs of corneal infection, scarring, inflammation, and other problems that are linked with it. A specific dye is used to determine the extent of the damage.

Carl is one of the pioneers of healthtech today - his hard work and impeccable track record make him a valuable asset for us and our clients. Healthcare startups that we service get a chance to work with Carl, validate their ideas, and receive invaluable practice-based tips.

Dr. Swati Rawat

Dr. Swati Rawat is a certified veterinarian in Dehradun with insights into diagnosing and treating medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals. Swati examines and treats all species of animals and is focused on developing community awareness about rabies, sanitation, feeding, immunization, adoption, and general pet care. With her practical experience with animals and several other veterinarian programs, she can detect any diseases, illnesses, and injuries in animals along with routine immunization of young and adult pets, deworming immunization, feeding, grooming & general health care of pets.

Her ability to work hard independently or in a team with good public relations skills, communication skills make her a valuable asset for us and our clients. We look forward to her significant contribution towards the growth of our organization thereby enhancing the experience for our clients. Let's achieve better care and enhance the health & well-being of animals, people, and the ecosystem.

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With our niche in the Healthcare industries, we have a unique combination of expertise in both service and maintenance – this gives us the capability to deliver best practice with an unmatched depth of understanding.
We have a staff of dedicated individuals who will provide not only for your requirements but also provide a unique training program written by our experts about the current and future challenges faced by the healthcare industry.
We become a trusted advisor for your business to whom you come for direction, market intelligence, and support.

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