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Empowering Inclusivity and Connections: The PB Network's Transformative Journey with Cynoteck

The Client is a US Based full-service web and design firm specializing in fostering innovative ideas and revitalizing established brands with a fresh look and new code. It offers companies a customized roadmap for undergoing digital transformation inclusive of end-to-end consulting, web services, and solutions for customers. 

Project Brief

The PB Network is an inclusive online community that celebrates people of all abilities through entertainment. The client develops and publishes web-based TV shows, digital games, stories, and more, together with disabled people and their allies. The PB Network company was looking for a way to make a free-flow gaming network for specially-abled people. Where users can play online and communicate together and win trophies and interact with the device with minimal input. 

Solution Delivered

Team Cynoteck designed the PB Quiz Game for the client to outline and make the free-flow game for specially-abled people. 

Configured Twilio for smooth interaction with the users while playing the game.

Fully responsive design keeping in mind specially-abled people with the least interaction with the system.

Configured the Redux state management to make a smooth update of the statistics in run time. Also, implemented the SSO login and registration feature for a smooth transition.

Executed the React Query to update the queries automatically on any sort of data change.

Value Delivered

The fully responsive single-page application offers support for easy customization and future growth.

Transformed user experience with expert UI/UX Implementation.

Greater agility was infused by comprehensive automation and intuitiveness, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Seamless customer experience with easily accessible content.

Technology Stack