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As a leading Salesforce consulting partner, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions. Our services include strategic development, assessments, efficient development, seamless migration, expert implementation, customization, robust security, and continuous support. Our certified consultants, with 12+ years in Salesforce CRM, pave the way for your business to achieve its goals with precision.

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Globally Trusted Salesforce Consulting Services

With Cynoteck at your side, you can choose from a range of creative and comprehensive Salesforce solutions, whether you are starting with Salesforce or want to optimize your existing workflows. We offer the best-in-class Salesforce consulting services that are carefully thought through and focused on supporting and improving different processes of your business such as marketing, sales, consumer services, and more.

Our experienced team of certified Salesforce consultants is committed to helping organizations overcome their current Salesforce obstacles and improve sales while boosting productivity. As a Salesforce Consulting partner, we take the initiative to collaborate closely with your team, addressing the issues that hamper your business, all while offering a pricing structure that includes only the essential components. We aim to empower you to capture growth opportunities, attain a substantial return on investment, reach your business objectives, and unlock the next level of significance from Salesforce.

  • Reliable Salesforce consulting for complete professional services
  • Expertise in crafting tailored solutions that align with your business needs.
  • Proven track record of delivering best consulting services to diverse clients.
  • Dedicated team of certified Salesforce consultants
  • Personalized consultations to understand your business challenges & goals.
  • Collaborative partnership for seamless salesforce integration & adoption.
  • Continuous support & guidance to maximize ROI on Salesforce investment.
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    Best in Class Services

    Our salesforce consulting services follows an effective approach have been refined over hundreds of Salesforce projects to make it a best-in-class methodology. We offer professional services and expert advice to help you get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

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    Our Expertise

    Accelerate business growth with our customized Salesforce consulting solutions and services that precisely match your business requirements.

    Challenges Our Expert Team Can Solve

    With our wide-ranging industry experience, we leverage best practices across sectors to address your complex Salesforce challenges. Our expert Salesforce consultants excel in overcoming various challenges and roadblocks you encounter. Allow us to help you unlock the full potential of your business with our top-notch Salesforce consulting services.

    Outcome-Based Approach to Resolving Unclear Scopes

    We follow an outcome-driven approach, supported by core user feedback, which enables us to create a precise architectural model that enhances data flow within your business. With our customized solution, we alleviate the confusion and issues often faced by businesses, unsure of how and where to start.

    Low Code Digital Transformations

    Our Salesforce-first approach to consulting prioritizes eliminating tech debt, favoring configuration over custom code to maintain a highly efficient and scalable Salesforce system. By leveraging low-code platforms for customer-facing apps we help in providing you to an average revenue increase of 60% for businesses.

    Low Win Rates, Lead Conversion Rates, and Team Performance

    Our custom-made solutions harness Salesforce's capabilities to improve sales performance and elevate team morale. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, we optimize and transform your sales process. Salesforce consulting may bring a 26% win-rate increase, lead conversion 32% increase, 38% sales productivity increase and 28% sales revenue increase.

    Actionable Dashboards for Greater Insights

    With our experience and expertise, you can attain an impressive 85% completion rate for a single Salesforce home page. Implementing our unique wireframes helps you streamline data entry from the front line, ensuring accurate pipeline forecasting. This provides executives with real-time insights into sales performance and business metrics.

    Unsatisfactory Customer Retention

    Our Salesforce consulting team excels in identifying your pain points and leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud to improve customer service. We prioritize personalized and proactive support, nurturing top-notch customer experiences. This approach cultivates loyalty, enhances customer retention rates, and drives overall business growth for lasting success. 83% of sales professionals reported increase in the customer retention among their customers

    What Makes Us Different?

    Get The Most Out Of Salesforce

    As a top Salesforce consulting company, Cynoteck has mastered the art of crafting and delivering comprehensive Salesforce solutions to a global clientele. Our expertise is in improving your business with tailor-made capabilities, keeping you ahead of your competition, and moving your enterprise to new heights. Our goal is to help you derive the maximum value from your Salesforce investment.

    One Complete Solution

    Cynoteck provides professional Salesforce consulting services designed to match your different business requirements. We help improve your business operations and unleash the full potential of the Salesforce platform with our expert Salesforce consultants. From start to set up and final launch, we collaborate closely to tailor your Salesforce solution to your specific business needs.

    Unique Professional Experience 

    With our deep expertise across the Salesforce platform, we help customers across different verticals leverage Salesforce to improve their customer experience. Whether remote sessions or in-person meetings, we assure you of significant benefits from our partnership. Our salesforce consultants help our customers in automating business operations while improving interactions.

