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Choosing Cynoteck as your Salesforce consulting company helps you accelerate your business processes, boost teams’ performance, and sustain productivity. With the help of our Salesforce consulting services, we maximize the lifetime value of your Salesforce investments while keeping your business objectives in mind.

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Salesforce Consulting Company

With Cynoteck, you can choose from a range of creative and comprehensive Salesforce solutions, whether you are starting with Salesforce or want to optimize your existing workflows. We offer the best-in-class Salesforce consulting services that are carefully thought through and focused on supporting and enhancing different processes of your business such as marketing, sales, consumer services, and more.

Our expert team of experienced and certified Salesforce consultants strives to help organizations surpass their existing business difficulties and challenges while improving sales and accelerating productivity. We understand your business requirements, deliver outstanding results, and drive your business to heights you have never seen before. As a Salesforce ISV partner, we offer an assortment of Salesforce consulting services such as Salesforce customization, Salesforce advisory, Salesforce implementation, Salesforce field service, Salesforce development , Salesforce integration , and much more.

We also assist customers who wish to extend or customize the capabilities of their Salesforce with Salesforce add-on solutions to meet their specific requirements. Cynoteck strives for excellence and follows a strong work ethic, so our clients always count on us to be at their side whenever faced with complicated challenges. We consistently cooperate with our clients to tailor our services to meet their specific needs. Book an appointment today with one of our consultants to learn more about how we can help your business.

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Best in Class Services

Our salesforce consulting services follows an effective approach have been refined over hundreds of Salesforce projects to make it a best-in-class methodology. We offer professional services and expert advice to help you get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

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What Can You Expect From Our Salesforce Consulting Experts?  

We offer comprehensive Salesforce consulting services provided by our experienced and skilled Salesforce consultants to help you get the most from your Salesforce CRM.

Our Salesforce Consulting Process

As a top-notch Salesforce consulting company, we follow a multi-pronged approach to help you with the most adequate business solution.

Salesforce Products We Work With

It does not matter whether you are using Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, or a tailor-made hybrid cloud for your Salesforce solution, Cynoteck’s expert team can customize it for your business and provide effective Salesforce consulting services for optimum results. We make these products ready to be implemented and precisely adjusted to fit your requirements.

  • Sales Cloud

    With Salesforce Sales Cloud , you can improve your sales performance and close deals more effectively.Our Salesforce consultants help you automate your sales process resulting in improved sales and an optimized sales pipeline.

  • Service Cloud

    Streamline your workflow and automate your service processes with our Service Cloud consulting. We help you overcome customer service challenges with our Service Cloud solutions while offering personalized support across multiple channels and devices.

  • Community Cloud

    Cynoteck helps you plan and configure a Salesforce Community solution that provides you with the edge you need to stay ahead. With the help of communities, you can make your business stand out in an industry full of competition.

  • Marketing Cloud

    Cynoteck lets you and your marketing team integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud for sending automated transactional emails. In addition, our team helps you connect with your consumers across multiple channels such as social media, email marketing, and to generate and track leads.

  • Salesforce AppExchange

    We can help you transform your idea into an app exchange product that fits your organizational requirements. Our experts can help speed up the development and publishing of your app as per Salesforce requirements and security reviews.

  • Field Service

    Using our Field Service consulting , you can quickly transport data to the service team in the field to help improve customer experience. In addition, enhanced work assignment, execution, and tracking ensure that your field service functions work efficiently.

Why Choose Cynoteck

Cynoteck leverages the Salesforce platform to help businesses grow to the next level. We have been renowned as the leading Salesforce consulting company for over a decade. We aim to offer world-class Salesforce consulting services to our clients and help them prosper their businesses exponentially. Our record of accomplishment speaks for itself, we have proven expertise in delivering end-to-end Salesforce services, including Consulting, Implementation, Development, Integration, and Support.

  • Implementation aligned to your business objectives

  • Practical and effective apps

  • Unmatched quality services that you can rely upon

  • Excellent delivery

  • Top tech expertise

  • Post-deployment support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce is the best platform-as-a-service cloud solution on the world. Salesforce is championing and spearheading CRM development around the world with its wide variety of products and services. The power of Salesforce consulting services can be better understood by understanding how it assists businesses in navigating a clearer and more controllable path through the hazy world of cloud computing.

Salesforce Consulting Services assist you in analyzing CRM solutions and discovering new technologies and cloud-based solutions that can be tailored to your company. If you're having problems creating your app or user experience, Salesforce consulting services can help you come up with the best tactics for your clients and effectively represent the essence of your business. Using Salesforce cloud-based products and services, you can easily move your firm from typical to cloud-based operations.

Lack of practical knowledge and technical skills can substantially impact operations, causing business disruptions. A Salesforce consulting company with proven expertise in creating, implementing, and integrating Salesforce products can help firms avoid risks and bottlenecks in adopting Salesforce and upgrading to newer versions.

Successful Salesforce Implementation

Our Salesforce specialists gather crucial project information before kicking off your firm's Salesforce deployment. As simple as it may appear, the Salesforce implementation process is extensive, but it is a worthy investment for any company.

