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A Customized Scheduler Solution for Optimized Field Service Management

A US-based underground utility locating company with extensive utility operations across multiple states.  

Project Brief

The business needed Field Service management with customized functionalities, and specialized equipment assignment to work orders. Dispatchers needed rich features to manage technical/specialized equipment work allocation, and automatically detect and notify conflicts. Also, wanted to manage technicians’ work status (working or sent home). 

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck delivered a custom Scheduler functionality with the following features:  

Display technicians and work assignments in calendar view. And, fast work allocation with a crisp view of unassigned work.

Drag-drop work assignment. And, complete visibility of technician details (work location, skills, certificates).

Intuitive Visual indicators to denote work allocation status, work type, agent skills, and holidays.

Resize events in GUI to change duration, screen data is updated automatically using Salesforce Streaming API (Application Programming Interface).

Value Delivered

Boost efficiency and productivity of technicians by 30% (approx.).

Graphical visibility of technician work allocation. And, complete tracking of specialized equipment.

Faster and more effective decision-making.

Low learning curve leading to 100% user adoption.

Technology Stack