    What Can You Expect From Our Salesforce Consulting Experts?  

    We offer comprehensive Salesforce services provided by our experienced and skilled Salesforce consultants to help you achieve business objectives and get the most from your Salesforce CRM.

    Determining Business Objectives

    With our consulting services from Salesforce experts, we offer a multitude of ways to advance your business to the next level. This empowers you to address your challenges quickly and effectively, whether it involves enhancing report visibility, shortening lengthy sales cycles, accelerating case resolution times, and more. Understanding your specific business objectives enables us to fine-tune your processes, automate sales and customer service operations, and deliver expert guidance on best practices, ensuring you make informed decisions to achieve your business goals.

    Align Salesforce Functionalities

    Having dealt with numerous challenging projects in the past, our battle-hardened Salesforce consultants - who are administrators, qualified developers, and application builders - are equipped with in-depth experience to take on any demanding task. We can positively conclude that we are proficient in Salesforce professional services. But it all starts with a clear grasp of your objectives and how Salesforce products can help you achieve them. The next step is to determine whether to use the default Salesforce functionality or customize a solution according to your objectives.

    Recommend Best Edition

    To select a proper edition successfully, we need a complete picture of your business and a thorough understanding of your objectives and expectations. We recommend an edition that is a perfect fit for your company, as each edition has its own set of benefits. Choosing the proper edition ensures that your company's difficulties are effectively addressed without wasting money on needless features. Choose the right Salesforce edition that is profitable for you based on the size of your organization and the employees.

    Using The Salesforce Clouds For Excellent Sales

    After thoroughly analyzing your business, we identify and describe the main points and places where you have chances for improvement, mapping everything into a detailed report for consideration. Our Salesforce Consultants use agile approaches for automating sales and customer support activities and creating targeted advertising campaigns, personalized customer journeys, and more to streamline your business processes.

    Planning And Strategizing User Adoption

    The major crucial of your deployment's success depends on user adoption. The quicker the adaptation to the new environment, the sooner you experience a more productive and efficient ecosystem. As an integral component of our comprehensive Salesforce Consulting Solutions and Services, we have carefully designed a user adoption strategy. This strategy includes prompt user support through Salesforce administrators, targeted user training, detailed release notes, and expert tips aimed at seamlessly training users with the new system, ensuring a smooth transition.

    Unmatched Services with Satisfaction Assurance

    We are committed to providing top-tier Salesforce Consulting Services. Our record of accomplishment speaks for itself: we consistently deliver projects on time and within budget. Our main goal is to ensure our clients achieve the highest levels of satisfaction with our services. We deliver complete assistance, including everything from Salesforce configuration to seamless integration with other systems, ensuring that you get maximum value from this platform.

    Our Salesforce Consulting Process

    As a top-notch Salesforce consulting company, we follow a multi-pronged approach to help you with the most adequate business solution.

    Listen And Analyze

    Our Salesforce consultants and experts ask relevant questions and analyze your business model and current processes to understand your business requirements and difficulties with your existing implementation. We examine the CRM options available and learn about different technologies and cloud-based services that can be customized to your company.

    Suggest An Optimum Solution

    After digging deep into your business needs, we provide the best solutions to your most pressing business challenges, focusing on what is best for your firm and its customers rather than what we think is the best. For us, this is a true definition of digital transformation. Our support services will enhance your current solutions and enable cost-effective growth.

    Implementing The Solution

    As your trustworthy Salesforce consulting partner, we embrace the power of collaboration to implement the solution and train your team. We passionately believe that through collective efforts, we can accomplish more. Hence, we operate as your dedicated partners, bearing responsibility for the success of your organization through the seamless implementation of our Salesforce solutions.

    Ongoing Support

    We provide on-demand technical support in real-time, serving your needs whenever they arise. At Cynoteck, we emphasized ongoing enhancement rather than the quest for perfection. Consequently, we actively seek and value your feedback, using it as a driving force to refine every milestone and release. As a dedicated and cost-effective Salesforce support partner, we deliver outstanding Salesforce consulting and support services that you can rely on.

    Configuration & Customization

    We evaluate the requirement for a tailored and refined application to make it work as per your specific objectives. With our Salesforce Consulting Services, we adopt a client-centric methodology to carefully configure Salesforce processes. We consider your organization's distinct culture, aspirations, and goals, aiming to ensure optimal alignment of the configured processes with your specific business requirements.

    User Training

    We encourage a close partnership with your team to implement the solution, along with delivering thorough training to your team. Drawing from our substantial expertise, we specialize in formulating user adoption strategies and executing comprehensive user training initiatives for our esteemed clients. Our goal is to make Salesforce utilization a seamless and beneficial experience for users, further reinforced by essential training.


