We at Cynoteck Technology have highly skilled PHP Web developers that enable us to deliver result oriented and creative PHP development services. Our partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a consulting partner adds exceptional value to our existing and new customers. We possess complete knowledge of the latest industry practices.

PHP is an open-source Web programming language and one of the most commonly used programming languages. Using PHP language for web development has many advantages like it has a strong open source community. This community has created a lot of tools and applications like WordPress, Magento, etc. which can be easily adapted for quickly building web solutions.
We account years of experience, helping our customers to access a range of PHP resources. We can help you develop major web applications that can be used for B2B, B2C, eCommerce projects. We build your project in an Agile Environment, making you see the project being developed in the real-time.


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At Cynoteck we have expertise working on following CMS and E-Commerce platforms.


Laravel has become one of the most demanded open-source PHP framework in the developer world. It has been developed to handle complex web applications securely. As an expertise development company our experts developers has notices how Laravel has simplifies the development process from its installation to development features by introducing a prepackaged, all-in-one vagrant box, impeccable data migration, MVC architecture support, security, routing, authentication, template design, restful controllers, Comprehensive packaging systems, and ORM. Another recognizable feature of this framework is the lightweight blade template engine. At last we can say that Laravel can be used for all types and sizes of project.
Salesforce Consulting
 Salesforce Consulting


Being highly reliable framework for developing a web application. Symfony has always been the perfect choice for developing large-scale enterprise projects. It’s easy to install and configure on most platforms. Some of the key features include reusable PHP components, comprehensive documentation, reliably, stability, high performance, and modular project model. One of the key features is the database engine –independence which is stable and can easily integrate with other vendor libraries.


According to our expert CodeIgniter developers, this open source framework is lightweight and straightforward to install, unlike other frameworks. This framework is simple to set up and highly recommendable for developing dynamic websites. It offers unlimited (numerous) prebuilt modules that help the developer to construct robust and reusable components. Some of the key features include MVC architecture design, error handling, inbuilt security tools, simple and excellent document. While comparing with other frameworks, CodeIgniter is a considerably faster framework which means it’s a good choice when you want to develop a lightweight application to run on modest servers.

Salesforce Consulting
 Salesforce Consulting


If you are searching for something simple and elegant, then CakePHP is the right framework to rely on. It helps to develop visually impressive, featured loaded website. CakePHP is simple and easy to install with its flawless feature of having a web server and copy of the framework. Some of the common key features include modern framework, fast builds, reliability and CSRF security, great documentation.


According to the facts, 63% of websites that you see online are completely or partially made of WordPress. The reason behind the extensive usage of WordPress is because of its user-friendly website creation options available. WordPress is an open source tool that is highly recommended for website creation using PHP. It is so easy that even a non- programmer can build a website using this tool, but a professional WordPress developer at Cynoteck Technology is definitely required to help you with enhancing or customizing the features in it. It is an undeniable fact that WordPress development services have changed the typical method of how a website would be built and communicate with its customers. Our WordPress developers can extremely transform your website’s user experience in a way that your visitors would become your promising marketing channel. Just contact us to hire a WordPress developer at a most affordable cost.

Salesforce Consulting
 Salesforce Consulting


Joomla, yet another source platform using which applications and websites are created. Our Joomla development team suggest this open source management system for most of the clients for its advanced functionality. It is one among few content management systems that help connect your websites to the SQL database in order to make content easily deliverable to both admin and end user. It is the most preferable portal for website development, online portals, and web-based applications. Our team of experts is able to deliver custom Joomla development services with the help of user-friendly extensions and updated version of this most popular CMS. contact us today, to know more about how Joomla development services would work for you.


Magento, an open source e-commerce platform which provides online selling enterprises with flexible e-commerce solutions. It includes adjustable and easy cart adding systems, best control in terms of handling content, look & feel and online store functionality. Unlike normal Magento Development Company, our work lets your business stand out of crowd in terms of branding and business growth. It’s a proven fact that this open source tool is more compatible for optimizing your website search engine friendly and for other catalog-management as well. At Cynoteck Technology the developers have massive experience with a notable level of knowledge in Magento’s updated versions, that helps all your business needs like marketing, merchandising, shipping and wallet creation. Cynoteck Technology is a one-stop IT shop. All your requirements will be done here. contact us today and we let you hire a dedicated Magento developer at an affordable cost.

Salesforce Consulting
 Salesforce Consulting


Drupal, a highly functional Content Management System (CMS). It is also one of the most widely used (CMS) across the globe. You can engage thousands of concurrent users in a secure way and deliver rich media content. Drupal might look similar to WordPress, Shopify, Magento, or Joomla, which are all CMS platforms, but it is even more powerful as it can perform all the things, which other systems can, and much more than that. Drupal is trusted by more than 1 million organizations to run their websites. It is even trusted by the White House and NASA to run their websites! At this point, you might be worried that Drupal isn’t the right choice for you. After all, your organization is not as big as the White House or NASA. However, that’s what’s so cool about Drupal. It’s a great tool for smaller organizations too.


PHP is Open Source

PHP is Open Source which means you never need to rely on the manufacturer to release the next version if something doesn’t work or pay for expensive upgrades.

PHP Is Extendible

The extended support for Object-Oriented Programming makes PHP an extendible programming language.

Large Amount Of Databases Are Supported

PHP supports a large number Of Databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 are some unbiased databases that are in perfect sync with PHP.

PHP Is Platform Independent

PHP is platform independent and it will run on most of the platforms like – Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows.

Compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE

PHP is compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE which increases the performance of PHP applications running on Windows Server with the Windows Cache Extension.

PHP Is Affordable

PHP has a Low maintenance and development cost for clients. It is a high-in-performance, Reliable and search engine friendly language.


Cynoteck is an AWS Consulting Partner. We comprise of expert Web Development team and AWS Consultants. Our team of experienced professionals will help you achieve your business goals. Developers at Cynoteck have all the skills to build your custom PHP web application that will work seamlessly across all platforms. We can help you identify the best software that will fit your needs, which will work well for your organization. Our Developers are highly experienced in PHP application development. We will also additionally assist you in designing, configuring, and supporting the business critical application. Cynoteck integrates those multiple applications and customizes them to meet the unique requirements.


At Cynoteck we have the best Web Development team, our developers have all the skills to build your custom PHP web application that work seamlessly across all platforms. Our Developers are highly experienced in PHP application development services like Linux, Apache, MySQL, and other protocols to make your Web application outstanding.


Cynoteck makes sure that we sit down with you and our web development team Lead to figure out just what you are looking for. Our PHP Developers are highly experienced in PHP application development services. We have all the skills to build your custom PHP web application that will work seamlessly across all platforms.


We at Cynoteck Technology create custom PHP Web application using open source technology, which helps us to provide an affordable solution for our clients. Having the best PHP Development team, we utilize our expertise to provide a web design development package with long term maintenance.


At Cynoteck Technology, our highly skilled and experienced professionals develop apps that use less internet and system resources enabling compatibility across major browsers and Operating System. Our custom PHP application development services are optimized for speed so that it can run smoothly across all platforms and smart our highly skilled and experienced professionals.


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