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Simplifying Task Management with a Robust Mobile App Solution

Universal Logger is a marketplace platform for all kinds of legitimate local businesses. It is a mobile platform for local businesses to promote and sell their products, and services to the local customers while providing total liberation in making business decisions. 

Project Brief

The client identified a need for a mobile app that could keep tabs on daily work status tasks such as taking attendance, managing appointments, and other similar tasks in an organized manner. The client wanted the app to work as a universal application that can be used by different businesses, professionals, and employers. 

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck team performed an extensive analysis of the requirements and came up with the solution of Universal Logger. 

Universal Logger app allows users to save their data securely and update their data on a daily basis. 

Cynoteck experts added functionality within the app that allows the user to find a specific entry by adding filters. 

Universal Logger also allows the users to send reports to their supervisors in the form of pdf via email. Read-only access will be granted to the recipient.

Since the client wanted universal applications of the app, Cynoteck team created some pre-defined categories and developed the functionality of manually creating a category, in order to make it usable for all kinds of business. 

Value Delivered

10+ installations in the Google Play Store, helping businesses and professionals in managing their daily tasks more efficiently. 

Universal Logger saves a lot of paperwork and time by performing day-to-day task status activities digitally. 

Cynoteck mobile team successfully created an Android and iOS version of the app. 

Users can conveniently keep tabs on attendance reports and appointment schedules for various businesses with the help of Universal Logger. 

Technology Stack