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Creating Value through Technology and Innovation | Cynoteck's Customized CRM Solution

The client is a US-based travel company specializing in educational trips to Asia, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and others.

Project Brief

The client struggled with its CRM software and faced difficulties handling customer services and numerous other tasks adequately. Hence, they urgently needed customizations per their business needs and were also looking to integrate their Outlook, OneNote, and SharePoint accounts with the CRM Software. 

Solution Delivered

The client engaged Cynoteck  for customizing their CRM to infuse more structure and efficiency into their processes.

Delivered a comprehensive solution to manage customer service, sales and marketing functions effectively Integrated Outlook, OneNote and SharePoint accounts with CRM.

Simplified work processes and increased user productivity through automation.

Smooth transition with zero downtime and negligible business impact.

Value Delivered

Complete solution delivered within Eight weeks

Greater agility infused by ample automation and intuitiveness lead to shorter turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction

A cost-effective solution, improving overall business efficiency

Highly scalable to support future business growth

Technology Stack