Anil Semwal

Anil is Business Development manager at Cynoteck, he holds Master’s Degree in International Business. Anil has more than 8 years of experience in International business development. He joined Team Cynoteck in December 2014 since then he is performing great in Business development also associating Cynoteck with overall business growth, building strategies and execution excellence. Apart from Business Development, Anil focuses on Customers engagement, team management and client satisfaction. Anil is very responsive and a flexible team player, he is always ready for ever-changing situations, especially when the team needs to move forward to make a decision or get something done. He is firm in his thoughts yet open to what others have to offer, his flexibility is at it's best. Apart from business development and client management, Anil is very much active in Cynoteck's Sports activities. He participates and encourage other team members to participates in every sports activity to be always fit mentally and physically.

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