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Provide a smarter, more personalized customer experience with the power of the world’s #1 Cloud platform - Salesforce Service Cloud services. We can help you automate your business operations with intelligent workflows, unifying all the customer touchpoints in one powerful digital platform.

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Our Approach Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

With Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, we help you encourage customer loyalty by providing world-class Cloud functionality, 360-view customer profiles, and extensive personalization. We, at Cynoteck, empower you to make your customers satisfied by providing world-class customer service. By connecting your complete service workforce - dispatchers, agents, and mobile employees in the field on a single, centralized platform, we bring a new level of transparency and efficiency to customer service.

Our certified Service Cloud consultant help you with smart, robust, and personalized cloud service. We make sure that you always stay updated with the latest information about your customers and give them the best customer service by maintaining a comprehensive record of their complaints and queries. By integrating all channels, we can help you provide excellent customer service from the contact center to the field.

With more than a decade of experience, we understand how to help businesses succeed, increasing customer satisfaction like never before. We are always ready to help you improve your customer experience, whether you need help defining your processes, Service Cloud implementation, or training your team on the platform. We will also help you seamlessly in Salesforce Service Cloud implementation with your existing system so you can obtain a 360-degree picture of your customers and provide them with the best possible customer support.

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Cynoteck is proud to be recognized by top B2B service listing sites for its exceptional client satisfaction and delivery across various technologies. We provide a wide range of services, right from advising to support, ensuring that your organization gets the most out of the product.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Key Benefits

Explore our best-in-class Salesforce Service Cloud services to take your business to new heights of success. We help your business in leveraging critical data to improve customer service and substantially shorten the service delivery process.


Case Management

We help you access all your customer interactions in one place for personalized care and faster case resolution. With the help of case management, you handle customer products, support, and service. The Email-to-case and Web-to-Case features come in handy for quick case creation. Additionally, it lets you define assignment and escalation rules and help manage the cases in queues.

Service Console

We with the help of service console functionality allow users to browse, update, and create records in no time in a fast-paced environment. This functionality is a standard Salesforce Lightning Console app that is highly customizable, it provides agents with a new way to interact and respond to customers. The split view with multiple tabs and subtabs allows your Salesforce users to manage numerous cases simultaneously.


CTI or Telephony Implementation

The Salesforce Service Cloud implementation with telephony allows your service team to know who is calling even before they pick up the call. Then, with just a few clicks, it allows your team to log all calls automatically, manage outgoing calls, and manage call transfers and conference calls. Also, calls can be routed to agents with options like "next available agents" or agents with a specified skill set for resolving a problem.

Live Agent Chat & Social Services

Our Salesforce service cloud consultant help you transform every communication that comes into your business into an active ticket with the support of live agents. The Salesforce Service Cloud provides a chat interface that enables customers to chat with Salesforce sales and service agents, resulting in an improved customer experience. It also helps create and monitor cases through online and social media channels such as Posts, Tweets, and Facebook.


Knowledge Articles

We help service cloud consultants to become more knowledgeable while also supporting them in finding faster and more effective ways to resolve requests using the knowledge base. An effective knowledge management system that uses articles to help solve problems or answer questions of external clients and internal team as well. It makes the service agents answer customer queries faster and in a better way.



Service cloud consultant can help you route cases, leads, or other work to the most appropriate, available employee instantly. Once enabled and configured, Omni-Channel automatically sends cases to the most capable and available person in real-time. In addition, Omni-Chanel allows administrators to configure the Salesforce Service Cloud to assign work based on employee skill sets and their capacity to handle incoming work.

Salesforce Service Cloud Capabilities

With the help of our customized Salesforce service cloud services, we help you transform your business to better serve your customers. This helps you centralize all critical help desk processes on a single platform, allowing you to provide consistent and reliable client service.

