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Dry Eye Disease Management: Custom Applications for Enhanced Patient Care

CorneaCare consists of ophthalmologists providing medical services for eye care. Providing services for the treatment of certain eye diseases, CorneaCare offers all the necessary medical services such as treatment plans, consultations, eye care products, and more.  

Project Brief

The client was looking for a system to expediently manage the treatment records, appointment timings, and monitor the symptoms of dry eye disease so patients could get timely treatments. The client was looking for a process that could identify dry eye disease symptoms such as light sensitivity, redness, and other symptoms by tracking daily experiences.

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck experts segregated the prototype provided by the CorneaCare team into two applications: The Patient Application and the Doctor Application. 

The Patient application helps in managing the patients’ treatment records, generating reports accordingly, and monitor their treatment progress.

The Doctor’s application assists doctors to manage and check patients’ treatment records and reports. 

A check-in feature was generated for the users to get appointment notifications prior to the time of appointment. 

An admin panel was created to handle both the applications conveniently. 

Value Delivered

Doctors can easily check future appointment times and manage their daily schedules accordingly. 

The app allows the patients to send their medical reports to the doctor to get medical advice for the future. 

Patients get notified prior to the treatment timings so they do not miss appointments. 

Provided easy treatment for older people over 45 years old, and especially over 60 years old, that can’t travel to different places for treatment.

Technology Stack