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An all-inclusive Pet Vaccinations Power BI Report for Petofy

Petofy is a ONE-STOP SOLUTION for everything pets! Be it a product, consultation, or any service – Petofy has it all. This organization helps pet lovers and owners to access all the information, service, and help they require for anything for their pet’s health and care. 

Project Brief

The Pet Yearly Vaccination Power BI Report was designed to provide our clients with comprehensive insights into their pets’ vaccination status over time. This report offered a clear visualization of each pet’s vaccination history, ensuring that they remain up to date with their yearly vaccination requirements.  

Solution Delivered

This Pet Yearly Vaccination Power BI Report empowered our clients to proactively manage their pets’ well-being, offering real-time vaccination updates and valuable insights. Through this resource, clients ensured that their pets remain updated on vaccinations, enhancing their overall health and happiness. The report utilized data from our pet vaccination database, containing the following essential information: 

Pet Information - Included name, species, breed, age, and owner details.

Vaccine Information - Type of vaccine, date administered, and due date for the next vaccination.

Veterinarian Details - Name and contact information of the veterinarian who administered the vaccine.

Veterinarian Performance - Evaluated veterinarians based on the number of vaccinations administered. Average time interval between vaccinations by each veterinarian.

Value Delivered

This report provided a summary of each pet's vaccination history, including the type of vaccine, date of administration, and due date for the next vaccination.

It highlighted any overdue vaccinations to ensure clients can take immediate action and schedule appointments with veterinarians.

It offered a visual representation of vaccination trends and patterns to help clients identify any potential issues or patterns.

It enabled clients to filter and search for specific pets, vaccine types, and date ranges to cater to individual preferences and requirements.

Technology Stack