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A brief look at Salesforce’s Einstein vision for social studio

There was a time when social media was purely limited to text. However, as time passed on, social media evolved into a medium that was more dependent on visuals than just plain old text. There’s nothing surprising about that. After all, that’s what technological tools do – they evolve to offer better capabilities.

When images became a core part of social media, it didn’t take long for the idea to catch on. Soon, users began to share images and use them as expressions of their own feelings and opinions. People today share more images on social media than they did once with text. To put it simply, images are the way to go now.

A recent survey from Deloitte found that, in 2016, social media users had shared over 2 trillion photos. This is a number that continues to increase. Social media will continue to be a primary platform through which these images are shared.

The images shared by social media users range from special occasions to the meals they’re gorging on. Anything that catches their fancy is immediately clicked, collected and shared for everyone to see. So, what does this mean for sales teams and marketers?

Well, images shared via social media do offer a peek into the minds of the average social media user, who is also a customer. They can tell us about what the customer values and what his/her preferences are likely to be. In other words, image sharing offers marketers data that can be really helpful in developing effective marketing strategies.

However, there’s a problem. Unlike text, images cannot be monitored. So, when your customers post an image that communicates an opinion about your brand, you’re probably not going to even notice it. This is a major problem considering the fact that most of the social media sharing today is image-based.

You could end up missing out on a range of opportunities that would have allowed you to engage with the customer better or understand their needs better.

This is exactly what’s wrong with most of the social media monitoring tools that we currently use. They only track text, which means you’re only listening to a small percentage of all social media conversations. You are kept totally in the dark about all the other messages that are being passed around about your brand in the form of images.

Fortunately, thanks to Salesforce, we’ve now got the solution.

Salesforce to the Rescue

Last month, Salesforce launched a tool called “Einstein Vision for Social Studio”, which allows marketers to actually monitor and track images that are shared on social media platforms. The tool is currently run with the help of Salesforce’s Einstein Vision service, which wasn’t launched recently as well.

With Einstein Vision for Social Studio, businesses can now rely on context when interpreting social media conversations. For instance, a business can tally the number of brand mentions with the number of logo appearances to determine engagement levels. This can provide marketers with an idea of how impactful their recent campaign was.

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Key Features

Einstein Vision for Social Studio offers these 3 key benefits to marketers:

  • It offers visual data, allowing for businesses to gain a more in-depth perception of what their customers are really like. This can lead to business decisions that are far more informed. For example, images of the latest parties or events within a region can tell event management firms what kind of party or event themes are doing well in a particular month or season.
  • It allows marketers to get a better idea of how their social advertising campaigns have worked. For instance, images from a brand sponsored event can be tracked to determine whether such events provide the necessary amount of brand lift.
  • It allows marketers to monitor social media feeds to know how their products are being delivered or utilized. This can help them develop proactive measures to improve the customer’s user experience.

Currently, the tool only works with Twitter. However, Salesforce plans to include other platforms eventually.

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