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With more than a decade of experience in CRM development, we have been serving clients worldwide with our wide range of Salesforce services that include consulting, configuration, customization, integration, migration, support, and more. With our reliable Salesforce solutions, we help you automate sales, marketing, and customer service operations while boosting ROI.

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Your Trusted Salesforce Implementation Experts

We can be your trusted Salesforce implementation partner with certified consultants, designers, and admins on board to help you streamline your business operations, improve efficiency, and help you achieve your goals with this powerful CRM faster. We assess your current capabilities and business processes and recommend a roadmap based on your specific business objectives for automating lead and opportunity management, providing robust reporting tools, sales forecasting, and seamless integration across different departments. This results in improved better data management, enhanced customer relationship management, better collaboration, improved lead generation and business scalability, better reporting and analysis, and improved ROI.

Whether you need a first-time implementation, customize your existing Salesforce instance, or need a re-implementation, we can help you understand your different business challenges like - limited user adoption, issues with data migration and integration, inadequate support, etc., and help in achieving your business goals. We understand that thorough planning is the key to success for any successful implementation related to Salesforce. Hence, we not only understand your business thoroughly, but we also make recommendations for process improvements. In addition, we ensure smooth user adoption of the Salesforce products while providing post-implementation support for a better transition.

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Cynoteck is an innovative, creative, and forward-thinking company that has expertise working on the Salesforce Platform. Our Salesforce designers work with you to develop the best path to support your business operations while helping you achieve the results you desire.

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Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Discover how businesses across many industries can benefit from the effectiveness of Salesforce CPQ. Salesforce CPQ is a business application that helps accurately define the price of goods to produce accurate and professional sales quotes for prospects swiftly. On one hand, CPQ eliminates many problems like pricing and data inaccuracy; on the other, the sales cycle gets faster, and opportunities to upsell and bundle are captured more frequently. Additionally, the CPQ software pulls in all the configured products and pricing, so the process is streamlined and uniform. It further helps remove any errors and inefficiencies.

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Our Salesforce ImplementationStages

We follow the process that begins with a discovery and understanding phase and learn about your business needs to develop an implementation plan based on those requirements. Thereafter, we develop a tested and reliable implementation strategy and streamline your business operations.

  •  Salesforce Consulting


    We analyze your business and develop a solution that is best suited to cater to your needs. Our Salesforce implementation consultants make recommendations for implementation strategies that are tailored to your business requirements. Our team members are committed to taking great care of your CRM (Customer Relations Management) initiative and will assist you from the start of the project to the end and for many years after our first contact.

  • Salesforce Consulting


    Integrating cloud and custom application data with Salesforce can help your sales team get a broader view of real-time data from all required systems. It helps close more sales, improve processes, and speed up SF adoption in your team while eliminating tedious tasks. We will integrate your Salesforce solution to work efficiently with third-party systems like HubSpot, ERP systems like NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics, and CRM systems like Zoho, Infusionsoft, and Capterra.

  • Salesforce Consulting


    We help you migrate your data to the new Salesforce solution safely and securely, making it a smooth and straightforward process for your business. Before migration, our Salesforce consultants analyze and structure your legacy data so that the data is faultless, well-structured, and ready to use once it is migrated to the new platform. We then move further by eliminating any redundant data, validating data quality, and importing it into Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Customization And Configuration

    Cynoteck has years of experience in providing configured and customized Salesforce solutions to businesses that help them achieve their business goals with optimized business operations. Our Salesforce experts understand that configurations and customizations are entirely different in terms of complexity, cost, and level of modification within the Salesforce platform; therefore, we help you identify the best solution for your business and ensure that the entire process is completed smoothly.

  • Salesforce Consulting

    Data Transferred From Old CRM

    We help you migrate your data to the new Salesforce solution safely and securely, making it a smooth and straightforward process for your business. Before migration, our salesforce implementation consultant analyze and structure your legacy data so that the data is faultless, well-structured, and ready to use once it is migrated to the new platform. We then move further by eliminating any redundant data, validating data quality and importing it into Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Consulting


    We solve significant business challenges of our clients to secure the quality of their business by undertaking complete responsibility. We go through a rigorous testing process to make sure that you have the perfect solution for your business growth and success as per your requirements. Before going live, we identify and resolve any issues identified. Double-check to ascertain that everything is working correctly.

