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Are you looking for a consultant who can help you with seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation? Well, you have come to the right place! Cynoteck's experienced team will ensure a well-planned, smooth and successful deployment.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is a tedious task that requires precision in planning and strategy. The duration and cost of implementation depend on various factors, such as organizational size, the number of users, current processes, and the data transfers from legacy systems. An experienced consulting partner can save you both time and money with your Dynamics 365 implementation by proper planning, resulting in quicker timelines.
Cynoteck Technology Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has delivered successful Dynamics 365 implementations for almost a decade. Our experienced team has been working on the Dynamics platform since its launch, and hence, carries the required expertise to offer near peerless levels of service. Our team is also adept in the cross-platform integration of Dynamics 365.
Cynoteck uses multiple project management techniques for different implementation needs. If the requirements are not firmed up or are dynamic in nature, we use the Agile methodology of Plan-> Develop -> Test -> Deploy.

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Dynamics 365 Implementation Process

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    Requirement Gathering

    The first step for a successful Dynamics 365 Implementation is to evaluate the business practices and systems and identify the areas that require improvement. Which are then put in the order of priority, and a strategy is devised around them.

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    Technical Design Document

    To better understand the scope of the technical problems, the team breaks them down, compile and timeboxes each one to have a granular overview. A meticulous Technical Design Document is necessary to check overlooks of any critical aspects of the solution.

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    Functional Design Document

    Another essential part of the process for Dynamics 365 Implementation is the document that describes the way the control system will operate. It defines the exact requirement and the expected outcome in a step-by-step procedure.

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    After the minute analysis and drawing up a systematic course of action, the actual development process occurs. This part of the process constitutes the core of all activity and is coding intense, ultimately defining the quality of implementation.

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    To ensure if the dev team has achieved its desired objectives, the applications are put to stringent real-world scenario-based tests and further pruned if required. The team operate with the test databases to validate system output, check the accuracy and ensure that the interfaces and integrations work correctly.

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    To extract the maximum value out of any implementation, proper training of the resources is vital for Dynamics 365 implementation as well. The training program is structured based on workforce, location and time constraints, and the pedagogy, whether in-person or online, is devised accordingly.

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    User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    An indispensable part of the overall implementation process, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ensures that the solution is glitch-free in real-world usage. UAT is the final phase of application testing before moving it to the production environment. It is done by the very users who would ultimately use the application.

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    Deployment & Go Live

    After rigorous requirement gathering, developing and testing phases, the go-live process commences. Arguably, it is the most critical phase of any implementation. It takes both the client and the implementation partner to think through this phase and create a readiness plan and a checklist before going live.

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    Maintain Support

    Prompt and seamless support is as important as the implementation process. Typically, the implementation partner and the client work on a complete support and escalation matrix to keep the deployment functioning at optimal levels. We, at Cynoteck, are your go-to partner if you are looking for a full start-to-finish Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation along with premium support services.