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Unlock streamlined processes, customer-centric insights, and seamless growth. Cynoteck's expert Dynamics 365 consultants conquer your toughest challenges, optimize daily operations, and empower your business to thrive in the cloud.

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Tailored Dynamics 365 Business Central Solutions

At Cynoteck, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all ERP solutions. Our seasoned Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants are expert conductors, orchestrating tailor-made solutions that harmonize with your unique business rhythm. We combine deep business acumen with technical mastery to unlock true operational value and drive seamless organizational adoption. We employ a proven methodology for efficiency, risk reduction, and improved cross-team communication and collaboration, all designed with your business success in mind.

We prioritize close collaboration and effective discussion. We aim to fully understand your expectations and your business, working together to find solutions that efficiently address your challenges and help you achieve your goals, creating maximum value for your business. We confidently manage the most demanding development projects and always take full responsibility for our contributions to your projects.

As a Microsoft Solution partner, our certified Dynamics Business Central consulting experts are here to provide your business with the services it needs. Our services guide you toward cost-effective and tailored solutions. Partner with us as your Business Central consultant to meet various business needs, including financial, inventory, project, implementation, sales/purchase management, and integrations, all with a single, unified cloud-based platform.

Why Microsoft D365 Business Central?

Earlier businesses were limited to basic accounting software for task management. However, with the extensive capabilities of D365 Business Central, they can now elevate their efficiency and agility to new heights. Our expert team has extensive knowledge of this software, having worked with it for over a decade.

Our expertise lies in Business Central, tackling all financial system aspects - development, implementation, bug resolution, analysis, and integrations. We relish complex projects, taking full ownership of our contributions in every engagement.

Furthermore, this software is designed for seamless integration with various cloud services, including Outlook, SharePoint, Power Apps, Office 365, Power BI, and Flow. This adaptability makes it a fitting choice for businesses of any size.

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Best in Class Services

Cynoteck is proud to be recognized by top B2B service listing sites for its exceptional client satisfaction and delivery across various technologies.

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Our Proven Consulting Process


In-depth Analysis

D365 tools, including Business Central, offer extensive customization possibilities. Our approach is deeply rooted in a careful comprehension of your specific processes and requirements. This in-depth understanding translates into the development of highly personalized solutions that precisely cater to your unique business needs. We are committed to tailoring every aspect of our services to ensure your success.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Dynamics 365 is a cornerstone of our capabilities, providing our teams with a comprehensive understanding of our solutions. The outcome is clear: you gain access to top-tier expertise in the industry. Our commitment to mastering Dynamics 365 means that we deliver exceptional results for your business.


Centralized Business Operations

With the comprehensive integration of every aspect of your business within a single platform, we implement D365 BC as the unifying thread that binds your business together, promoting operational balance and efficiency.


Our solutions, combined with the expertise of our certified consultants, are designed to make integration effortless, user-friendly, and highly cost-effective. We ensure that users understand the system and deliver exceptional value in cost savings and efficiency.


Reporting and Analytics

We help you Streamline your financial management by centralizing data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC offers advanced features that provide an up-to-date, comprehensive view of your business.

Scale and Grow

D365 Business Central delivers innovative capabilities and a remarkable degree of flexibility, rendering it readily adjustable for businesses of all scales. Using its modern features, we empower organizations to efficiently cater to their unique requirements and scale their operations effectively.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Following the initial product integration, our dedicated teams maintain continuous communication with you. We offer on-demand support and promptly address any queries or issues, ensuring a seamless and responsive partnership.

Business Central Services We Offer

Boost Your Business with Powerful D365 BC Solutions

Business Central Licensing & Pricing

The pricing of D365 Business Central usually depends on the subscription license you choose. These subscription licenses are allotted to separate users, and the individual user is mandated to have their user subscription license. The license assigned to one user can be accessed via multiple devices but cannot be shared with other users.

Let us break the Business Central pricing and licensing

  • Essentials costs $70 per user/month
  • Premium costs $100 per user/month
  • For Team Members costs $8 per user/month

The prices vary for each, and the total cost depends on the number of users


Business Central Implementation and Consulting Packages

Cynoteck provides different packages based on our expertise and experience of working with businesses of varied sizes, looking for a specified scope and cost.



  • Analysis of Dynamics Business Central ERP System, your current system and practices.
  • identify which modules would be beneficial for your company
  • Identify opportunities for generating additional value from Dynamics 365 for Business Central
  • Develop a strategic implementation plan
  • Note: 1-hour Free Consulting Service