  • Salesforce Consulting


    After analyzing and understanding your business requirements, we develop the solution in the development environment and test it continuously with our experienced testing team and QA engineers. Then we migrate the solution for user acceptance, to be tested by the user to make sure it fulfills all the requirements of the client and works efficiently before launching the project in a production environment. After approval from the client, we proceed further toward launching.

  • Salesforce Consulting

    User training

    We provide Salesforce training to improve user adoption and help users adapt to the capabilities of the newly delivered Salesforce-based solution. This helps your team make the best possible use of Salesforce default and custom features, and improve your customer, sales, and marketing operations while boosting employee productivity.

  • Salesforce Consulting

    After-Launch Support

    We provide support by promptly resolving any operational issues and minimizing downtime. After the project launch, we carefully observe and analyze the solution to check if it fulfills all the client’s requirements and works efficiently in the production environment. We also provide ongoing guidance, adjusting features and taking measures, and a due course of action after identifying any areas for improvement.

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Why Cynoteck?

With over a decade of experience in this domain and backed by a team of experienced and certified Salesforce consultants, we have realized the importance of expertise and experience in a successful Salesforce implementation. Our team has a clear understanding of this implementation and what impacts it has across your organization, reducing bottlenecks that hinder your business growth.

01Trusted Partner

As a certified Salesforce Partner and Ridge partner, we’re devoted to providing you with unmatched experience by working together to do what’s right for you.

02Expertise and Experience

Whether your implementation is big or small, we have years of expertise to help you solve all your business challenges associated with SF implementations.  

03 Agile Methodology

Our expert team uses the latest technologies to ensure the quality of our Salesforce solutions provided, providing your business with the promised outcomes. 

04 24x7 Support & Maintenance

We understand the significance of support and maintenance services, helping your business match with the latest trends and technologies while staying competitive.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

SF implementation services involve the process of setting up and configuring Salesforce for any specific business or corporation. We, at Cynoteck, cover the following Salesforce services: consulting, implementation, configuration, customization, migration, integration, and support. With the help of these services, we help you improve your business's sales and ROI while also bringing in other SF products and solutions that are needed and are beneficial for your business. 

The powerful capabilities of Salesforce can help businesses improve their operations in many aspects. If you are struggling with poor lead generation, non-optimized sales and marketing processes, low customer engagement, etc. Then this is the tool that you should look for. Implementing SF can help businesses optimize their sales & marketing operations, boost revenue, automate repeated tasks, improve collaboration among teams, and much more. It furthermore empowers organizations with data-driven insights that help them build strong customer relationships while gaining an edge over their competitors. This ultimately helps you improve customer satisfaction while driving more effective business growth.

The other benefits of SF for your business, include:

  1. Enhanced efficiency and streamlined business operations
  2. Strengthened customer relationships
  3. Centralized data and improved data visibility
  4. Optimized sales and revenue growth
  5. Targeted marketing campaigns
  6. Exceptional customer service and satisfaction
  7. Informed decision-making through data-driven insights
  8. Customization and scalability for future growth

Salesforce consultants help teams finish projects, they help clients and businesses to optimize digital platforms and services by using Salesforce. These consultants are recruited to carry out a plan that has previously been decided upon, even though no strategy can accurately predict all a project's requirements. As a result, implementation consultants use the plan as a guide and are good problem solvers to make sure the solution works. Or they can start the project from the very beginning with their strategy and expertise to provide businesses with the expected Salesforce outcomes. 

Depending on a variety of distinct aspects, implementation costs of Salesforce can range from $10,000 for the most basic version to more than $100,000 for a multi-component project that includes complicated integration, significant optimization, and continuous customization. The size of your organization will also determine the final cost of the Salesforce product. For a precise idea of the cost, you can contact our expert Salesforce consultants today. 

The time taken for the implementation of Salesforce varies depending on the needs of the enterprise. Knowing typical industry standards in SF implementation will help you get up and running faster and save money. It can take anywhere from weeks for a simple setup to months for a more complicated configuration, this is also decided by the requirements and demands, including some other factors like: 

  • The size of the business

  • Your chosen Salesforce product.

  • Previous experience with similar software at your organization