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How to hire and vet, angular developers in 2020

AngularJS is a framework used to create dynamic web apps. The technology offers many ways to bypass front-end limitations and is used in more and more dev projects each year. Most teams find AngularJS smooth, easy to work with, and logical, compared to other frontend frameworks.

When you decide to use Angular for your web app development, finding a superhero team becomes an issue. Since Angular is a trending technology, many developers are putting it into their resume without having any real experience.

Let’s go over some of the things you need to keep in mind while hiring Angular developers.

1. Be ready to interview remote & offshore teams

The world is a global village and your ideal candidate may come from another city or a country. Even if you did not plan to hire remote initially – consider it, as more and more developers worldwide switch to that model.

Sure, you might want to prefer to hire a local superstar Angular developer to work in your office. However, looking for one might take months, cost too much, and halt your project development.

 2. Ask about their past projects

Sure, many developers will be binded by NDAs, but they can still talk about what the development challenges and limitations were. Look for the problem-solving mindset. Great Angular developers do not just focus on knowing how to write code: they get their kick from solving problems.

If the developer is attaching a portfolio of active and working web apps – great! Test them thoroughly and ask what the trickiest feature to implement was.

Performance is extremely important – today’s web apps have to be fast, and frontend mistakes are a huge factor. If there’s just one thing you can ask your candidate – ask them about performance optimization measures from their past projects.

3. Check their social media

Angular has a vibrant and growing online community of enthusiasts. Are there any indications your candidate is a part of it? Is their github account active, do they blog or at least follow development blogs?

Most of that information is public and easy to check. If you can’t find anything, ask your Angular candidate whether they are in any way active and why or why not.

4. Ask technical questions on the interview

Even if you are not technical, you can still look up some technical Angular interview questions and use those to determine your candidate’s level.

Some of the examples of Angular hiring questions (and possible answers you may hear) may be the following:

Is Angular just a synonym for AngularJS?

Not really, Angular is the umbrella term while AngularJS is the earlier version (under 2). Angular is based on TypeScript, while AngularJS is based on JavaScript. Angular also uses a hierarchy of components instead of terms of scope and controller.

How do you organize your code?

What is preferred – modular structure or directory structure? 

There is no one single way to organize AngularJS code, though there are best practices, like not grouping objects of the same nature into single files, sticking with modular architecture for ease of understanding, etc.

Is there class inheritance in AngularJS, why or why not, and how to add one? 

Most developers indicate lack of class inheritance as one of the major problems of Angular. Class inheritance can be added with the use of Class.js utility.

What automation tools are you using?

Like we said above, the AngularJS ecosystem is growing fast, and there are new tools surfacing constantly, so the candidate must name at least a few. Yo, Grunt, Bower – are just some examples of the most popular AngularJS automation tools in 2020.

  • Ask for references but don’t depend on them

References and recommendations are a standard practice in the industry but for that very reason they are not always an effective vetting tool.  We’ve seen mediocre coders having good references. A lousy developer may have worked on building a reference network more than on his coding skills.

Again, look for a problem-solving mindset, since that is what makes a great Angular developer has exactly that.

Still have questions? We use the same approach to hire our own Angular experts, and if you need further advice – or want to use our Angular development services – get in touch!

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