    Salesforce Products We Work With

    As the best Salesforce consulting firm, Cynoteck understands the significance and impact that each Salesforce product has in transforming your business value. Whether you are utilizing Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, or a customized hybrid solution in your Salesforce framework, our proficient Salesforce consulting firm can tailor it as per your business objectives. We make these products ready for implementation, aligning them with your specific requirements.

    Industries We Serve

    Aligned with industry demands, we have developed industry-specific Salesforce consulting solutions and services tailored to clients' precise requirements. Our committed Salesforce developers have successfully customized solutions to improve business operations and production efficiency for multiple clients. Let us briefly explore the different industry verticals:

    Why Choose Cynoteck as Your Salesforce Consulting Company?

    We actively listen, engage in meaningful discussions, and offer expert advice. Our pride lies in delivering top-tier Salesforce consulting services to our esteemed clients, helping them achieve remarkable business growth. Our proven record of accomplishment underscores our expertise in offering comprehensive Salesforce solutions. Our commitment is to ensure that our partnership drives the unparalleled growth and prosperity your business aspires to achieve.

    01Experienced Salesforce Professionals

    Our skilled Salesforce consultants offer 24/7 technical support tailored to your business needs, ensuring top-tier solutions for all requirements.

    02Trustworthy and Value-Driven Partner

    We incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality Salesforce services, staying updated with trends. Our proven track record aids businesses globally, earning trust in our capabilities from entrepreneurs and leaders.

    03 Industry Leading Clients

    We have partnered with top global businesses, delivering results-driven services across various sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and law with acclaimed Salesforce solutions. Recognized by rating agencies and consulting firms as one of the best Salesforce service providers.

    04 Process Driven Approach

    We follow a set methodology in software development, tech support, and consulting, ensuring problem prevention and timely, high-quality delivery. Leveraging this approach, our experts facilitate long-term customer relationships.

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    Appreciation From Clients
    cindy wyly salesforce client

    Team Cynoteck is professional, efficient, and extremely helpful. They all are very proficient in CRM and have help guided our firm for the last year. Each of the team members at Cynoteck that we have interacted with are a real team player

    Cindy Wyly
    Marketing Manager – MGO, LLP
    crissy koger salesforce client

    During my time with Cynoteck, I really feel like they are a partner and not just a vendor. They spend the time to understand our business and explain options and approaches. Like in all situations with customized software, not every option always works, there are always issues no matter who you work with. In my experience, it is best to have a partner that will be there when things go wrong. Cynoteck has always been there to assist and are always willing to go the extra mile, from working well past business hours to handling deployments on the weekends.

    Crissy Koger
    VP of Information Technology-Blood Hound, Inc
    peter connel salesforce client

    The app was launched on Appexchange and received widespread acclaim. The team at Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd excelled at project management, with them regularly complying with all deadlines and communicating all issues in advance.

    Peter Connel
    CEO, CallPro CRM

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salesforce Consulting Services helps in evaluating CRM solutions and identifying customizable cloud-based technologies that align with your business. If you are encountering challenges in app creation or user experience, our Salesforce services can provide you with optimal strategies to cater to your clients and authentically portray your business identity. By leveraging Salesforce's cloud-based products and services, you can move your business from conventional to cloud-based operations and become seamless.

    Leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce consulting improves sales processes, driving business expansion through proficient utilization of the platform's robust tools and functionalities. Consultants carefully evaluate workflows, set up automation, tailor solutions to specific needs, and provide invaluable insights through data analytics. This comprehensive approach results in enhanced lead management, streamlined sales cycles, elevated customer engagement, and a significant increase in revenue generation.

    These Salesforce services are designed to improve your business efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and foster revenue expansion. Our competent team of Salesforce-certified experts excels in crafting tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your specific business requirements. This ensures that you can fully leverage the vast capabilities of the Salesforce platform to achieve your desired business outcomes.

    If your services or products have people and that to a lot of clients, Salesforce offers valuable utility. Our expertise in Salesforce solutions is widely recognized in boosting customer relationship management within an extensive range of industries. Notably, these industries include Healthcare, Real Estate, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, Utility, and more.

    The cost associated with the Salesforce consulting services depends on the project's extent and complexity. To acquire precise information, it is advisable to engage in conversation with a certified Salesforce specialist like Cynoteck, who can comprehensively assess your requisites and provide a customized quotation. Feel free to contact us and get an estimate quote for your specific Salesforce requirements.