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Top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365

No matter in what kind of business you are, customers are the most important assets and managing those customer relationships is the foundation for growing a business.

Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that offers all that is needed for CRM and ERP, in one place. It is the only process that unifies the theme in all the CRM apps, which helps in implementing a more streamlined sales process, integrating marketing, field services, self-serve customer experience, PSA, dashboards, and reports.

Dynamics 365 can be integrated with the tools that businesses already use like Excel and Outlook, and it brings the power of digital intelligence to every business decision. Let’s have a look at the top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here are top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Connected Operations

­­Dynamics 365 removes all the traditional barriers and unites the front office and back office with a single end-to-end system for managing every aspect of the business. Leveraging integrated functionality, it enables organizations to connect their entire business.

Actionable Insights

In this hyper-competitive market, having a complete, real-time visibility into all the areas of the business can create a difference between success and failure.It is not enough to simply collect data; it needs to be turned into an actionable insight. Dynamics 365 provides inbuilt business intelligence and analytics embedded in the business process.

Sales and Marketing Processes Improved

Dynamics 365 helps sales and marketing teams identify sales opportunities to drive increased revenue. Using the data collected and combining it with power BI and analysis, the solution enables organizations to create targeted promotional campaigns that are timely and highly relevant to the consumer.

Enhanced Customer Services

With Dynamics 365, the customer service team can improve case management with the 360-degree view of their customers. The user interface is process driven that streamlines the case management, helping the service representatives to deliver constant and effective customer care.

Works on Subscription Model

A monthly operational cost and subscription model is far more flexible than capital costs. Also, Dynamics 365 eliminates the need to manage the data center and server, and this leads to significant savings.


A monthly subscription is needed for Dynamics 365 to operate comes with a scheduled monthly subscription; this gives you the option to scale up and down the changes according to the requirement.

Simplifies Complex Data

Dynamics 365 modifies the way businesses manage customer data and daily situations. This helps dissolve barriers between critical business platforms and make your data start working together. The core of this concept of Microsoft Common Data Model is to share the business database. It is the glue that connects all data and processes together, so you can say goodbye to silos of information.

Increased ROI

With the combination of CRM, Office, ERP, and additional apps, Dynamics 365 gives insights to employees to make the best decisions and also provides tools they need to work on. It provides data model which is People-Centric making employees’ daily work easier and enhances their productivity.


Dynamics 365 gives access to Built-In Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Insights. Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning are all natively embedded; this gives access to predictive insights, prescriptive advice, and actionable subsequent steps.


Dynamics 365 provides a cloud-based solution with features like

  • Access controls for apps and data that are built into the cloud services
  • Robust security
  • Network connectivity
  • Physical datacentre
  • Service hosting platform, and user and administrator access

As a whole, Dynamics 365 provides the seamless potential to streamline product line and allow increasing agility for companies while reducing costs. If you are planning to implement Dynamics 365 CRM within your organization & looking for Dynamics 365 implementation partner than choose Cynoteck Technology. We are a leading expert in Dynamics 365 CRM implementation & consulting, providing high-quality Dynamics 365 consulting services.

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