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Conventional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing Demystified

The evolution of conventional marketing for the product and service awareness started back in the era of the printing press with black and white television that reigned for the last 60+ years. Some form of conventional marketing with the popular medium like Television, Newspapers, Mailers, brochures, Billboards and Radio use to be the core center of attraction to engage people for the great marketing gimmick.

With the dot-com era of the year 2000 onwards the conventional marketing faded almost with the advent of digital marketing. Technological innovations expedited in the form of tech power of high-speed access to the internet on the smartphone. The two main pillars of marketing, traditional and digital are the byproducts of technology evolution, as conventional reigned in the past and digital is reigning in the present.

There are three facets of conventional marketing:

  • Print marketing. This kind of marketing is advertising in paper form as it makes use of the newspaper in circulation to highlight all the advertisements. Although print marketing is the oldest form of advertising, now-a-days it lags behind the digital form of marketing via Internet
  • Broadcast marketing: This includes advertisements through television and radio. As with the technological advancements in the form of the internet, radio is completely outdated but proves effective to advertisements.
  • Direct mail marketing: In this form of marketing printed materials in the form of brochures. Postcards and letters were used for sales promotional activities.

Out of these conventional modes of advertising, the broadcast marketing is still in use as mid-sized companies and large corporations make use of television advertisements to capture the instant attention of the viewers. Television is the biggest innovation till date and we have 99% of households worldwide possess at least one television. Any advertisement that comes in the mid of an interesting reality show, daily soaps or breaking news can sure have a magnetic effect on the prospects tuned into the TV for a while.

Conventional marketing faded by the swift Digital marketing

Although the advertisements on the TV is the most expensive form of marketing, getting the speedy notice in front of so many viewers at the same time can harvest vast results on the advertisement’s conversion. Talking about the print media, the days for this form of print advertisements is not completely gone but slowed for a decade. There are two types of people one who likes news getting read from the early morning newspaper for the fresh start of the day and the other tuning in for the television for the news updates. On the other hand, direct mail marketing of brochures, postcards, and letters are  almost vanished in the digital revolution of the internet.

Digital uprising with the advent of world wide web past the year 2000 caught the attention of the advertisers as it opened various cheap alternatives as compared to the conventional marketing.

  • The rapid progress on the internet with the evolution of more responsive newer websites touch some 1 billion websites mark reigning the cyberspace by 2016.
  • There is a total of 2.2 million and more android apps with newer features and functionalities capturing the interest of the user’s day by day.
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Expedited digital marketing with the all new trends in social media

The website is a form of marketing in the online world-wide-web. If we have a website and our website lacks top ranking in the Google, then all the money spent on the website is a waste, we use digital mediums like SEO, SEM and SMM for the online branding. With more information on how to integrate social selling to boost your sales using MS Dynamics CRM, you can enhance sales figure effectivelySo, we work on various techniques of SEO to get organic ranking through Digital marketing such as the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Search engine indexing is a technical process carried out by the SEO experts to achieve top rank of the website on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In case,  we want to be at the top position in search engine instantly, then we can use the paid form of the digital marketing which is often called search engine marketing. In search engine marketing we work on different platforms like we can take use of the Google AdWords, Bing , yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media is the latest form of digital marketing, we can meet the mass audience at the same time by social media consisting Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus, Reddit, Instagram and many more.

Content marketing

Followed by the crux of all the Search Engine Optimization, content appears to rank high as, “content is the king” for the most of the time,  so extra efforts are put to generate epic content and publish them on various article submission sites for content syndication or apply as the Guest post for link building strategies.

E-mail direct marketing

This is also a tactic followed by the SEO persons, to build brand awareness and trust, by sending emails to a potential or current customer or building rapport for inbound link with other niche sites.

Display advertising

Display advertising is also the part of Google AdWords and involves placing display ads across the internet.

Futuristic social media marketing is easy and fast

This mix of the big influx of websites and mobile apps opens a wide scope of advertising opportunities for the companies and corporate sectors altogether. In the midst of all these, the social media sites multiplied the interest of the people.

  • Facebook having 1.71 billion monthly active users, 317 million monthly active users on Twitter and 450 million members on LinkedIn opens lots of advertising opportunities.
  • Targeting such great online users with strategic web designing & development form of digital marketing campaigns is almost instant, easy and effective.
  • Digital marketing is the new norm of online advertisements as it gives the competitive advantage by creating and developing the brand image, awareness, and loyalty.
  • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Google Ad words are some of the digital marketing platforms for organic and paid advertising.
  • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization help to track and manage customers, boost customer engagement effectively and efficiently.
  • Social Media Marketing runs marketing campaigns in different social channels strategizing with blogging, Web content writing & email marketing.
  • Facebook Ads are the simplest way to catch up with the online promotion of the business to target large viewers with different demographics.

Expedited digital marketing with the all new trends in social media

The all-new focus on digital marketing shifted towards online videos, as this YouTube platform has emerged as the top most powerful search engine for maximum searches carried out by the audience day and night. The brand new innovative concept of 360-degree videos or immersive videos are equally popular on YouTube as it meets the changing viewership of the users. Videos of this type are shot and the view is recorded in every direction by an omnidirectional camera. The sudden jump in the virtual innovation makes Facebook place 360-degree video ads on its social networking site to tap the variable viewership of the end-users.

Twitter a microblogging platform too started off with the celebrity’s maximum engagement as they updated their twitter handle with the up-to-the-minute updates offering a bonding with the fan following. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site loved by the professionals to strengthen the professional’s bonds with a huge database of. These top social networking sites are loved globally for the connected information flow between the user opens a new avenue for digital marketing, as more and more business house is trying for online branding with these online platforms. This sudden surge in global innovation can better be put into words with the famous quotes of Bill Gates

Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time. -Bill Gates

Although conventional marketing lost the charm with new forefronts of digital marketing even digital marketing will be outdated with the new rise of the Internet of technology (IOT). New forms of advertisements will take place as more and more research and innovation are carried on in this futuristic technology. One such emerging technology is MS Dynamics 365 that can have the transformational impact on customer sales cycle through effective marketing, expediting your techno-business process via the comprehensive combination of Power BI, IOT, Cortana and office 365, driving productivity through intelligent business. Get more insight on MS Dynamics CRM role for your business and get the answer to your question on this, you can definitely contact our subject matter expert consultant by clicking on the side link.

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