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A Business-Ready Mobile App Solution For a Tourism firm

Retro APP BV, Netherlands-based, provides fully interactive pre-recorded audio tour guide services on the iPhone. Constantly extending to other cities in and outside Europe, Retro APP BV is currently functional in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Amsterdam.  

Project Brief

The client came to Cynoteck to realize a vision of creating a pocket virtual guide for monuments and tourist places. The users could visit the place virtually in the app, get details about the place, and could also determine the shortest travelable distance to each place from his/her present location.

Solution Delivered

After analysis of the client’s requirements, Cynoteck developed an Android and iOS app to realize the client’s idea of a virtual tour pocket guide. 

Our Cynoteck experts designed the UI (User Interface) and integrated map in the application so the users could determine the distance between their current location and the tourist place in the app. 

Retro app admin will be accountable for updating unique information so the users can get details about the place they plan to visit. 

Users get location-based notifications with the help of admin data and map integration. 

A virtual tour guide will provide a brief overview of the place to the tourists.

Value Delivered

It provides a centralized source of information for the users, including information about the location, the starting and ending points, and more.

Tourists using the Retro app are easily able to determine the best places to visit in the city. 

Users can gather information about the place they want to visit and determine the shortest travelable distance to the place with the help of the Retro App. 

With all the details of the location already in the app, tourists can effectively plan their visits for better convenience. 

Technology Stack