Have a brilliant idea, but need expert technical team to bring it to fruition? Cynoteck has helped various organizations in their journey from conceptual design to live application. We have vast experience in delivering digital products for our customers on various platforms. Our customers vouch for our product service delivery and continue to be associated with us. We work with our customers to understand their problem space, innovative ideas and possible challenges. Together, we help them solve these challenges and deliver desired product; within budget and on time.



UX Definition

“A picture is worth thousand words” Defining User Experience guidelines to ensure end product is consistent, user friendly and polished. We help by preparing user screen mockups and further refining them based on customer feedback and best practices implementations.

Conceptual Design

Collaborate in preparing blueprint of the end product. This helps in identifying key process areas, key product features and possible risk areas.

Identify Technology Stack

Technology space is getting crowded with each passing day. There are numerous technologies tools available out there which have their own set of pros and cons. Consider choosing right tools for Development framework, Development IDE, Web server, Database. Each of these has at least 10+ options considered to be prominent and widely used. We help our customers in choosing an optimal technology stack, which is the foundation of any technical project.

Technical Design

“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” –Adam Judge As rightly mentioned in above quote. We ensure we identify and prepare a good design, to envision and ideate our path towards success. A good technical design not only helps visualizing end solution, but also helps identify possible issues/ challenges and prepare for them in advance.


In this phase, our team executes various project phases and work on completing milestones as per the project plan. We believe in full transparency and we achieve it by sharing our project progress with customers on a regular basis baked in with weekly demos on work in progress. This not just helps customers monitor progress, but also helps us attain early feedback.

Quality Assurance

We understand, any and every product has certain quality expectations, without which, it will severely struggle in attaining desired success. We provide testing services to ensure end to end product testing and quality check before a product is ready to be published/ released. We also help our customers in establishing ongoing quality assurance strategies to ensure that any subsequent releases continue to maintain same level of quality standards.

Marketplace Release Assistance

Gone are the days of CDs and floppy disks as application delivery modules. In today’s work applications are delivered via new ways. As you would already be aware of famous marketplaces such as Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, Salesforce AppExchange etc. We help our customers in all the steps required to get their applications published on respective marketplaces and ensure they are not left unaccompanied in this significant phase of product delivery.

Post-Release Support

Any good product in today’s age is expected to deliver equally good (or even better) customer support. Be it a simple application or a complex behemoth, customers will always like to have someone to reach out to for their support needs. We help our customers in designing appropriate and cost-effective support strategies, which help them provide best in class customer support.

Have a brilliant idea, but need expert technical team to bring it to fruition? Connect with our experts today, to know how we can help you.

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