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Supercharge your customer service and support with Salesforce Service Cloud 360 by unifying all the customer touchpoints in one powerful digital platform.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Anytime, anywhere service is the success mantra for the new age, as the world unlocks. Keeping with the times, the Salesforce Service Cloud has reimagined and re-engineered itself to cater to the changing demands of businesses to be able to work from homes, fields, or anywhere.

With the help of this industry-leading customer service management platform, you can unify all channels and provide immaculate customer service from contact centers to the field. Customers can lodge complaints/inquiries via email, social media, phone, real-time web chat, or online communities. The Salesforce Service Cloud implementation allows you to get a comprehensive view of your clients to deliver a better, improved, and personalized service.

Additionally, Salesforce Service Cloud lets you augment customer engagement by automating business processes with intelligent workflows, elevate call center operations with smart productivity tools, and clock more revenue by upselling driven by AI.

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Cynoteck is proud to be recognized by top B2B service listing sites for its exceptional client satisfaction and delivery across various technologies.

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Service Console

The Service Console functionality allows users to browse, update, and create records in no time in a fast-paced environment. The functionality is a standard Salesforce Lightning Console app that is highly customizable and lets you create a workspace that's entirely yours. The split view with multiple tabs and subtabs allows your sales force to manage numerous cases simultaneously.


Live Agent Chat & Social Services

The Salesforce Service Cloud provides a chat interface that enables customers to chat with Salesforce sales and service agents. It also helps create and monitor cases through online and social media channels such as posts, Tweets, and Facebook.  


Knowledge Articles

The knowledge base allows service agents to answer customer queries faster and in a better way. The knowledge base is integrated with the console for customer agents to quickly deliver precise answers and even share articles in real-time across channels.



Once enabled and configured, Omni-Channel automatically sends cases to the most capable and available person in real-time. In addition, Omni-Chanel allows administrators to configure the Service Cloud to assign work based on employee skill-sets and their capacity to handle incoming work.


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Cynoteck has an expert team of certified Salesforce consultants offering a full array of salesforce services. We take pride in being one of the leaders in Salesforce services for more than a decade. Our clients have trusted us time and again, which reflects our dedication and professionalism.

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