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Driving Business Success: Implementing a Seamless Order Placement and Customer Engagement System

The client handles a US-based business that deals with the food ordering business. It is a full-featured web application that deals with customer orders, managing and ordering processes, etc. 

Project Brief

The client had a vision for starting his online food-ordering business. They needed a fully customizable solution as per their business need to manage customer orders from order to its delivery. Hence as per their requirement, Cynoteck proposed a solution for order placing, order tracking, customer engagement, hiring a cook, etc. 

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck delivered a custom functionality with the following features:  

A simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface was designed to be handled on different platforms.

Implementing PWA (Progressive Web Applications) using the Ionic framework for considering high turnaround time.

Integration of multiple payment gateways for smooth transitioning of payment.

Fully featured solutions from hiring a chef to maintaining orders, order history & tracking, rejecting, and canceling orders, etc.

Value Delivered

Significantly transforming the user experience with the PWA application.

Implementing multiple payment gateways for superior user experience.

Providing the MVP version within 8 weeks of the timeline, engaging users for testing the first version of the app.

Achieved a consistent ratio of 80% to 90% of speed improvement on different platforms.

Technology Stack