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Cynoteck Technology Organized a 7 Day Yoga Camp

Corporate industry is being alarmed by the hectic lifestyles of the employees, like unhealthy eating habits, bad postures, and long hours of sitting is taking a toll on the health of the employees.

Considering this fact, recently Cynoteck Technology organized a 7 Day Yoga Camp for their employees in order to promote Corporate Wellness in their Organization. The CEO of Cynoteck and the HR department decided to organize a 7 day yoga and relaxation sessions for their employees from 23rd of April till 29th of April. The symposium included power yoga with meditation, breathing, and mindfulness sessions. The unique yoga camp was customized according to the age group of the employees.

“Yoga at the office space will prove to be very beneficial for our employees. This yoga and meditation camp will help them restore their natural balance and harmony, bringing good health and positive attitude towards work and life”, said Cynoteck’s CEO Udit Handa.

Specific yogic techniques were incorporated in the sessions like asana, meditation, pranayama, and yogic relaxation techniques to relax the employees. The yogic camp was introduced to increase employee satisfaction, improve productivity, and boost morale.

About Cynoteck Technology

Cynoteck was founded in 2008 with a vision and passion to offer services in the areas of web solution, application development, Mobile Apps, Website Development, e-business web site solutions and CRM solutions. The company is based in Dehradun, India. Consequently, with several globally recognized software implementations and the innovative technology solutions, their team of consultants have grown leaps and bounds with enriched experience to build exceptional outsourced product development.