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How Cynoteck Improved Financial Management with the help of MS D365 Business Central

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Project Brief

The client was using Dynamics Business Central to manage their financial, accounts, purchase, and sales process. However, the results were not satisfactory as they were not able to streamline their business processes.The client’s main idea was to improve their ongoing process and reconfigure the setups and improve data accuracy and implement new Entities that were operational in multiple geographical locations in Business Central.Improving and streamlining sales, purchase, finance, banking, and payment methods was the client’s primary challenge.The Client’s other challenge was to streamline and automate Vendor payments from Business Central, minimizing manual effort.The client also counted on us to simplify banking processes, optimize reconciliation, and seamlessly integrate with third-party apps, to cut manual work in banking and refine reconciliation.

Solution Delivered

Upon the project’s commencement, we initiated a series of comprehensive discovery sessions to evaluate the existing situation and requirements. Following this, we strategically outlined a roadmap, carefully crafting an action plan to transform the envisioned solution into reality:

We designed and developed a solution using Dynamics Business Central along with customizations within MS Dynamics Business Central and its integration into external systems as well in-house sales system for an efficient outcome.

We optimized operations by configuring purchase and payables, sales and receivables. Additionally, we linked banking functions to Dynamics Business Central to significantly reduce manual tasks.

We identified automation opportunities, introducing new features such as automated currency exchange rates and streamlined vendor payment processes.

We configured essential and premium setups in Dynamics Business Central, set fixed asset configurations, and imported fixed assets along with their data.

Value Delivered

Upon successful execution of our plan and the comprehensive implementation of the solution, the following notable improvements were achieved:

Better visibility of business processes, sales, and financial data integrated within a single system.

Easy access to real-time insights into income statements, P&L, budgets, sales, and purchases, along with other detailed custom financial reports.

Simplified work processes and increased user productivity with a highly scalable solution to support future business growth.

Smooth business transition to new system with zero downtime and negligible business impact, and greater automation in banking and financial processes.

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