Salesforce Demos

Salesforce Demos

Set up Omni channel

Discover how Omni-channel can help you to interact with your customers. It helps you to maintain consistency in your marketing and branding campaign. There are several ways through which customers can interact with brands. These channels include social media, advertising, the internet, direct mail, ratings and review sites, phone calls and many more other ways. Omni-channel helps you to identify which channel you will focus on and how these channels can be integrated to provide a seamless experience and finally boost sales. Omni-channel marketing ensures that messaging and branding are consistent among various channels.

Lead management

Discover how Salesforce can help you to generate and manage leads, close more deals, achieve higher customer satisfaction and eventually grow your business revenue exponentially. Find out how you can nurture your leads and turn them into the right opportunities that sales can leverage towards the end of the cycle. When it comes to inbound lead management, salesforce is a force to reckon. Salesforce provides ways to customize your lead building system as per your business requirements. This helps your business to boost revenue and increase effective conversion rates.

Salesforce CPQ

Discover how businesses across many industries can get benefit from the effectiveness of Salesforce CPQ. CPQ eliminates many problems like pricing data accuracy, sales cycle gets faster, and opportunities to upsell and bundle are captured more frequently. CPQ software automatically pulls in the configured products and pricing, tying the whole process together and ensuring consistency. Salesforce CPQ is a business application that helps accurately define the price of goods to quickly produce accurate and professional sales quotes for prospects. It helps in eliminating errors and inefficiencies.