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Why Choose Cynoteck

Cynoteck always strives to remain by your side and help you at every stage of your journey. We have an expert team of certified Salesforce Service Cloud consultants who can help you with a wide range of Salesforce professional services. Choosing us as your next technology partner will help with an all-in-one cloud service solution with an excellent team that will not let you down when things get tough and challenging. Our clients have trusted us repeatedly, which reflects our dedication and professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes focused answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce customer success platform, providing you a 360-degree view of your customers, and allowing you to provide smarter, faster, and more personalized service.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) and support solution from Salesforce. It built Service Cloud on top of its renowned Sales Cloud CRM platform for salespeople. Users can utilize Service Cloud to automated service operations; streamline workflows, and access relevant articles, subjects, and experts to assist customer service representatives. The goal is to develop tailored marketing interactions with each customer across numerous devices and platforms.

The case management functionality in Salesforce CRM called Service Cloud is being used to tracking activities related to client, sales, and supports automation. It's a SaaS-based social customer service platform that allows businesses to manage all client data and service discussions in the cloud.

Our salesforce service cloud services will help in monitoring the quality of service offered to our consumers. Salesforce Service Cloud is a simplified approach to providing a positive customer experience and efficient support engagement. Customers can easily contact the company by email, phone, or social networks, as well as a range of applications available on their PCs or portable devices.

Mentioned below are some of the significant benefits of Salesforce service Cloud:

Lightning service console

This is the tool that members of our support team will use on a regular basis to assist our clients, giving them an in-depth perspective of each client associated with their case.

Custom reports and dashboards

The analytic side of Salesforce is represented by reports and dashboards. They turn customer requirements into visual representations like as graphs, charts, tables, scatter charts, metrics, funnels charts, etc

End to End Case management

Salesforce Case Management's capability allows users to track, document, and resolve client complaints across sales, services, and maintenance. Cases are the most important data in Salesforce. Cases not only track customer complaints, but also provide a holistic view of the consumer that can be tailored to your company's needs to guarantee that clients receive the best possible service.

Asset and order management

Salesforce Order Management is one of the best cloud platforms that has the broad power that a perfect place should have in order to provide excellent user experiences. The order management system is incorporated into the Salesforce and works seamlessly with Salesforce Business Cloud, the company's e - commerce platform.

Automation and macros

Macros Salesforce service cloud implementation has more versatile functionality than simple automated setup, allowing users to quickly describe their needs with less work. Its click-based UI is simple to learn and produces excellent results. To make your instructions clear and behave appropriately, Salesforce Macros simply require feeds on certain field objects as input. It works equally well on custom and regular feed-based objects.

Social customer service

Salesforce serves as a framework for providing specialized social customer service. Salesforce Social Customer Assistance enables agents to provide personalized service across a range of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. It is one such tool that allows reps to generate leads or even cases from social media posts, as well as provide individualized responses through the same channels.

Account and contact management

An account in Salesforce is a business with which you conduct or have done business. Salesforce account types help to store information about not only your clients and stakeholders, but also competitors, financiers, resellers, and any other people with whom you may engage over the course of your job. If you're a software company that sells and services its products through valuation resellers (VARs), you might wish to choose Reseller from the drop-down list.

Salesforce is the global leader in cloud computing and Cynoteck offers salesforce service cloud services for CRM, sales, ERP, customer support, marketing automation, business analytics, mobile application development, and much more. Salesforce cloud offers successful business solutions as well as customized CRM solutions for a wide range of industries.

Service Cloud gives your business a complete, 360-degree perspective of your customers, improves operational efficiency, and delivers insights to help you make crucial business choices. Salesforce Service Cloud implementation empowers agents with the tools that provide an exceptional customer experience, allowing them to work faster and more productively, increasing customer happiness and lowering expenses.

1. Adoption of New Technology

Salesforce's service cloud is continually up to date and connected with emerging innovations. Lightning Service Console assists users in obtaining reliable information when it is required. Users may keep all their necessary information in a single. With the help of Analytics, users may track essential KPIs for enterprises. Service Cloud gives a 360-degree perspective of consumers, allowing you to better understand their connections and service them.

