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5 Android apps to integrate with social media that help you to sell more

Social media provides an awesome environment for people to meet, for information to be shared, and recently, for small businesses to interact with customers. The population of mobile users is quickly becoming greater than computer users. This change is triggering a domino effect of changes to the internet and its components to make them more user-friendly to mobile devices.

The Android operating system is the most common OS on smartphones, and businesses that hope to take advantage of this fact must pay attention to Android app integrations. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are filled with potential customers ready for marketing. Social integrations will provide opportunities to improve sales that were previously absent.

5 Android Apps for Social Media Integration


Planoly is an Instagram integration android app. It is also available on the iOS platform. Planoly is recommended by many social media marketers. Planoly provides visual planning for posts on Instagram. Posts made can be tracked and monitored for levels of engagement. Planoly allows marketers on Instagram to plan their marketing operations by providing a holistic view of posts with relevant data.


Crello provides a general approach to social media marketing. Crello is designed to help marketers create attractive images and animations for their products. Even with no graphics experience, social media marketers can choose from over 10,000 templates and more than 30 formats. Compatible with all three platforms, pictures and animations can be posted to boost campaigns and sales.

Facebook Pages Manager App

Currently, mobile device users complain about the difficulties encountered in managing websites more suited for desktops. Facebook devs are already working on this but for now, here’s a cool app to solve your worries. Facebook Pages Manager is designed to help you manage up to 50 business pages. Well crafted to overcome the difficulties that haunt mobile managers.


In social media marketing, content is king. Social media users are not first attracted by-products or sales news but by creative content. Attracting users through engaging topics, games, and media files will get them hooked on your product even before the sales pitch. Fastory is the app you want to pick. Compatible with Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories, Fastory allows marketers to create attractive and engaging content. Content such as articles, videos, images, quizzes, games, chatbots, and surveys your product campaign just got hotter.


Storyheap is an Android social media integration app that allows marketers to view their Snapchat and Instagram analytics on one dashboard. With storyheap, monitoring metrics like views, open rates, and engagement for imaged-based social media platforms becomes easier and more convenient. Also, storyheap app enables marketers to create and edit their posts and stories all on the dashboard.

That’s it for now. The list is by no means complete and there are other android-social media sales apps out there. If you didn’t find your dream companion up there, feel free to do a deeper search. Let us know which entry should make the next article.

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