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Hotel CRM software best practices and solutions

CRM software has taken center stage as the latest innovative application of information technology to business and enterprise problems. The grand tool has been turning tables over the past few years, enabling businesses of all sizes to enhance the quality of services provided and increase productivity. CRM software takes advantage of the new internet-friendly trend, helping companies convert their transactions and activities into digital representatives.

This digitization enhances marketing reach, access to live customer data, intuitive database and logging, automated recording and reporting, and smart data management tools. The CRM industry continues to grow and develop, as more brands try to add to the options that are available for users and business owners. The growth of the CRM brand continues to advance, mainly due to its wide range of applications across every industry and market sector.

With different options available certain brands have decided to go the way of specialization to improve the quality of features and functionality of the CRM platform. While this optimization reduces its usefulness in other sectors, the CRM software becomes highly effective in its chosen brand. With specialized CRMs, you get CRM cores that are named after the kind of industry that they are optimized for. For example, CRM of education, CRM for hospitals, and CRM for hotels.

Hotel CRM software is designed and optimized for hotels, inns, and guesthouses. It is equipped with features that ensure that every department in your hotel is connected correctly for active cooperation. CRM for hotels is tailor-made improved recording features for logging customer transactions, requests, and feedback.

Hotel CRM also keeps an accurate history of sales, room reservations, available stock, and available services for customers. All this data is stored in an easily accessible and securable database, with an enhanced search function and analytic tools. All this information enables you to gain valuable insight into your business holding, assess activities of partners or departments, observe and identify the popular demands of your clients, and anticipate trends in the market.

With access to this level of insight and information will equip you with all the needed tools to upgrade your service quality, scale your business, and enhance your profitability. Hotel CRMs can help you ensure that every one of your customers encounters an exceptional experience every time they access your hotel services and hospitality.

CRM Modules

Hotel CRM software must possess the usual basic features of every CRM platform. These features include tools for rating and tracking leads, recording sales, executing effective marketing campaigns, and providing automated reports. For Hotel CRM, managers always have to anticipate customer expectations and then prepare to fulfill them.

For this, they need solutions that aid the management of client feedbacks, development of loyalty programs, and provides an in-depth view of customer information and desires. Specific to Hotel CRM is a smart telephone system that is equipped with a robust IVR and Call distribution mechanism (ACD). An ACD is required to ensure that guests can quickly reach the right department when they need to make special requests.

Benefits of Hotel CRM

This information will prepare you to provide quality service while optimizing your time and resources. By delivering and developing only services that your customers will likely ask for, your customers will enjoy your services and have only the grandest things to say about your establishment.

Create Targeted Promotional Programs. Promotional programs and events are designed to attract new customers to your establishment, allow loyal customers to enjoy the benefits of a relationship, and create excitement among your customer base. However, if your promotional event is not adequately planned, you risk wasting limited resources and losing the effectiveness. Hotel CRM planning and reporting solutions will help you take advantage of the trends in the market.

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Enhanced and Personalized Customer Service. The solutions provided by a hotel CRM enable you and your management team to discover and anticipate a customer’s desires.

Efficient Resource Allocation. By necessity, a hotel’s resources are mostly spent in sunk cost of rooms, managing the hotel grounds, financing energy costs, and paying the cost of labor. Therefore, hotel managers must always plan ahead, preparing rooms that would be used, and preparing services that must be paid for. If the resources are not properly allocated, customers would meet the hotel with their worse foot forward, or the hotel would lose profitability due to high production cost.

Efficient Marketing Campaigns. The more customers a hotel can attract, the more profitable it can be. Thus, a hotel has to make advertisements or campaigns to sensitize the public about its services and unique offerings. Hotel CRMs are equipped with exhaustive reach, online, and telephone platforms. Hotel CRMs can extract customer contact details to create targeted campaigns while making effective use of resources.

Smart Reporting and Analysis. Information is crucial for running a hotel establishment because the products and services have to be paid for and provided before the customer arrives. Managers have to study previous records, both financial and transactional, to predict the future and determine what preparations to make. Hotel CRMs are equipped with smart data collection and mining tools to automate data collection. Predictive analytics also provides insights into the trends that exist in the market, the available opportunities, and the hidden risks.

Centralized Control Platform. Hotel holdings have to coordinate several teams and departments. The multiple services that the hotel provides, such as catering, room service, cab service, and laundry service, demand constant communication. Hotel CRM platforms are equipped with integrated tools that ensure that all data and customer requests are funneled towards one location.

On the CRM platform data is analyzed and communicated with the required department. With this sort of system, information reaches the right department on time, and thus, the customer gets the services on time.


Owning or managing a hotel is a highly intensive project that requires dedication. Without the right tools, a hotel manager runs the risk of constant project failures, loss of profitability, reduced service quality, and repeated burnout. With the right tool, namely a hotel CRM, a manager is set to succeed in marketing campaigns and the attainment of higher hospitality goals.

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