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Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Implementation of a Salesforce Solution with Custom Functionalities

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Project Brief

The business needed customization in the accounting seed package. The client had difficulty automating processes to reduce manual steps. The client needed a financial statement export/import, statements in PDF format. Plus, also wanted to automate the LEIP registration process.  

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck adopted a strategic approach to implementing the Salesforce solution to automate and streamline business processes.

We created an automated process, so that whenever a payment is processed then a corresponding invoice and cash receipt are also generated in the system.

Created an automated process so that whenever a refund is generated in the system then a corresponding “Accounts Payable” will also be created in the system to track refund in Bank Reconciliation.

Added custom data import functionality from where users can upload financial budgets into Salesforce. We also provided Financial Report Export and Financial Statement in PDF format.

Created Lightning component for LEIP registration form and to send LEIP registration emails to customers and update their opportunities once the form is submitted by the customer.

Value Delivered

The Client can now export financial reports.

The Client can now export financial reports.

Access to PDF statements of the transactions.

Easy tracking of refund transactions and easy data (budget) import.

Technology Stack