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How Cynoteck Transformed Uttarakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation's Operations

Uttarakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd. (abbreviated as UCDF Ltd.) is an apex-level State Federation of District Milk Co-operative Unions in the state of Uttarakhand. The organization has a registered brand name, known as “AANCHAL”, the Dairy Cooperative Brand of Uttarakhand. AANCHAL has established 11 District Level Member Co-operative Milk Unions to cover all 13 districts of the state and to maintain the growth of milk production to eliminate middlemen from the state dairy business.   

Project Brief

The client was using manual paper to manage their financial, accounts, purchase, and sales process. However, the results were not satisfactory as they were not able to streamline their business processes. Dependency on manual methods for tasks such as animal registration, documentation, and transaction approvals resulted in delays, difficulty in tracking and monitoring activities, significant time wastage, affecting overall productivity and efficiency.  

Solution Delivered

As we began with the project, we initiated a series of comprehensive discovery sessions to evaluate the existing situation and requirements. Following this, we strategically outlined a roadmap, carefully crafting an action plan to transform the envisioned solution into reality:   

Contact Saving and Document Upload: The app allows farmers and officials to save and manage contacts efficiently, fostering better communication and collaboration. Also, users can upload essential documents securely, ensuring easy access and organization of paperwork.

Animal Registration and Purchase Form: Farmers can now register animals and initiate purchase requests through a comprehensive form, simplifying administrative tasks.

Actual Time and Location Tracing via Image: Utilizing image recognition, the app provides real-time tracking of animals, enhancing monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, location tracking using image data enables precise monitoring of land usage and resource management.

Web Admin Panel: The web admin panel allows Sale/Purchase approval while tracking all the employees’ activities. With this admin panel, officials were also able to review and approve transactions in real time, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Value Delivered

Upon successful execution of our plan and the comprehensive implementation of the solution, there were multiple notable improvements.

These were the results after developing the mobile app for the Uttarakhand Dairy Department:  

Streamlined processes led to a significant reduction in time spent on tasks such as animal registration, documentation, and transaction approvals, while improving efficiency.

Digitalization of records and transactions improved visibility, transparency, and accountability, allowing for better monitoring and management of dairy farming operations. The mobile officials lead to better coordination and collaboration.

Advanced features such as real-time tracing of animals and locations provided valuable insights, enabling better decision-making, real-time tracking, and resource management

The adoption of digital technology modernized the department's operations, bringing them in line with industry standards and paving the way for innovation.

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