However, the length of time depends on the number of users, available resources, and the scope of your project. For a tailored entrepreneurial journey, our certified Salesforce consultant makes the full use of the resource’s applications and services in the Salesforce community.

Customer-Centered Approach

As a Salesforce consulting company, Cynoteck can assist you with planning process for your products and services. We examine your business needs before recommending the best functionality for you to pick from. Our qualified salesforce consultants pay close attention to your budgetary limits and project details before assisting you in selecting the best option. Companies that have fallen victim to the pitfalls of not employing experts have approached us, and we have safeguarded them through implementation projects using our Salesforce expertise.

Automated Processes Can Help You Get More Done in Less Time

Our best Salesforce strategies have helped businesses flourish by turning clogged business workflows into automated operations. Service Cloud, Salesforce Cloud, and other powerful solutions are examples of actual features that we have supplied to a variety of enterprises. Such solutions, on the other hand, are best suited for businesses that want to improve their efficiency and work management.


Salesforce consulting focuses on designing, implementing, and managing a Salesforce. based on a company's unique requirements. Salesforce Consultants help organizations develop and implement Salesforce most effectively at every stage. A Salesforce Consultant is a person who perform multiple operations. They could operate for a firm in-house or as an outside consultant to help the firm get the most from their Salesforce CRM. They do an industry analysis with a customer to learn about their corporate goals and procedures, identify problem areas and potential for technology to help, and have the technical skills to build and/or deploy solutions to improve business processes and strategies. They have been employed to modify the way a team operates to improve customer service and performance of the organization; thus, they are in a trusted place of leadership.

A responsibility of the Salesforce Consultant you can look for:
  • Plan and manage your projects

  • User Training and Testing

  • Creating a Business Process Map

  • Setup of Technical Products

  • People's Support During Change

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Getting a Handle on the Functional and Business Requirements

  • Managing a Technical Staff Team that Proposes Technical Requirements

There are no specified prices for our Salesforce consulting services. It can only become clear after you share your requirements by booking a session with us. We then suggest a package that suits your budget and helps you accomplish your organizational objectives. Our services are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you use the maximum potential of this CRM platform.

A salesforce consulting company that is authorized by Salesforce to develop and provide specialized solutions is referred to as a consulting partner. The company's responsibility also includes integrating and implementing the Salesforce project. These organizations offer training for managing the invention phase and assisting companies in forging new consumer connections. A salesforce consulting company can help businesses in many ways:

Fast Implementation

Salesforce may be set up and configured with ease by a salesforce consulting company. The experts are aware of any areas that require adjustment as well as the best techniques for doing so. They can set up privacy controls that provide you easy accessibility to the CRM while also keeping everything private. All these things happen quickly. Most individuals think that updating software is simple and easy.

The implementation is made simpler with the aid of skilled Salesforce consulting company. Through the partner, you gain greater consumer experience, streamlined process, improved communications, higher productivity, reduction in costs, and improved safety.

Fixed Business Problems

The Salesforce consultants conduct research and pinpoint the advantages and disadvantages that affect your company. The first step in addressing faults is identifying them. The Salesforce consulting company makes sure that steps are taken to prevent loss of information and other issues, whether you need to migrate a sizable volume of data or integrate CRM solutions with other programmers. With a committed partner who has an objective viewpoint, it is possible to design and execute strategies, which speeds up decision-making. They offer the prompt, effective, and precise solutions required to address business-related problems.

Time Saving

Your salesforce consulting company can have a seamless and dependable answer to all your business challenges once you have access to a Salesforce authorized consulting partner. As a salesforce consulting company, we make your business more effective and lets you save a significant period, which helps you close sales. They have the technical know-how to manage the installation process without a hitch, and they set up benchmarks to monitor the CRM implementation's development. The top customizable solutions that satisfy ongoing business demands are available to organizations.

Salesforce consulting partners are businesses that Salesforce has granted permission to carry out platform integration, projects implementations, and the creation and delivery of bespoke services. Companies must participate in the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and have minimum one person with at least two certificates, or at least two workers with at least one certificate each, to become and stay partners.

Salesforce Consultant Certifications:
  • Sales Cloud Consultant.
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  • CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Specialist
  • Field Service Lightning Consultant
  • Community Cloud Consultant
  • Non-profit Cloud Consultant
  • Education Cloud Consultant
  • Pardot Consultant
  • Salesforce consulting services help businesses with sales, advertising, and customer support. We leverage our extensive CRM consulting knowledge to help companies in professional services, retailing, IT, manufacturing, banking and finance, healthcare, and other areas with benefits of Salesforce implementation.

    Our certified Salesforce consultants and experts work with you to enhance your skills and help you reach the maximum potential of your Salesforce CRM setup.

    Salesforce consultants may assist you in configuring various components of the Salesforce to meet your specific business goals, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, AppExchange market, and other Salesforce platforms. The essential characteristics to consider when looking for a Salesforce consulting firm are listed below:

    • Registered

    • Silver

    • Gold

    • Platinum

    • Global Strategic