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Online Practice Record: Web App for Music Industry

Project Description


  • Online Practice Record had a structure where it was difficult for students to keep track of the music and time that they practice, but keeping track on paper can be more difficult to manage and monitor students’ progress over time.

It was difficult for the organization as well as for the students to keep record of their practice time, progress, goals and no way of sharing and comparing each other’s practice records, music they played and save

Solution Delivered 

  • Cynoteck proposed implementation of Asp.net web app to manage musical practice records and the overall design and flow of the web app in an optimized manner to meet business requirement.
  • We ensured that overall release time is minimal. The site was launched within 16 weeks with a high percentage of registration. This introduced features like:-

    • Convenient way for students to enter music records day wise, week wise.
    • Timely notifications for teachers, Admins and students to manage their practices accordingly.
    • Customized reports and dashboards providing snapshots to organization for quick progress report on go.
    • View the trending records, progress.

Business Value

  • Thousands of music students have used the Online Practice Record program, more than 10,000 practice records have been saved, and over 6,000 practice records have been e-mailed till date.
  • Cynoteck delivered the first version in 16 weeks encouraging hundreds of participants to update themselves.
  • Being developed in Microsoft Asp.net platform, the solution is built with well-known architectural design meeting business demands precisely.
  • Hence, it provides flexibility and agility to be scaled up as per business needs. Additionally, Cynoteck ensured that the customization being implemented conforms to industry best practices.
  • Cynoteck’s expertise in delivering solution on Microsoft platform.
  • Diligence in delivering releases on time and with utmost quality.
  • We deliver the Cost-effective solution within proposed turn around time frame.

Project Details

  • TechnologiesAsp.net, web app
  • Team Size3
  • Duration2 Months
  • IndustryMusic