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Automating Invoice Data Extraction: Cynoteck's AI-Driven Power Apps Solution

The Vendor Canvas app streamlines the process of receiving and reading Invoice PDFs from emails. By automatically generating invoices in the Canvas app with the help of AI models and Power Automate, it seamlessly stores the data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dataverse for efficient management and record-keeping.

Project Brief

Manual extraction of invoice information from PDF files is time-consuming and prone to errors, particularly with a high volume of documents. To address this challenge, our client approached us to automate the extraction process. They required a solution that could extract invoice details from attached PDF files in the emails, eliminating manual data entry. Furthermore, the client emphasized the need for seamless integration with SharePoint and Business Central for automating data transfer. 

Solution Delivered

Cynoteck delivered a custom Vendor Canvas App with the following features:  

We implemented an intelligent algorithm via the Vendor Canvas App, that accurately parses PDF files from the emails and extracted essential invoice details. 

We implemented a robust data mapping framework - Power Automate, that precisely mapped the extracted invoice information to the required fields. In addition, we used AI models to process 400 different invoices and extract data from them.

Using Power App and Power Automate, we efficiently extracted invoice PDFs and generated invoices within the Canvas app. Finally, the PDF file along with the URL is saved into SharePoint.

Through powerful APIs and connectors, we were able to integrate the invoice extraction system directly into Business Central, storing the extracted data seamlessly. In addition, invoices were verified twice before they were moved into Business Central by a two-way approval process.

Value Delivered

Easy and automated invoice extraction led to substantial time savings, freeing up resources for more value-added tasks.  

The elimination of manual data entry reduced the risk of human errors, ensuring accurate and reliable invoice information.  

By integrating the extracted data with Business Central, our client achieved a streamlined and synchronized process, with better reporting.  

Reduced maintenance costs, eliminated delays in invoice data fetching, and enhanced data visibility across the organization.  

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