2. All Customer Information in One Place

Previously,Salesforce service cloud consultants had to maintain customer information with notes, notepads, and folders. However, Salesforce now offers the simplest way to keep track of all your critical client data and save it in one place for easier access. Case management, interaction with legacy systems, knowledge, queue management, and other services are included in these platforms.

3. Personalized Products

The better a company understands its clients, the more customized services it can provide. When visitors arrive at the site, for example, live Agents can provide chat support. Every customer should be regarded as an individual; thus, salespeople should preserve all their data to create a personalized experience and boost conversion rates. Salesforce service cloud excels at these tasks, resulting in a more tailored and enhanced client experience.

4. Improved Customer Service by Increasing Agent Productivity

Salesforce Cloud assists customer care agents in improving their performance and advancement based on their requirements. These activities can be aided by the Omni-Channel Presence and Routing functionality. Another Salesforce product, Field Service Lightning, integrates customers, employees, and goods on a single platform. This aids in increasing their output.

5. Get Help from Anywhere

Customers can get help from Salesforce service cloud services platform from anywhere, at any time. Salesforce's mobile app that allows employees to complete all tasks from their cellular telephone anytime they need to. Customers can still be helped even while customer service representatives are gone from their desks. This solid basis aids in the proper completion of all jobs.

Service Cloud interacts with back-office software, allowing you to expand your service procedures to fit your company's needs and customers' expectations. You may create new products on a platform that provides enterprise security, reliability, and scalability.

Service Cloud implementation enables your company to provide world-class customer support – from the help desk to social media platforms – while reducing prices dramatically. However, to get the most out of Service Cloud, you will need a consulting partner to help you personalize it to your company's specific needs.

Salesforce Service Cloud services are used to make customer support discussions smarter on any platform, at any time, and in any location. It also assisted several companies around the world in Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, customization, and integration to improve and optimize their customer support.

Salesforce Service Cloud Services

Salesforce Service Cloud Services is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) customer support solution. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of your customer service activities via bespoke displays as well as reliable data analyses. It is utilized to build a linked database that allows for case engagement and resolution, live agent discussions, and up-selling chances based on a customer's past encounters with your business.

Service Cloud Consulting

We examine your individual problem or requirement and suggest the most possible solutions or alternatives. We create and execute Service Cloud solutions that satisfy client business needs, are reliable and scalable, and help customers achieve long-term profitability.

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

You may get superior CRM professional assistance by Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, allowing you to attract more delighted customers. The Service Cloud is quickly becoming one of the most popular customer service solutions. Its ability to provide immediate, intelligent, and customer support is one of the main reasons for its growing popularity. It assists organisations in improving their internally and externally customer experience by giving a thorough understanding of the client. It aids in enhancing client satisfaction and, as a result, boosts your company's efficiency.

Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

If you are already using a customer support solution and want to switch to Service Cloud, it is apparent. Naturally, all customer transactions data from the legacy tool must be transferred to Service Cloud. And perhaps even to duplicate some of the capabilities of your old tool. You could also be using Service Cloud Classic and want to switch to Service Cloud Lightning. Regardless of the type of migration, our experts will assist you in assessing your requirements, planning, and executing the migration.

Our Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant creates and delivers Salesforce-based solutions to support customer business processes and requirements. The service cloud consultant has expertise in building Service Cloud services and can guide the deployment of these solutions within a customer's organization. Salesforce service cloud consultant has experience in the help desk business as well as Salesforce application competence, including the ability to implement relevant solutions for client scenarios.

  • Support consumer interactions across all platforms.
  • Intelligent workflows can help you automate business procedures.
  • Improve call center efficiency with new productivity tools.
  • Gain shared, actionable knowledge into every interaction with customers to increase revenue and upsell opportunities.
  • Understand each consumer interaction and behavior.
  • Automated workflows let you serve customers faster.
  • AI-powered chatbots can help you scale assistance.
  • elf-service tools provide immediate client support.