  • Basic Company Setup
    - Creation of new company and setup
  • Financial Management Setup
    Includes Setting up of:
    - Basic General Ledger,
    - Bank accounts,
    - Bank accounts Reconciliation for 1 bank account with Envestnet | Yodlee.
    - Dimensions,
    - Tax setup,
    - Accounting Periods,
    - Currencies setup with currency exchange rate service.
  • Sales and Receivable Setup
    Includes Setting up of:
    - Customer Posting Groups,
    - Salespeople,Payment from customer,
    - Setting up sales and receivable setup.
  • Purchase and Payable Setup
    Includes Setting up of:
    - Vendor Posting Groups,
    - Payment to vendors,
    - Discount and Payment agreement.
    - Setting up purchase and payable.
  • Supply Chain Management Setup
    - Includes Sales order management
    - Purchase order management
    - Locations, Item transfers and Basic warehousing.
  • Project Management Setup
    Includes Setting up of:
    - Jobs, Resource and Timesheets
  • Human Resources Setup
    Includes Setting up of:
    - Employees and Expense management


  • Production/Manufacturing
    Includes setting up of:
    - Production orders
    - Production Bill of Materials (BOM)
    - Supply planning
    - Demand forecasting
    - Capacity planning
    - Agile Manufacturing
  • Service Management
    Includes setting up of:
    - Service Order Management
    - Production Bill of Materials (BOM)
    - Service Price Management
    - Service Contract Management
    - Planning and Dispatching

Business Central Migration and Syncing Packages

Cynoteck offers the following migration and syncing packages for smoothly migrating to Microsoft Business Central.
Migration of your Accounting System from QuickBooks to Business Central.

QuickBooks to Business Central Migration

  • Migrate your Accounting System from QuickBooks to Microsoft Business Central.
  • Agenda
    - Analyse the entire QuickBooks data which needs to be migrated to Business Central
  • Deliverable
    - Migrate your QuickBooks Accounting System to BC ERP System
  • Benefits
    - D365 BC is a pure cloud solution designed to simplify your business processes through automation, connecting all your process flows in one system, and providing seamless integration with Office 365 and other Dynamics 365 applications.
    - QuickBooks is a good fit for smaller companies, but once you achieve a certain complexity/size, processes like job costing, inventory management, reporting, and forecasting start to become a challenge in QuickBooks.
    - Using QuickBooks for financial process is insufficient without its sales, manufacturing, production process.
    - Business Central provides more accounting controls, including audit trails.
    - QuickBooks does not natively provide the ability to handle deferred revenue and expenses.
  • Note: - Before initiating on the migration, we need to check the complexity of Quickbooks data only then can we commit to the timeframe of the complete migration.

Dynamics 365 Sales to Business Central Integration

  • Merge your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales module with Business Central ERP system and streamline your business with Cynoteck.
  • - Cynoteck will help you sync your Sales features into Business Central which can save you time and can provide all of your information in a single ERP system.
  • - Microsoft Business Central is an evolution to cloud technology and can help a company to lead-in, proliferate, and secure completely.
  • Deliverables
    Below are the items which will be synced from CRM to Dynamics 365 Business Central:
    - Customers syncing
    - Items syncing
    - Unit of measure syncing
    - Payment terms syncing
    - Contacts syncing
    - Sales person syncing
    - Currency syncing
    - Sales order syncing
    - Sales invoice syncing
    - Opportunity syncing
  • Notes:
    - This package is listed for a fresh integration, if integration is already performed then Cynoteck will analyse the integration done and will need to share the cost based on that
    - CRM integration user and admin users licenses will be required for this implementation
    - Basic setup of Business Central is required before this syncing

Why Choose Us

Cynoteck has been recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our team is comprised of expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Consultants. Our team of professionals with real-world knowledge will help you achieve your business goals and help you identify and purchase software that meets your needs and works well for your organization. We will additionally assist you in designing, configuring, and supporting business-critical applications.

  • Finding the actual problems

  • Proper steps for solutions

  • Beneficial strategies for every project or scenario

  • Great support team with best practices

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An expert Business Central Consultant like us offers your business genuine value. Your team's performance expectations are lessened, and the implementation time is compressed, all with the support of consultants. D365 BC Experts are equipped to manage complex features and integrations. Our Business central consultant provides:

  • Expert Insights for Your Business

  • Exposure to the Best Practices

  • Optimization Support

  • Advanced Integrations

  • Adopt an Effective Delivery Framework

D365 BC is a cloud-based ERP and business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations. It is designed to automate and streamline business processes to manage financials, shipping, manufacturing, services, projects, and more.

MS D365 BC Essentials includes the following modules that every user has access to - Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Deferrals, Bank Management, Budgets, Supply Chain Management, Fixed Assets, and Currencies.

With MS business central, consultant can streamline Financial Management, provide awesome Customer Service, better Supply Chain Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, accelerate the sales process, predict using the Business Intelligence feature, and do much more – All when you choose a single ERP system to leverage your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one cloud-based solution that allows customers to upgrade from their entry-level ERP system or accounting software to a single, complete solution for managing their operations, sales, finances, and customer service while enabling growth.

Cost is based on your business requirements, there are three different implementation packages:
  • Essentials costs $105.80 per user/month

  • Premium costs $151.20 per user/month

  • For Team Members costs $12.10 per user/month

It is a cloud-based solution hosted by Microsoft. It is available to install on-premises at your data center or office or as a cloud solution. However, you can only purchase Business Central through a Cloud Solution Provider.