Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh, a seasoned Competency Head - Microsoft, leverages Microsoft technologies to drive project success and foster business growth. As a Senior Tech Lead at Cynoteck, he brings over a decade of experience, primarily in Microsoft Stack technologies, with a 13+ year career in software development, specializing in Dynamics 365 and the .NET Framework. Abhishek holds multiple Microsoft certifications and is proficient in programming and web development languages, such as jQuery, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), .NET Framework, HTML, and JavaScript. He consistently delivers outstanding results, including ERP systems, enterprise solutions, e-commerce platforms, and custom applications, while excelling in complex technology integrations.  He is a post-graduate in Computer Applications, was born in a small town, Pauri, situated in the northern Himalayan region of India where he did his high school education at St. Thomas Convent and then he moved Dehradun where he did the rest of his schooling and professional education. Abhishek is technology and sports enthusiastic. He has multiple Microsoft certifications to his credit. He is always eager to learn and try new technology as he believes that adaptation is the only way for survival in this ever-evolving technology world.

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