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How Cynoteck Improved Customer Experience with the help of an Invoice Management App

E-Nabler Corp, based in Puerto Rico, offers EMV-ready mobile POS services for Android and iOS that can be configured for field service, hospitality (food and beverage), delivery, retail, and other mobile sales applications. It is the parent corporation of eMobilePOS. With over 3 billion sales transactions, E-Nabler Corp is a prominent name in the mobile POS sector. 

Project Brief

The client required a solution for the application to upgrade while keeping the pre-existing functions intact and integrating payment methods like cash, cheque, gift cards, etc. Additionally, the client wanted the app to display all invoices in one place and check whether they are paid or not. Another issue faced by the client was adding new customers and updating them instantly on the customer list.

Solution Delivered

Our experts at Cynoteck carefully analyzed the client’s requirements and gave the following solutions: 

Cynoteck delivered a cost-effective solution to the client within the proposed time. Our mobile team integrated LiveDate Implementation in the app for instant updating. 

Used an algorithm to calculate the total amount of the transaction and fixed the tax amount. Cynoteck team also upgraded the app with the latest design pattern to work properly. 

The app allowed the users to choose between various functionalities such as credit card readers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, and more, according to their convenience. 

The app is built with a top-notch architectural design. Our team developed the app in .Net Core framework to meet the business demands precisely. 

Value Delivered

1,000+ installations in Google Play Store, the eMobilePOS app has significantly helped users to manage their business transactions.

EMobilePOS is providing top-notch services to the users with 4.9 Rating in Google Play Store. 

The app allows users to add and use their preferred method of payment for buying commodities.

Seamless customer experience with contactless payments.

Technology Stack